Aspose.Slides for .NET Released

What’s New:
  • New enhanced high speed tables engine.
  • Aspose.Slides installer and assemblies now come signed with Authenticode.
  • 3596 – European umlaut characters (e.g. Swedish å, ä and ö) lose font after slide cloning.
More Info:
From this version we change API for working with tables. We tried to make it as close as possible to previous releases but there are some differences anyway.
  • Temporally it’s not possible to delete columns and split cells.
  • CellBorder class has GetEnumerator() method instead of LineFormat property in the previous versions. GetEnumerator retirns iterator for enumerating all Line objects which compose border of a cell.
  • Cell class has new TopLeftCell and BottomRightCell properties to get coordinates of a cell. These properties are equal to each other for normal cells and different for merged cells.
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