Aspose.Network for .NET v3.7.0.0

Aspose.Network for .NET v3.7.0.0 has been released. Aspose.Network is a complete solution for network programming on .NET frameworks.

This version is a major release, containing SSL support for SMTP, bug fixes and many other improvements.

New Features

  • SSL SMTP Protocol: Aspose.Network.Mail supports sending email with SSL SMTP protocol.
  • Implicit / Explicit Security mode in SSL SMTP.

          [C# Sample]

         SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(“”,587,””,”password”);

         client.SecurityMode = SmtpSslSecurityMode.Explicit;

         client.EnableSsl = true;

         client.Send(“”,””, “Hello, Gmail.”, “Hello, Gmail.”);

  • VAS/VMS List item : Aspose.Network.Ftp supports parsing VAS/VMS format item list.
  • Pop3 Authentication : Aspose.Network.Pop3 supports 3 types of authentication methods.

Bug Fixes

  • 4243 IMAP Invalid character in a Base-64 string when listing messages 
  • 4244 Pop3Client.State property value is wrong when connecting to remote server.

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