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SmartSearch was developed to address an unfulfilled need in the marketplace for a powerful, yet affordable document management solution. What made SmartSearch unique was that it offered much of the same functionality found in enterprise-level solutions for less than a fraction of the cost. Features like Service Oriented Architecture, Active Directory Integration and a Microsoft SQL Server database are just a few of the many technology benefits you get with SmartSearch.

Requirements Scenario

Due to overwhelming demand by channel partners of Square 9’s and customers, the SmartSearch document management suite was required to support the storage and retrieval of Microsoft Office-based documents (Word/Excel). After researching countless options, the value of Aspose.Total for .NET integration into the SmartSearch product suite was clear. No other product could have enabled the level of control desired without host applications installation. Additionally, minimizing the impact on the client interface and maintaining document fidelity were paramount. Only Aspose granted the power, performance, and the required fidelity.

Solution Implementation

Square 9 took advantage of Aspose.Words for .NET, Aspose.Cells for .NET, and Aspose.PDF for .NET in its Document Conversion Server for SmartSearch. By using the Aspose components, SmartSearch was able to perform real-time “Imprints” of Word and Excel documents and their rendering to PDF for storage and retrieval. Document viewing has completely been transparent to the client, and due to the high fidelity of Word files to PDF conversion, the end-users were totally unaware that they were viewing a copy of the original document. Aspose.Total for .NET gave SmartSearch an edge amongst other competitors in the marketplace due to its speed, fidelity, and price point.


Thanks to Aspose.Total for .NET that Square 9 has been able to deliver the best case scenario solution to its customers. The ease of use has been a critical factor and enabled us to bring the solution to market so quickly. Additionally, royalty-free OEM distribution has been a critical element in SmartSearch’s go to market strategy due to the distribution channel and the market segment the product is sold into. The Technical Support has been excellent, documentation is complete, and the user community is active in the forums. All of this resulted in a timely response and rapid development.

Future Implementations

Square 9 Softworks continues to explore new ways to take advantage of the Aspose.Total for .NET APIs. Future developments will include barcode generation capability, InfoPath forms conversion to PDF for a forms processing server, and other product options yet to be explored. The Aspose.Total solution has become an integral part of the Square 9 product suite.


Aspose.Total for .NET is the only choice for developers looking to deploy office-based viewing and conversion technology both affordably and with a high degree of accuracy.

**Brian Banet
**Square 9 Softworks - SmartSearch