What’s New:

  • Memory and speed optimization of ppt files reading/writing.

  • New optimized tables engine.

  • Possibility to read file name of OLE1 objects.

  • Shape.addTextFrame method returns created TextFrame now.

  • Slide.addNotes returns created Notes object.

  • If slide notes exist but don’t have paragraphs then one empty default paragraph will be inserted automatically on presentation writing.

  • Presentation.deleteHandout() method.

  • Shape.hasExternalData() method to determine if shape has some hidden data (in case shape is not recognised as OleObjectFrame, AudioFrame etc.)

  • Improved text rendering on slides.


  • Presentation.deleteUnusedMasters() could throw exception on presentation with notes.

  • In some cases Aspose.Slides coudn’t read correct bullet color.

  • In some cases Aspose.Slides coudn’t read extended numbered bullets in TextHolders.

  • Numbered list treated as bulleted list in slide notes.

  • European umlaut characters (e.g. Swedish å, ä and ö) lose font after slide cloning.

  • cloneSlide could throw exception for slides with zero width autoshapes.

  • Aspose.Slides didn’t delete referenced OLE and embedded sound data after removing OleObjectFrame and AudioFrame shapes.

  • Font of symbols inserted to a text could be changed after slide cloning.

To download: http://www.aspose.com/Community/Files/51/aspose.slides/default.aspx