Aspose is constantly in search of new ways to better serve our valuable customers. One of the latest efforts undertaken in this regard is the upgrading of Aspose website. We have moved few of our website modules onto Sitefinity CMS which is an ASP.NET based WYSIWYG Content Management System. Sitefinity CMS includes powerful controls developed by Telerik that made it easier for us to build our web pages quickly and in a more manageable way.

The new CMS based website modules are more user-friendly & easily accessible and feature a sleek design with a consistent layout throughout, making the content more appealing and easy to navigate.

Now, the website can easily be updated by our staff and helps us to always provide the most latest and accurate information to our customers. The new website sections are integrated with the new documentation module, existing downloads section, forums, blogs and our purchase system. The navigation between these modules is very simple and straight forward. This is just the beginning. We have even more extravagant plans in our to-do list, which will further enhance your overall experience with Aspose.

We value your feedback greatly and would like you to explore our new website and share your experiences with us. If you feel that there is a need for improvement, as there’s always is, then please do let us know – we’d be glad to accommodate your valuable suggestions.