Import and Export Multiple Document Formats using APIs within Software

WriteOnline is an online literacy tool from Crick Software, a leading software supplier to the education market. In 2008, WriteOnline won the Java Duke’s award for Education and the ESU President’s Award and was a finalist for the 2009 BETT Awards.

Perfect for students of all abilities WriteOnline, can be used with learners from the age of 9 to adult. The program takes the basic functions of a word processor but provides additional literacy support such as; a word bar, that provides a bank of words, phrases and web addresses at the bottom of the screen; integrated word prediction and; realistic high-quality speech that can read out any text written in the document or in the panels of vocabulary.

WriteOnline also includes many other features including a number of unique features for teachers and lecturers allowing them to see how a document was constructed and helping them to spot plagiarism.

Requirements Scenario

We needed WriteOnline to be able to open and save documents from the most common Word Processors in use. This would allow customers to import their existing documents into WriteOnline and export documents for use in other applications.

Support for Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files from would be essential. Open Document Format support was also desired.

WriteOnline is delivered online and any solution needed to have a small payload, without a lot of dependencies. Reliability and robustness was a key requirement.

Solution Implementation

Crick Software chose the Aspose.Words for Java library from Aspose. This offered import and export of Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files and export of Open Document Format files all available using a common API.

Compared to other solutions that we investigated, Aspose was a clear winner. An inhouse solution would have taken many months to implement. Other solutions were incomplete, required other dependencies or only supported a small subset of the file formats we required.


We were impressed with the robustness and accuracy of Aspose.Words for Java. The automated unit testing that Aspose employs means that we can be confident that our customers will be able to import documents into WriteOnline reliably and with ease.

Using a single library to implement import and export of multiple formats has helped reduce development time and gives WriteOnline a smaller download payload compared to other solutions we might have chosen.


Aspose.Words has saved us a lot of time, effort and money. It’s given our customers good reliable import/export functionality so they can open their old document in WriteOnline.

We’ve been very happy with Aspose.Words and will be checking with interest other components Aspose create in the coming months and years.

WriteOnline is the innovative new writing tool for schools and colleges. WriteOnline helps students of all abilities to achieve their full potential by providing a range of proven support features.

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