Aspose.Total for .NET Q3 2008

What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q3 2008:

Aspose.Recognition for .NET – new component in the Aspose.Total for .NET suite

With Aspose.Recognition you can add intelligent PDF to Word document conversion processing to your 32-bit and 64-bit .NET applications. Aspose.Recognition reads a PDF file, recognizes editable document structures and allows you to save the resulting document as DOC, OOXML, OpenDocument, RTF, WordprocessingML, HTML, MHTML or TXT. No other software is required.

1.      Two modes of operation:

·         Textbox mode turns all objects in the PDF file into textboxes trying to preserve resemblance to the original file as much as possible. Edit ability may be limited.

·         Flow mode tries to convert as much as possible into editable form. Unsupported structures may look different from the original file.

2.      All standard PDF text operators are supported.

3.      Paragraphs of text are recognized with a number of paragraph formatting attributes including alignment, indentation and spacing.

4.      Page formatting attributes including size and page margins are supported.

5.      More safety code to insure that unrealistic formatting values don’t appear in the generated document.

6.      Precise font width handling allowing better recognition quality for formatting attributes.

7.      Better handling of incompliant Pdfs.

8.      Safety code added to avoid poor handling of corrupt Pdf files.

Aspose.Words for .NET

New Features

1.      Read Only Recommended setting in documents.

2.      File Sharing Password in documents.

3.      Behavior Attributes for Styles (Locked, UI Priority, Auto Redefine, Unhide When Used, Semi Hidden)

4.      Latent styles in the model and in all Word formats.

5.      Add “Don’t hyphenate” option to ParagraphFormat.

6.      Export rounded rectangle autoshape to PDF

Bug Fixes

1.      “FormatException” occurs when opening DOCX document.

2.      Images are not displayed when opening DOCX file from website.

3.      Z-index of shapes in headers and footers is not written to DOCX.

4.      ODT and XLSX documents are recognized as DOCX.

5.      BuiltInDocumentProperties are not displayed in “Properties/Document Statistics”.

6.      “Cannot add a style because a style with the same name already exists” exception occurs during inserting one document into another.

7.      “The given path’s format is not supported” exception occurs while saving DOC as HTML.

8.      Extracted embedded PDF document is corrupted.

9.      “System.NullReferenceException” exception occurs while saving document after inserting comment.

10.  “Unknown structure of an INCLUDEPICTURE field.” Exception occurs when opening document.

11.  Left indent of list is changed after open/save document.

12.  Text columns disappear from document after open/save the document.

13.  Document crashes MS Word after setting TextColumnCount.

14.  “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs when opening document.

15.  Track change disappears after open/save document.

16.  “ArgumentOutOfRangeException” exception occurs when importing paragraphs with picture bullets.

17.  “Track changed marks” are added to the document when saving WML to DOC or RTF.

18.  DetectFileFormat method returns “Doc” during checking XLS file.

19.  System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.

20.  “NullReferenceException” exception occurs when saving document in any format.

21.  Enable “Track changes” automatically when protect document with AllowOnlyRevisions protection type.

22.  Style “Caption” is moved from “All styles” to “In current document” section after open/save document.

23.  PDF output is not pretty on the latest versions of Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf.

24.  Image is screwed during RTF export.

25.  Import of standard (non-placeable) metafiles is slow in RTF.

26.  Image is scaled incorrectly.

27.  UnifiedTestDefect3342 fails. Image exported with incorrect size.

28.  Part of image is lost.

29.  Image and its position are incorrect.

30.  “Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs when opening RTF document.

31.  Word.Picture.8 object exported to RTF incorrectly when cropped.

32.  Size of images is changes after open/save RTF document.

33.  EqualWidth columns attribute is wrongly forced to off when importing RTF.

34.  MS Word 2000 is blocked when opening document converted by Aspose.Words.

35.  A table is changed after open/save WML file.

36.  ListFormat is lost after open/saving WML document using AW.

37.  All content is removed after opening WML document.

38.  “InvalidOperationException” exception occurs during saving document in WML format.

39.  “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs when opening WML document.

Aspose.Cells for .NET

New Features

1.      Convert Worksheet to image.

2.      Convert Excel file to HTML file format.

3.      Sort data from left to right.

4.      More functions in formula calculation engine are added.

5.      More custom filters in autofilter are added.

6.      Enhanced Excel2007 XLSX support.

7.      Enhanced SpreadsheetML support.

8.      Enhanced XLS to PDF conversion.

9.      Enhanced Chart to Image conversion.

10.  Smart marker is optimized.

11.  Getting linked cell of radio button from template file is supported.

Bug Fixes

1.      Fixed the bug in Reading and Writing charts.

2.      Fixed the bug in calculating formulas.

3.      Fixed the bug in opening and saving some special XLS files.

4.      Fixed the bug in Cells.ImportDataTable method.

5.      Fixed the bug in updating chart references when inserting rows and columns.

Aspose.Pdf for .NET

New Features

1.      PDF/A-1b (beta version) is supported.

2.      Supports creating custom hyphenation dictionary.

3.      Added support of TrueType font for Text field.

4.      Z-order of Images in Headers/Footers is supported.

5.      Enhanced List bullet/number attributes.

6.      Added support of culture setting when importing data into table.

7.      Bookmarks at specific points.

8.      Custom actions for bookmarks.

9.      Custom actions for links.

10.  EMF and WMF support in FO to PDF conversion.

11.  Security settings in XSL-FO.

12.  Multi-Line Text Field is supported.

13.  Canvas is supported.

14.  Root operator (~) in ImageInfo.File is supported.

Bug Fixes

1.      Fixed multiple issues related to text handling.

2.      Fixed a page numbering issue.

3.      Fixed an issue where IsTrueTypeFontItalic was not working.

4.      High memory consumption when adding images as stream.

5.      Problem with HTML table alignment in PDF.

6.      Images not rendering in PDF when using memory stream.

7.      Icons are not properly aligned in table cell.

8.      Using bullets in Right-to-Left languages.

9.      PNG transparency problem.

10.  IsKeptWithNext does not work.

11.  Non-breaking-space is broken.

12.  Web Image in XML document does not work. 

13.  TIFF to PDF Conversion Issue.

14.  The footnote wraps over into the middle of the page.

15.  Objects within drawing canvas overlap text while converting from DOC to PDF.

16.  Problem converting from XLS to PDF.

17.  Arabic text not getting displayed.

18.  Unwanted footer and rotation text.

19.  Cannot convert Excel spreadsheet to PDF.

20.  Support timeout setting for image URL.

21.  PDF conversion into stream takes very long time.

22.  Support ParagraphRelative position type for cells.

Aspose.Slides for .NET

New Features

1.      Partial implementation of connectors in PPTX.

2.      Shape locks are supported to enable/disable operations (for example, grouping, moving & resizing etc.) for shapes in PPTX. There are different sets of locks available for different shapes.

3.      Support of shape styles is added for PPTX format.

4.      A new property, SlideEx.SlideNumber is added for PPTX format.

5.      SlidesEx.Reorder and ShapesEx.Reorder methods are added to support the reordering of slides and shapes in PPTX.

6.      ShapesEx class is added to create autoshapes and connectors on PPTX slides.

7.      Cloning of master slides for PPTX format is supported.

Bug Fixes

1.      “NullReferenceException” exception on slide cloning.

2.      Text wrapped in a wrong place on a thumbnail.

3.      Wrong text positioning in LeftArrow and RightArrow autoshapes on a thumbnail.

4.      Filled but not closed custom autoshapes are not filled on a thumbnail.

5.      Image warped on cloned slide.

6.      Bullets appearing after cloning slides.

7.      Wrong text wrapping because of too large space between normal and subscript/superscript text on a thumbnail.

8.      Fixed different problems when viewing presentation (saved with Aspose.Slides) in PowerPoint 2007.

9.      Doubling text frames and attaching them to connectors, lines or images.

10.  Missing grouped shapes.

11.  Some other viewing problems.

12.  Losing bold/italic text formatting after slides cloning, saving PPT or thumbnail rendering.

13.  Losing bullets formatting after slides cloning, saving PPT or thumbnail rendering.

14.  Bullets appear in table cells after slide cloning or just saving presentation.

15.  “NullReferenceException” exception on creating thumbnail image of a master slide.

16.  CloneSlide changes shape of quotation characters.

17.  Other problems with text formatting after slide cloning.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET

New Features

1.      Adding events & actions to PDF Links and Bookmarks is supported.

2.      JavaScript is supported for PdfContentEditor class and PushButton fields.

3.      Supports filling barcode fields.

4.      Supports getting the name of the signer in a digitally signed PDF.

5.      Some properties in BookMark class are added to support bookmark Actions. 

6.      Supports importing Annotations from Pdf files as streams. 

7.      Printing effect is enhanced for some types of printers.

8.      Supports compact XML format in Form.ImportXml method.

Bug Fixes

1.      The bookmark doesn’t work after concatenation.   

2.      Highlighting Text in PDF.

3.      FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.

4.      The upper half of the letters was cut off.

5.      Watermark displaying issue in particular PDF files. 

6.      Import/Export XML Data issues with PDF.

Aspose.BarCode for .NET

New Features

1.      Support GS1 DataBar (RSS14) barcodes recognition.

2.      Support GS1 DataBarLimited (RSSLimited) barcodes recognition.

3.      Supports Australia Post barcode recognition.

4.      Supports Australia Post barcode generation for Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Compact Framework.

5.      Improvements in QR Code barcode recognition.

6.      Enhancements in the barcode & recognition toolkits.

7.      Design-time Improvements for Windows Forms and ASP.NET

Bug Fixes

1.      Fixed the error in calculating the checksum of Code39 barcode.

Aspose.Chart for .NET

New Features

1.      AxisLabel.TextStringFormat property is added for supporting axis labels alignment

2.      Grid.GridAreaColorPalette property is added for setting the major grid area colors alternatively

3.      Supports ToolTips for axis labels.

4.      A new property Series.CustomAttributes.IsRadarFilledArea is added for supporting Filled Radar.

5.      Adds Series.CustomAttributes.PieSurroundedSpaceIsEmpty for wiping space surrounded pie off. With this feature, small pie can be created.

6.      Supports ChartArea.MarginLeft, ChartArea.MarginRight, ChartArea.MarginTop and ChartArea.MarginBottom for setting chart area margins.

7.      Supports Axis.Point1Offset and Axis.Point2Offset for extending axis and grid lines.

8.      Supports Series.CustomAttributes.IsDrawRadarBackground for drawing background of radar chart.

9.      Adds ToolTip.ToolTipPosition (Default, Bottom, Left, Right, Top) for setting Tooltip position.

10.  Adds CustomAttributes.BarOverlap for supporting bar overlap.

11.  Supports CustomAttributes.BubbleSize for setting the size of each bubble.

12.  Supports CustomAttributes.BubbleSizeRepresents for bubble size representing bubble’s area or bubble’s diameter.

13.  Supports DataLabelValueType.YTotalStacked.

14.  Supports ChartArea.AxisAreaPosition for radar chart.

15.  Possibility to disable margins of y-axis for radar chart.

Bug Fixes

1.      Misplacement of string value on y-axis.

2.      Legend Box PointMarker using default data point.

3.      Enables DataPoint.CustomAttributes.RadialLineSize and DataPoint.CustomAttributes.HorizontalLineSize for pie chart.

4.      Tooltip with data points have a red mark on them.

5.      Multiple chart areas missed vertical grid lines.

6.      Labels on y-axis with small font are not displayed.

7.      The black rectangle is shown on a picture when Chart. Save (string imageFile, long jpegQuality) is used.

8.      The chart enters into an infinite cycle when width > 39 and < 49.

9.      Color of last segment of radar chart is displayed incorrectly.

10.  3D bars are shifted to the right on x-axis when ChartArea.Cluster = false.

11.  3D frame of chart area is not displayed when Chart.ChartArea.AxisY.IsVisible = false.

12.  The sizes of axis labels influence margins when they are invisible.

Aspose.Network for .NET

New Features

1.      New iCalendar engine.

2.      Supports sending cancel meeting request in MailMessage.

3.      Supports .NET Framework 3.5.

4.      Improvements for TNEF format decoding (winmail.dat).

Bug Fixes

1.      The public function of Attachment class is obfuscated.

2.      Fixed the error in Clone function of MailMessage Class.

3.      Fixed the hang issue when parsing eml files.

Aspose.Workflow for .NET

New Features

1.      Optimized for .NET Framework 3.5. 

2.      Improved performance of XPDL parsing.

3.      Performance of XML data processing is enhanced.

Aspose.Editor for .NET

New Features

1.      Plugin API exposed in the public interface. Loading scheme is significantly improved and made flexible. Application can specify plugins in the configuration file, or load them dynamically. Plugins themselves now have new level of interoperability with the host application.

2.      Improved printing of documents with custom page settings. Now when document is printed, page settings are properly handled for both print preview and printer in both desktop and ASP.NET applications.

3.      Editor now features dynamic context menu. Standard context menu is implemented and can be replaced with custom menu or populated with additional menu items.

4.      New editor option IsKeepPageInsideWindow controls scrolling behavior. By default this option is enabled which limits scrolling to keep page always visible and prevent infinite scrolling.

5.      When selecting fragments with many elements (e.g. cells) editing performance may degrade. This is because of the slow painting of GDI+ when complex clipping area is used. Now there is new editor option IsTransparentSelection, which switches selection rendering method to transparent selection instead of clipped selection. By default this options is disabled and editor uses clipping. To improve performance this option can be enabled programmatically.

6.      Now control can save documents in MHTML web archive format.

7.      Many table related features are supported, including automatic width calculation and nested tables. There is new table properties dialog. User can insert new table, change its structure and properties.

8.      Now shading and borders are rendered. There is a new dialog for changing shading and borders.

9.      Paragraph rules, e.g. Widow/Orphan control. Paragraph format dialog is updated.

10.  All section break types, e.g. Even Page, and Column Balancing.

11.  Now client editor control can be customized by loading plug-in modules, there is no need to create additional control on the page for this purpose.

12.  Recovery feature is supported. In case of any problem, control may attempt to recover the document.

13.  Full support for DOCX/DOCM. Documents can now be opened and saved.

14.  New public methods use base64 client document stream encoding. This feature simplifies implementing custom send/receive channels in java script on a web page. This is useful if session cookies cannot be passed to the editor in conjunction with forms authentication.

15.  Server control now supports embedding custom control tag on a page. This feature enables wrapping client control with custom user control which simplifies development when editor needs to provide public COM interfaces.

16.  New Zoom dialog.

17.  Menus now display shortcuts.

18.  Style dialog shows tool tips.

19.  All fields which are used to enter width or height values now provide units of measure hint, e.g. “pt”.

20.  Appearance of the UI is also improved.

Bug Fixes

1.      When fragment with unknown element which contains style reference is copied, control throws exception. Now style reference is removed from the unknown elements in the copied fragment.

2.      Document object if opened in the editor is not released until editor object goes out of scope. In desktop applications, the issue may lead to a memory leak and continuously growing memory usage. This issue is fixed.

3.      New Aspose.Words integrated. This resolves “Arithmetic overflow” and “Invalid surrogate pair” errors when opening certain documents with invalid content.

4.      Column dialog may incorrectly calculate widths of the columns if page usable width is less than 107 pts.

5.      Exception if document contains zero height font formatting.

6.      Drag & drop of hyperlink throws exception.

Aspose.iCalendar for .NET

Bug Fixes

1.      Some simple rules are calculated too slowly.

Aspose.Spell for .NET

Bug Fixes

1.      License.SetLicense does not work.

2.      GetNextWrongWord gets stuck for longtime.

Aspose.Form for .NET

New Features

1.      Enhanced support for InfoPath 2007 files.

2.      Improved rendering for repeating sections.

3.      Improved layout for repeating elements.

4.      Supports Data Binding.

Bug Fixes

1.      Cannot load InfoPath 2007 file due to decompression error.

2.      nil=true issue for xmldatastring.

3.      Insert item button layout issue.

4.      Insert item button for repeating section is invisible.

5.      Cannot display combo box properly. 

6.      Cannot load schema file for some InfoPath files. 

7.      Errors in rendering contentEditable attribute.

8.      Default install folder should be [Program Files]\Aspose.

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