Manipulate Word Documents Directly within Web Application using APIs

Our Consulting M.O. product at delivers tools, documents and content for marketing, sales and strategy consultants. From the client area of our website, customers use our web-based software to create plans, manage client projects, store files, and access hundreds of best practices in 29 business subjects.

Our license gives our clients the rights to use and re-use our best practices to deliver services under their own brand.

Requirements Scenario

In our current v2.0 of our product, our users download MS Word document templates directly from our server. They then modify the documents on their desktop, customizing the content, fonts and graphics.

For our v3.0, we will automate some of this customization to shorten the length of time our consultants spend preparing documents for client work. Our requirements include:

Allowing users to upload their company logo to the application;

Allowing users to change the fonts of the document download at the application level, instead of on each individual document; and inserting the user’s logo into each Word document s/he downloads from our server.

Solution Implementation

Aspose delivers all of this functionality. Instead of building it from scratch, we’re able to install Aspose.Word in our application to handle these tasks for our v3.0.


Aspose.Word saved us development time. And, the support gives us comfort that our developer will have assistance to fix any issues that may arise.


Aspose.Word has worked as expected, and we’re pleased we found it!

One of our 29 best practices download pages in the client area:
Closeup of a downloadable best practice:
Downloading the Word document:

Here’s the document modified by Aspose.Word during the download. It has inserted the logo in the title, changed the font and changed the color of the tables.

Jim Sagar
Consulting M.O

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