Aspose.Grid v1.9.2 Released!

Dear Customers,
 We have just released Aspose.Grid v1.9.2!

This new version includes all the new features and fixes since v1.9.0

What’s New?
 1. Supports XHTML 1.0 specification Rendering.
 2. Supports Worksheets Serialization. Now users can use StateServer or SQLServer as session store.
 3. Supports both Auto Filtering and Custom Filtering.
 4. Supports CLS Compliant.
 5. Supports dragging and scrolling.
 6. Supports displaying command bar at the top of the control.
 7. Supports displaying a “Loading…” box when PostBack.

What’s Improved?
 1. Improved sheet tab scrolling.
 3. Greatly improved the performance when there are a large number of validations of List/FreeList/DropdownList.
 4. Greatly improved XHTML rendering performance(compared with

 1. New formula engine, greatly improved the formula executing performance.
What’s Fixed?
 1. Fixed a problem of incorrect cell style after a sorting operation.
 2. Fixed a problem of incorrect DropdownList display in XHTML rendering mode.

 1. Fixed the bug of pasting a cell from another application.

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