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Aspose.Words for Java 2.2.1 Released

What’s New

  • Aspose.Words for Java now supports Java 1.6.


  • 3407 – AW 2.2 under java 1.4 implicitly demands backport-util jar.
  • 3406 – Error cloning documents under JDK 1.4 + AW 2.2
  • 3361 – Move the StAX library into external libs.

To download:

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Welcome to New Downloads Section

Dear Valuable Customers,

Aspose has always tried its best to provide better services to fulfill your needs. And this time, we have introduced a new Downloads section for you that will make your lives easier to access all downloadable material of all Aspose products using only ONE page. This new downloads section has the following features:

  • Easier Navigation: Now, you can easily find anything about any product on the single page with the help of a Tree Menu control.
  • Product Releases: All
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Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services 1.0.0 Released

We are glad to announce our new product Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services.

Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services is the only solution to generate reports in Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS formats in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. Almost all RDL report features, like tables, matrices, charts and images are supported and can be converted with high quality to presentations or slide show.

Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services works as a rendering extension for Microsoft SQL 2005 Reporting Services.

Download URL: Reading
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Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services v1.0.1 Released



Aspose.Cells for Reporting Service v1.0.1 includes feature  enhancement and bug fixes since

the first release.


What’s New?


  • Supported to export matrix
  • Supported to export CSV and TabDelimited file
  • Supported the background image.


What’s Fixed?

  • Fixed the bug when image.ImageData is null.
  • Fixed the bug when textbox value contains numberformat.
  • Fixed the bug when matrix is grouped.


Download URL: Reading

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Aspose.Words for Reporting Services 1.3.1 Released

This is a maintenance release.

What’s new:

  • 3402 – Added the support for the WritingMode property of textboxes. Now the horizontal or vertical text direction is properly converted to Microsoft Word documents.

What’s fixed:

  • 3401 – Body style only applied to the first section of the document.
  • Some matrices with multiple column headers threw an exception.
  • Wide table and matrix borders did not follow RDL rules.

Download URL: Reading

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Aspose.Words for .NET 4.3.0 Released

What’s New

  • 64-bit Windows operating systems are fully supported. Fully tested on Windows Vista x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64.
  • Windows Vista is fully supported. Fixed the installer to install smoothly.
  • Demo projects for Visual Studio 2003 (.NET 1.1) and Visual Studio 2005 (.NET 2.0) are now included.
  • Fully tested with ASP.NET 2.0 64-bit.
  • The installer now automatically uninstalls previous Aspose.Words versions. You no longer need to uninstall manually when upgrading.
  • Added more information to the Feature Overview regarding supported platforms, development environments
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RTF and Culture

From what I can tell RTF and Culture do not mix.

If you have English culture selected in your regional settings, create a document in Microsoft Word and save as RTF, then double values (in custom document properties) will be written as 123.45. When you open this document in Microsoft Word it seems to use the current culture. So if you culture is English, the document will load okay.

If you happen to have Russian culture and save the document … Continue Reading

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NUnit Thoughts

Here is short blurb on our experience with NUnit. Goods and not so goods.

We are using NUnit for Aspose products on our team. We’ve been using it from the start. Aspose.Words for .NET at the moment has around 5000 unit tests.

Aspose.Words is a class library and to run the tests, we have its project settings set to fire up NUnit Gui executable and pass Aspose.Words.dll as a command line parameter. When NUnit Gui starts, it loads the Aspose.Words.dll debug … Continue Reading

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Yet Another 64-bit Surprise

Some of the Aspose.Words (and other components) demo projects and unit tests retrieve data from a Microsoft Access .mdb database. I’ve been trying to get everything working on Windows Vista 64-bit and was getting “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 not registered” error.

According to various articles this is due to the fact my project is compiled for the AnyCPU platform and runs as a 64-bit application, but there are no Microsoft Access database drivers for 64-bit.

The recommendation I found in the MSDN forum … Continue Reading

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Series: Aspose.Words Feature Overview, Part 4: Support for the RTF Format

This is the 3rd post in the series. Previous post see here.

Rich Text Format (RTF)

The Rich Text Format (RTF) is one of the document formats supported by Microsoft Word and many other word processing applications. RTF is a human readable word processing format intended for interchange between different applications on various platforms and it has been around for 20 years. The new XML-based formats are becoming more common, but RTF is still being supported and updated by Microsoft. Continue Reading

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