I have zipped and uploaded all samples for Aspose.Words to http://www.aspose.com/community/files/51/file-format-components/aspose.words-for-.net-and-java/category1177.aspx. There are two ZIP downloads. One for Aspose.Words for .NET and another for Java. The download for .NET includes source code in C# and VisualBasic.NET.

The downloads include:

  • Source code for all articles in the Aspose.Words Documentation.
  • Source code for all snippets in the Aspose.Words API Reference.
  • Additional useful sample projects.

There are over 20 sample projects for Aspose.Words for .NET, many of them are new which you have not seen before. There are also new samples for Aspose.Words for Java.

Some of the new projects are:

  • Print and preview documents.
  • Extract content based on styles.
  • Mail merge from a LINQ query.
  • Mail merge from an XML document or XML reader.