Aspose.Words for Java API Reference now with code examples!

We have finally added code examples to the Aspose.Words for Java API Reference.

Check it out, here is a page for the Body class

And of course I cannot resist not to tell you how cool our system for documentation generation is.

  • Code examples are initially written in C# and arranged as unit tests in a class library.
  • We compile and run the examples project to make sure all works and passes (you don’t see the actual unit testing asserts in the final cut out).
  • We tag the code in examples with special comments, such as //ExStart, //ExEnd, //ExFor:class.member, //ExSummary:text etc.
  • We use a C# to VB.NET converter (in fact, this one to create a VB.NET copy of the examples.
  • Then, we closely port C# examples to Java. This is possible because Aspose.Words for .NET and Java APIs are virtually the same.
  • Finally, we use our own tools that cut example code according to the //ExStart etc tags and inject them into the IntelliSense XML documentation in the appropriate places. The XML file with examples is fed into Aspose.NDoc that produces HTML and CHM documentation.