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Do you want to be an Aspose.Words trainer?

This is a call for Aspose.MVPs and all customers who have good experience with Aspose.Words. We have a customer in US, NJ who wants an online training for their Aspose.Words developers. We cannot do ourselves and thought delegating to someone with experience could be a good idea. Let us know if you are interested. All terms will be between you and the customer once we get you in touch.  … Continue Reading
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Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services V1.0.2.0 Released!

What’s New?     Supported to export list   Supported to export subreport What’s Fixed?   Fixed the bug when textbox value contains number format.    Fixed the bug when the RDL file contains table Download URL:… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Chart v3.4.5 Released

What’s New 3617 – DataLabelValueType.YTotalStacked. 3539 – Support ChartArea.AxisAreaPosition for radar chart. 3510 – Possibility to disable margins of axis Y for radar chart Fixes 3647 – The black rectangle is represented on a picture when Chart. Save (string imageFile, long jpegQuality) is used. 3589 – The chart enters into an infinite cycle when width > 39 and < 49. 3517 – Color of last segment of radar chart is displayed incorrectly. 3457 – 3D Bars are shifted to the right on an axis X when… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Words for Java Released

This is a maintenance release that includes a Java version of fixes that were made in: Aspose.Words for .NET 4.2.2 Aspose.Words for .NET 4.2.3 Aspose.Words for .NET 4.2.4 Aspose.Words for .NET 4.2.5 Aspose.Words for .NET 4.2.6 Aspose.Words for .NET 4.3.0 Aspose.Words for .NET 4.3.1 The highlight of this release is: ·        A great deal more of resiliency in the import of DOC files in Aspose.Words – reading of inconsistent/corrupted DOC files. ·        Added public API to create footnotes and control footnote properties. ·        Support of CSS shorthand attributes… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Metafiles for Java Released

This is a hotfix release addressing some recent issues reported by customers.Fixes:3603 – Possible NullPointerException on playMetafile method call with some EMF files.To download… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Words for .NET Released

What’s New Export to Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML (DOCX) format.Aspose.Words installer and assemblies now come signed with Authenticode. Fixes 3615 – “System.StackOverflowException” occurs during saving document.3608 – Office2007 crashes during opening document generated by Aspose.3602 – “This property is only allowed for list styles” exception occurs during saving document. 3591 – “Unsupported version of the stylesheet” exception occurs during opening document.3566 – Implement LabelFontName in the numbered lists in PDF export.3551 – Support non-breaking space in PDF export.3393 – Programmatically added custom properties are invisible… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Words for Reporting Services Released

Following Aspose.Words, its Reporting Services congener has introduced the support of the new Microsoft Office Open XML format (DOCX). Now you are able to export your RDL reports to any of the four Microsoft Word formats: DOC, RTF, WordML or DOCX. The MSI installer will configure the new DOCX renderer automatically; if you prefer to install the product manually, please refer to the documentation to learn how to properly modify the configuration file. Apart of this great feature, we have improved the… Continue Reading
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Funny: How the new powerful cryptography implemented in Word 2007 turns it into a perfect tool for document password removal.

Today I will talk a bit about Word 2007, its new document format DOCX, and its not very clever implementation of an old MS Word feature called Document Protection. So what is document protection essentially? Called by Review | Protect Documents | Restrict Formatting and Editing in MS Word 2007, it allows you to set different types of protection, including Readonly, Tracked changes, Comments and Filling in forms. Very convenient to prevent undesired changes to the document template, it allows… Continue Reading
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A Weekend in Saint-Petersburg

We’ve just returned from a weekend we spent in Saint-Petersburg, the “northern capital” of Russia. Definitely, this city is more than impressive. It’s magnificent! Being tranquil and stately in the daytime, it becomes a large party place at night (at least the central part, not sure about the rest); and I just can’t express what a fun atmosphere prevailing there! Petersburg certainly has its own energy or magic, almost tangible. I’m not sure if it’s explainable, whether the reason is just the beautiful architecture or something… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Total for Java Released!

What’s New? Added Aspose.BarCode for Java to the download package. Download URL:… Continue Reading
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