What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q1 2009:

Aspose.Words for .NET

New Features

  1. Supports loading w:pgNum for DOCX.

  2. Allows specifying folder for exported images when saving to file.

  3. Expose all BuiltInDocumentProperties as Properties.

  4. Added “draw:line” import.

  5. Added line shape export.

  6. Added rectangle shape export and import.

  7. Added ellipse shape export and import.

  8. Added “text:variable-set” import and export.

  9. Added “text:bookmark-start” and “text:bookmark-end” import.

  10. Added “meta:user-defined” and “text:user-defined” import and export.

  11. Added an option to turn off conversion to PNG during HTML output.

  12. Supports short color codes like #a8f during HTML import.

  13. Supports incomplete tags on HTML import.

  14. Suppress explicit page breaks in tables.

  15. Split SaveOptions.ExportImagesFolder property to HtmlExportImagesFolder and PdfExportImagesFolder.

  16. Improved parameterization when exporting image (HTML, PDF).

  17. Export images using original file name, not generated.

  18. Added image naming feature.

  19. Added the possibility of specifying a prefix or postfix for image files names when exporting to HTML.

  20. When reading multiple copies of same image, read only once to memory.

  21. Implemented SaveOptions.HtmlExportImageSaving and SaveOptions.PdfExportImageSaving events.

  22. Supports color names like ‘lightgrey’ during HTML import.

  23. Exposed Document.FontInfos with all underlying classes and properties.

  24. Allows page breaks in tables where they are allowed in MS Word.

  25. Added support of TextInput field for import and export of ODT.

  26. Added support of Checkbox field for import and export of ODT.

  27. Added support of Dropdown field for import and export of ODT.

  28. Added version of standard (1.1) in export of ODT.

  29. Export of line arrows to PDF, printing and rendering is now supported.

  30. Performance improvements in the rendering engine, convert bigger documents much faster to PDF, images and printing.

Bug Fixes

  1. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening the document.

  2. “End of paragraph is out of sync.” Exception occurs upon opening the document.

  3. Loading a document where the same footer is referenced twice fails.

  4. All text content disappears when open/save HTML document.

  5. Memory usage grows when convert document to PDF in the loop.

  6. Process hangs during saving the document in PDF.

  7. Some mergefields in the document are not recognized in Aspose.Words 6.0.1.

  8. Exception occurs during updating fields in the document.

  9. Unprotect method does not remove “Password to modify”.

  10. Exception occurs when try to move DocumentBuilder to the inline node inside SmartTag.

  11. FormField.Result does not rerun correct value of the formfield.

  12. Allow save file without extension when SaveFormat is specified.

  13. “NullReferenceException” exception occurs upon saving file to ODT.

  14. FormField name is moved to HelpText and Result is empty when open ODT.

  15. Paragraph text properties are not imported to run properties of field.

  16. Image is distorted upon converting DOC to PDF.

  17. “IndexOutOfRangeException” exception occurs upon saving document in PDF format.

  18. Winding 2 checkboxes are not recognized upon converting to PDF.

  19. Setting non-zero charspace in ApsGlyphs renders PDF unreadable by viewers.

  20. “InvalidCastException” exception occurs upon Rendering/Saving to PDF/AsposePdf/HTML.

  21. “IndexOutOfRangeException” exception occurs upon converting document to PDF.

  22. List level numbering format is read incorrectly from DOC.

  23. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs when trying to open any document on MONO environment.

  24. Exception occurs when try to convert document generated by Aspose.Words to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

  25. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening the document.

  26. Footnote separator and continuation characters are not exported.

  27. Script tags should be stripped away on HTML import.

  28. SaveOptions.HtmlExportMetafileAsRaster = false does not work.

  29. Switching HtmlExportMetafileAsRaster off gives an exception if any transform needed.

  30. Table row appears on different page from MS Word.

  31. NUMPAGES field inside a table inside footer is not visible in output.

  32. Part of content disappears when table row breaks across pages.

  33. Line of text is missing when rendering.

  34. “UnsupportedFileFormatException” exception occurs upon opening MHTML document.

  35. FootnoteOptions.RestartRule doesn’t work.

  36. FootnoteOptions/EndnoteOptions does not work.

  37. “ArgumentException” exception occurs upon converting DOC to HTML/MHTML/EPUB/PDF.

  38. Number format of endnodes is changed from Arabic to Roman after open/save the document.

  39. FontInfo.Panose should be null rather than empty.

  40. Resetting Subscript resets also Superscript.

  41. Getting Bookmark.Text throws exception.

  42. Support non-US-ASCII filenames when send document to a client browser.

  43. FormFields are not supported upon Import/Export ODT.

  44. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening ODT document.

  45. Font name is changed to Times New Roman upon saving to ODT.

  46. Some styles names mismatch NCName specification.

  47. Shapes belonging to paragraphs with page breaks move to next pages.

  48. Underline attribute is lost when non-last run consists of spaces.

  49. RoundRectangle is rendered as simple rectangle.

  50. Numbering of list in the output PDF is not correct.

  51. Bookmarks are lost upon converting documents to PDF.

  52. Bullet points in word document are showing up as asterisks in pdf document.

  53. EMF image is displayed not correctly in PDF output.

  54. “ArgumentException” exception occurs upon converting Document to PDF.

  55. “NullReferenceException” exception occurs upon saving to PDF in Evaluation mode.

  56. Part of header disappears upon rendering and converting to PDF.

  57. “Cannot find the required font” exception occurs upon converting document to PDF.

  58. Bold Italic text at the beginning of paragraph makes whole paragraph to be italic and incorrectly aligned upon converting to PDF.

  59. Image is distorted upon converting DOC to PDF.

  60. PDF generated by Aspose.Words is invalid for some applications.

  61. “Touchup text tool” does not work for PDF created by Aspose.Words.

  62. “ArgumentOutOfRangeException” exception occurs upon converting to TXT.

  63. Implement bool SaveOptions.HtmlExportMetafileAsRaster.

  64. “ArgumentException” exception occurs upon converting document to PDF.

  65. Footer on the first page is missing.

  66. Spacing before first paragraph on a page should probably be ignored.

  67. When a paragraph contains only HR, then paragraph mark height should be used as line height.

  68. “System.ArgumentException” exception occurs upon converting document to PDF.

  69. “InvalidCastException” exception occurs during layout.

  70. Paragraph breaks are not recognized.

  71. There is too much space after shape (Rendering and Saving to PDF).

  72. The position of shapes with “in front of text” wrapping are not correct after Rendering or Saving to PDF.

  73. “NullReferenceException” exception occurs when try to save the document in PDF format or render document.

  74. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening ODT document.

  75. When running in VS2005 the “omega” symbol in the formula is replaced with a question mark.

  76. “InvalidOperationException” exception occurs when convert two DOCX document to PDF simultaneously.

  77. “OutOfMemoryException” exception occurs upon converting big document to PDF.

  78. “InvalidOperationException” exception occurs upon converting DOCX to PDF.

  79. Font looks a bit heavier and less smooth than in MS Word generated version.

  80. RLE compression of Format16bppArgb1555 is not working.

  81. Avoid writing same image to PDF more than once.

  82. Avoid unnecessary and early parsing of image pixels.

  83. File size of PDF files generated by Aspose.Words is too big.

  84. Image is skewed.

  85. “Unexpected tab leader” exception occurs upon converting DOC to PDF.

  86. Export document properties to PDF.

  87. Image is distorted after converting to PDF.

  88. WMF formula rendered with misplaced elements.

  89. Support remaining compression filters in PDF.

Aspose.Cells for .NET

New Features

  1. Supports directly converting Excel files to PDF.

  2. Supports Gridline option of the page setup setting while printing worksheet.

  3. Supports inserting a WAV file as Ole object.

  4. Supports reading and writing checkboxes in Excel 2007 files.

  5. Supports using anonymous types or custom object as data source in Smart marker

  6. Supports setting display zero value option.

  7. Supports to union and intersect two ranges.

  8. Supports preserving data after saving the workbook.

  9. Supports the option to inserting blank rows in pivot table or not.

  10. Enhances the calculate engine and supports more functions.

Bug Fixes

  1. Red tick labels bug.

  2. Median Lines lost on Scatter Charts.

  3. NumberFormatLinked property of the chart CategoryAxis.

  4. Performance enhancement when opening TAB DELIMITED FILE.

  5. Problem with converting some Excel files to PDF.

  6. An xls2pdf bug.

  7. Workbook.Save is throwing error.

  8. Errors saving Workbook to PDF.

  9. AutoSortField does not have any effect.

  10. Exception is thrown in exporting to SpreadML.

  11. Converts the time string value to DateTime.

  12. The Smart Marker is same as [table].[column].

  13. Formulas with named ranges.

  14. Exclamation in the worksheet name causes an error in formulas.

  15. Saving Workbook Error.

  16. Inserting a formula issue.

  17. AutoFitRow not making rows big enough with wrap text on.

  18. Conditional formatting.

  19. AutoFitColumns doesn’t work.

  20. Moving a Shape.

  21. ArgumentOutOfRange exception while extracting pictures.

  22. The issue of the last cell.

  23. System.NullReferenceException with SheetToImage.

  24. An error while using Cells.InsertRange method in some cases.

  25. External links in formulas.

  26. Supports global named range.

  27. Copying the shape name.

  28. A problem with the conditional formats.

  29. Invalid formula Exception.

  30. Enhance performance of Cells.DeleteBlankRows method.

  31. Bug in opening some special xls files.

  32. An enhancement in Cells.InsertColumns method.

  33. Error on calling workbook.Save.

  34. Corrupted spreadsheet after copying.

  35. Enhance performance of deleting rows.

  36. Rich Text Output Formatting Bug.

  37. Issue with Workbook.Open().

  38. Different Columns as DataTable.

  39. Enhance Cells.ImportTwoDimensionalObjects method.

  40. OleObject could not be opened bug after converting xlsx to xls.

  41. Digital Signature disappearing bug.

  42. Workbook.Open throws an Exception.

  43. InCellDropDown doesn’t work.

  44. Named Range as the data source of PivotTable.

  45. A pivot table lost in Excel 2007 file.

Aspose.Pdf for .NET

New Features

  1. Supports ‘PDF Linearization’.

  2. Supports mirror margins when converting doc into PDF.

  3. Supports importing PDF file into Corel Draw.

  4. Enhanced support of ‘Helvetica’ font.

  5. Optimized performance and memory usage for large table processing.

Bug Fixes

  1. Large image page layout issue.

  2. Border not rendering around table.

  3. Support table alignment in html2pdf.

  4. List item baseline issue.

  5. Percentage table column can’t take effection.

  6. Tiff to PDF conversion very slow.

  7. Vertical alignment issue in table cell.

Aspose.Slides for .NET

New Features

  1. Added Presentation.Tags property to provide tags on presentation level.

  2. Implemented rendering of images with custom brightness and contrast.

  3. Several PDF improvements: Support for text shadows, implemented gradients rendering, improved quality of images, reduced size of generated PDF file.

  4. Added Presentation.SlideViewType property allows to read and write how presentation opened by MS PowerPoint. Normal slides view, master slide, slide sorter, slide show and etc. Check SlideViewType enumeration for details and possible values.

  5. Implemented read/write access to custom document properties. Presentation.Title, Subject, Keywords, etc properties are obsolete now and moved to DocumentProperties class together with custom properties. Names of custom properties are case-insensitive. Supported types are short, int, bool, string and DateTime.

  6. Added possibility to replace Picture everywhere in a presentation. See Pictures.ReplaceInShapes static method.

  7. Added possibility to remove all VBA macros in a presentation. See Presentation.RemoveVBAMacros() method.

  8. PPTX changes:

a. PPImageEx class renamed to ImageEx.

b. Access to all images stored in a presentation.

c. Access to themes used on a slide.

d. Access to shapes inside a group shape.

e. Creating picture frames, connectors and tables on a slide.

f. Access to table style presets.

g. Access to shape properties.

h. Access to standard styles (schemes): fill, line, format, color, font

i. New classes: FillFormatsEx, FillStylesEx, LineFormatsEx, LineStylesEx, FontsEx, FontSchemeEx, ColorSchemeEx, FormatSchemeEx, ImagesEx, ImageEx, ThemeEx, PlaceholderEx, ShapeFrameEx.

Bug Fixes

  1. Slide.Name property didn’t work for master slides.

  2. IndexOutOfRangeException on presentation saving.

  3. Unhandled exception on PDF export.

  4. TextFrame had a limit for a text length, about 74k.

  5. Invalid ColorBlend exception on rendering slide with gradient.

  6. Slide.Background property can be null for presentations created in PowerPoint 2007.

  7. Gradient created in PowerPoint 2007 is recognized by Aspose.Slides as Unsupported.

  8. Grouped objects are shifted or stretched on thumbnail.

  9. Shapes with empty TextFrame always resized after presentation opening and saving.

  10. ColorBlend object is not valid for gradients converted by PowerPoint 2007 to custom preset gradient. Transparency of such gradients is not rendered.

  11. Add*Slide methods create slides with wrong slide layout.

  12. Rotation property of AutoShapeEx and GroupShapeEx is always 0.

  13. DownRibbon autoshape is not rendered properly.

  14. Implemented correct cloning slides with XP+ animations.

  15. Copying sound embedded to animations together with cloned slide.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET

New Features

  1. Supports extracting some non-English text such as Chinese and Japanese.

  2. Added a new class PdfBookMarkEditor to manipulate bookmark.

  3. Added a new method PdfAnnotation.FlatteningAnnotations() to support flattening annotations.

  4. Added new methods SetFieldScript() and RemoveFieldAction() in FormEditor to provide more powerful feature of JavaScript.

  5. Attachment feature is improved. More types of attachment are now supported and getting attachment from very large PDF is also supported.

  6. Digital signature feature is improved. The document security settings can be reserved after digital signature. A document can be signed for multiple times.

  7. The signature can be verified by public key.

  8. The processing for Additional MetaData is enhanced.

Bug Fixes

  1. Problem with ReplaceText function in PdfContentEditor.

  2. pdfcontent doesn’t release file on save(replaceTxt).

  3. Creating bookmark changes fonts.

  4. Trouble merging image from FDF.

  5. ExportXml Problem When Access Stream.

  6. Form Field Name Discovery.

  7. Flattening Barcode Field in XfaForm failed.

  8. Concatenate Error.

  9. Remote Form Field Copying in AcroForm.

  10. Removing dangerous elements from PDF document.

  11. Too long object name! Error with a particular PDF.

  12. PDFExtractor - Other data about extracted attachments.

  13. Creating document attachments.

  14. Inserting XMP data into an existing PDF as PdfA1B compliant.

  15. N-Up pages.

  16. Trailer not found in reading certain PDF.

  17. Some texts are missed while using PdfExtractor to extract text.

Aspose.Network for .NET

New Features

  1. Unicode Format Outlook Message File (*.msg).

  2. Supports converting an EML file (*.eml) to Unicode format Outlook Message file (*.msg).

  3. Improved Performance for parsing / writing iCal format.

  4. Improved performance for .NET 1.1 built.

Bug Fixes

  1. MapiMessage throws exceptions when loading an Outlook message with RichText body.

  2. CancelAppointment throws exception when no sequenceid is provided.

  3. Duplicated method property for a cancel iCal.

  4. BodyRtf is null for some MSG files.

  5. TimeZoneId is not set properly.

Aspose.Flash for .NET

Bug Fixes

  1. Creating new instance of DefineFont3 didn’t work.

Aspose.Editor for .NET

New Features

  1. New property EditorOptions.IsShowUnknowns.

  2. New property Aspose.Editor.Server.EditorControl.ClassId.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Incorrect width and height calculation in PageInfo class.

  2. Network communication improved to avoid “The server committed protocol violation error” (ASP.NET 2.0).

  3. Right clicking in AboutDialog list crashes the control.

  4. Incorrect rendering in non-standard DPI environment.

  5. Control crashes when using mouse wheel in 64bit OS.

  6. Font size of 10 is copied incorrectly.

  7. Header/Footer stories lose tables in open/edit/save cycle.

Aspose.AdHoc for .NET

New Features

  1. Now you are able to create custom localization resource sets and translate Aspose.AdHoc to any language that you want.

  2. With new DataSourceInaccessible event you can significantly simplify data source lifetime control.

  3. Now you can find both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 versions of Aspose.AdHoc component inside the installation package.

Bug Fixes

  1. Implement session timeout handling mechanism.

  2. Enable third-party resource DLL’s loading without signing.

  3. SortFiledsByName should be renamed.

  4. Third-party resources loading.

  5. NullPointerException on Session End.

  6. Incorrect localization work.

  7. Some words for NL culture not translated.

  8. Matches counter not shown if DisconnectedData reassigned to false.

  9. Make DisconnectedData mode work without Page.Session usage.

  10. Navigation label isn’t shown on Next click.

  11. SortFieldsOnLoad property getter works incorrect.

  12. Support for silent install/upgrade.

  13. DateDelimiter property incorrect getter work.

  14. DynamicWhereCompiling doesn’t save assigned value.

  15. Properties values are not saved correctly.

Aspose.Spell for .NET

New Features

  1. The digital signatures for DLLs are added.

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