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Aspose.Metafiles for Java Released

We have released Aspose.Metafiles for Java What’s New: Metafile.getTextStrings() method. Returns all text strings from a metafile.TextOutOperation class which represents text string in a metafile with simple rendering rules like transformation matrix, position, color and font. Metafile.getTextOutOperations() method. Returns … Continue reading

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Why should you use Aspose.Words to generate OOXML (DOCX) documents?

Let me start a bit off-topic with: Why should you use Aspose.Words to generate DOC documents? Since 2004, Aspose.Words has been an excellent library for reading, converting and generating binary DOC Microsoft Word documents. There is a question on Joel Spolsky’s discussion group … Continue reading

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Comparing VSTO with Aspose.Cells for .NET

In this article, we describe some comparison measurements of VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) and Aspose.Cells for .NET on different aspects related to Spreadsheet tasks. We also list a few concerns and issues that you should know before making … Continue reading

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Aspose Müşteri E-Bülten, Temmuz 2008

In This Issue Hoşgeldiniz! Ürün Vitrini – Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services Aspose.Words for Java İyileştirmeleri Aspose.BarCode for .NET artık Patch code ve MacroPDF417 uyumlu S/MIME artık Aspose.NETwork for .NET tarafından destekleniyor Aspose.Recognition for .NET 1.0 BETA hazır Reporting Services için … Continue reading

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Aspose.Cells for Java Vs Open Source Competitors

In this article, we try to examine a feature comparison between Aspose.Cells for Java, JExcelAPI and POI-HSSF. Today we find different spreadsheet components that really promise to have feature-rich API for spreadsheet management. The article observes the feature analysis of … Continue reading

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