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All Arrows

We continue to work on high fidelity rendering of Word documents to PDF, images and other fixed-page formats and I am happy to tell that next version of Aspose.Words for .NET will support all types of MS Word line arrows.

Here is a screenshot of a test PDF document that demonstrates our arrows output and various effects… Continue Reading

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Crick Software Implemented Import and Export of Multiple Document Formats using APIs

About Crick Software

Crick Software company logo

WriteOnline was developed as an online literacy tool from Crick Software, a leading software supplier to the education market. In 2008, WriteOnline won the Java Duke’s award for Education and the ESU President’s Award and was a finalist for the 2009 BETT Awards.

Perfect for students of all abilities, WriteOnline has been used by learners from the age of 9 to adult. The program took the basic functions of a word processor but provided additional literacy … Continue Reading

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Do you still need Aspose products for .NET 1.1?

It takes some effort to keep Aspose.Words and other products compatible and working on .NET 1.1. Our main target is .NET 2.0 and higher, but so far we maintained builds for .NET 1.1.

One of the things that could be possible if we drop support for .NET 1.1 is switching to using generics internally and this will reduce amount of boxing and unboxing in collections improving performance and memory footprint.

Do you need Aspose.Words working on .NET 1.1? Let us know if the … Continue Reading

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Marketing MO Manipulated Word Documents Directly within Web Application using APIs

About Marketing MO

Marketing MO delivers tools, documents and content for marketing, sales and strategy consultants. From the client area of our website, customers use our web-based software to create plans, manage client projects, store files, and access hundreds of best practices in 29 business subjects.

Our license gives our clients the right to use and re-use our best practices to deliver services under their own brand.

Requirements Scenario

By the time when v2.0 of our product was available, our … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Words for Reporting Services Released

Please welcome Aspose.Words for Reporting Services, the first release of the product in the new year. This is just a hotfix release that addresses a few issues reported by the customers; however, we always recommend updating to the latest version of the product, because the newer, the better.

We have also added the Code Samples section to the product’s documentation. Commonly, a rendering extension is not something programmable – it should be installed and forgotten, functioning on the background when the … Continue Reading

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ResWare performs Real estate Process flow by Populating Word or Excel Templates and Renders output in PDF using Aspose APIs

About Adeptive Software

ResWare company logo

Adeptive’s leading product, ResWare™ V3.0, is a real estate process flow software package that can be customized to manage any workflow process in the industry. We were previously using Microsoft Word and Excel automation for generating templates and Ghostscript to generate PDFs. We began having serious performance problems recently, where Word would hang, causing all sorts of problems.

Requirements Scenario

We were using Microsoft Word and Excel to dynamically generate documents by manually populating Word merge fields … Continue Reading

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Access Education Converted Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Images directly to PDF and Implemented Printing within the Document Management System

About Access Education

Access Education logo

Access Education (formerly HCSS Education) offers industry-leading school management software, designed by experts, that provides efficiency and engagement across your whole educational establishment giving you the freedom to provide an outstanding education.

Our close working partnership with our clients enabled us to identify the requirement for our newest product and the central functions of the File Manager were:

  • It’s ability to create and maintain links to documents and files across a single system, network and
Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services

The long-awaited Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services with full support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is here. All new introduced RDL elements are supported!
We tried to make exported presentation look as close as possible to a report exported with standard TIFF image exporter.

Also there is new installer available which should automatically install Aspose.Slides to all existing instances of Reporting Services 2005 and 2008.
In case of any automatic installation errors please use manual installation which is described in the… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Network v4.5.0.0 Released

Aspose.Network v4.5.0.0 has been released.

In this release, we improved the performance for iCal file parsing /writing. Many bug fixes were also included.

Please check the download page for the details: Reading

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The University of North Carolina Generates, Prints and Performs Mail Merge in Word Document Reports all within Web Browser

About University of North Carolina

I work as an analyst in the Department of Application Services, which ensures consistency and quality in the development, implementation, distribution, and support of software solutions supporting campus-wide data management needs at the division, school, department, or any other administrative unit level. We recently were tasked to replace the legacy Immunization Tracking System on OpenVMS with a Web-based, ASP.NET application.


The Immunization Tracking System ASP.NET application allows the UNCW Student Health Services (SHS) staff … Continue Reading

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