Bring record information from Microsoft SQL and populate the document using APIs

Our product has a Narrative report template that is in Word 2007 format. We needed a control that would allow us to populate this template with user specific information and display this information in a web page. The information we are displaying is coming from records in Microsoft SQL 2008.

Requirements Scenario

We were looking for a control that would work with Word 2007 and Adobe PDF formats. We needed to be able to populate scoring information within a 48 page document. The font and display of this information was important. We needed to be able to have the source information from Microsoft SQL 2008 be displayed within our document.

Solution Implementation

We used Aspose.Words product to make calls to the Word document and populate the fields necessary. We were able to bring in the record information from Microsoft SQL 2008 and place the information within our document. Once the document was assembled, we display this information to the browser using the PDF format.


This product helped us generate the needing information and display that information in a user-friendly, simple to read method. Being able to view this unique record with the embedded explanation within the browser in PDF form so that the information could be saved benefitted this project.

Future Implementations

Aspose is where we will start to look for a .net control in the future.


This control was easy to use. The Aspose control allowed us to create the unique score specific document with the needed information and explanation. Aspose’s support team was easy to reach and very helpful. The example code provided was also easy to follow.

Below we populated the scores in black from a record in the database.

In this section of the document, we were able to place X in the appropriate section of the chart to show the relationship of scores.

Download this success story in PDF format.