Aspose.Total for .NET Q3 2009

What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q3 2009:

Aspose.Words for .NET

New Features

1.      Field Update Engine calculates even the most complex IF, formula and other fields.

2.      Windows Azure, Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010 are supported.

3.      Shapes are rendered as images when exporting to HTML, MHTML and EPUB.

4.      Conversion to PDF works on Mono.

5.      Enhancements in document rendering.

6.      Add XPS to DocumentExplorer and WebForms demos.

7.      Update documentation to mention Windows 7, .NET 4.0 and VS 2010.

8.      Render shapes as image files when exporting to HTML.

9.      Layout paragraphs with auto spacing.

10.  Support field evaluation.

11.  Handle badly formatted merge field value without throw.

12.  Support multipart/mixed content type on import.

13.  Support encoded header fields on import.

14.  Support IF fields expression evaluation.

15.  Expore utility methods to work with LoadFormat, SaveFormat and extensions.

16.  Return the Content-Type string from Document.Save methods.

17.  Support mail merge in ODT.

18.  Picture filled shapes rendering is not implemented.

19.  Cropped pictures (including metafiles) are correctly output to PDF, XPS and rendering to images.

20.  Improvements to tables, table styles and themes when output to PDF, XPS and rendering.

21.  Add support for LINQ and/or create examples and articles.

22.  “Quick Parts” are converted to plain text after open/save DOCX file using Aspose.Words.

23.  Layout irregular tables.

24.  Load an image resource from outer source if embedded part is corrupted.

25.  Add “style:paragraph-properties” -> “style:drop-cap” -> “style:length” attribute import/export.

26.  Add SaveOptions.OdtExportStrictSchema.

27.  Add import of parent style for spans and fields.

28.  Add “style:style”->”style:master-page-name” attribute export for section style.

29.  Add “style:paragraph-properties” -> “text:number-lines” import.

30.  Add “style:paragraph-properties” -> “fo:orphans” and “style:paragraph-properties” -> “fo:widows” import for all styles.

31.  Add “style:table-properties” -> “style:width” import.

32.  Support picture cropping in Renderer and in PDF export.

Bug Fixes

1.            EndOfStreamException exception occurs when try to get OLE object.

2.            Exception: Unknown form field type – when saving to DOCX.

3.            List label is generated incorrectly for list levels marked with IsLegal.

4.            “UnsupportedFileFormatException” exception occurs when try to load HTML without html and body.

5.            “InvalidCastException” exception occurs upon saving document in HTML/AsposePdf.

6.            “OutOfMemoryException” occurs when call PageCont on Windows Azure.

7.            Recognize all number formats available in MS Word.

8.            “UnsupportedFileFormatException” exception occurs upon opening EML(MHTML) file.

9.            DOCPROPERTY field of date format is updated incorrectly.

10.        OLE objects with ProgId = Outlook.MsgAttach are corrupted after extracting.

11.        “Error! Unknown document property name” text is shown in the document after updating fields using Aspose.Words.

12.        “EndOfStreamException” occurs upon extracting OLE objects from the document, when the same OLE object occurs two times.

13.        Unwrap Message OLE objects.

14.        Saving XPS to HttpOutputStream throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

15.        “EndOfStreamException” occurs upon extracting OLE objects from the document.

16.        Rename SaveType.OpenInWord to OpenInApplication.

17.        “style:text-properties” -> “style:text-position” = “0% 100%” is imported incorrectly.

18.        Empty “style:paragraph-properties” elements are exported.

19.        Style name is exported incorrectly when user style name coincides with built-in style name.

20.        Error of rounding during export of “style:page-layout-properties”-> “fo:margin-right”

21.        Error of rounding during import of  “draw:control” size (checkbox).

22.        “style:tab-stop”-> “style:type” is imported incorrectly when “style:char” is not empty.

23.        Value of “text:drop-down” element is imported incorrectly.

24.        Run properties of image and frame are not imported.

25.        “style:paragraph-properties” element is exported empty.

26.        Table is lost when it is between list items during export.

27.        “style:paragraph-properties” -> “fo:text-align-last” = “justify” is not imported.

28.        “style:graphic-properties” -> “draw:shadow” = “hidden” is not imported.

29.        Empty frames instead of not supported figures during export.

30.        “draw:text-box” element inside ellipse, rectangle, etc. elements during export (it is absent in standard).

31.        “draw:image” -> “xlink:href” is exported incorrectly when link to file.

32.        “text:anchor-type” attribute is exported incorrectly for “draw:text-box” element.

33.        “NullReferenceException” exception occur upon saving document as ODT.

34.        “System.InvalidOperationException: There was no XML start tag open.” during export when list elements in table cells.

35.        Page numbering is distorted during rendering/ converting to PDF.

36.        Shape\TestFillPattern one type of image fill is missing.

37.        Unexpected border appear around picture.

38.        Images are cropped on right side upon rendering.

39.        Aspose.Words eats 100% of CPU and freezes upon rendering.

40.        “InvalidOperationException” exception occurs upon converting to PDF or XPS.

41.        Borders around the picture are lost after rendering/converting to PDF.

42.        Images without boredrs are shown with borders in PDF.

43.        Arrow orientation is incorrect.

44.        JPEG image quality is poor after converting to PDF.

45.        NullReferenceException when saving document to PDF.

46.        Gray background is too harsh, need different dithering.

47.        Check that tests pass on 120dpi display.

48.        Picture filling is not rendered properly in XPS.

49.        Table formatting is broken after open/save RTF document.

50.        “NullReferenceException” exception occurs upon saving document in RTF format.

51.        Page margin settins are lost upon loading WML document.

52.        Aspose.Words does not see sections in WML document.

53.        Header/Footer are included to the main story.

54.        Paper size of the document is changed from A4 to Letter after open/save.

55.        Shape.Rotation changes width and height with some angles.

56.        Some WordArt shapes are not displayed after open/save the document.

57.        Position of the shape is changed after open/save DOC file.

58.        Table borders are changed after open/save document.

59.        AutoFit option read from DOC is incorrect.

60.        “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening DOC file.

61.        “FileCorruptedException” occurs when try to open DOCX zipped by Java-Util-Zip-Classes.

62.        “ArgumentException” exception occurs during saving document in WML/DOCX format.

63.        Table cells have different paddings in DOC and DOCX.

64.        DOCX produced by Aspose.Words cannot be opened in MS Word.

65.        Font is different when viewing in Adobe Digital Editions.

66.        Some text missing at the end of the document.

67.        Text is wrapped when using horizontal cell merging.

68.        Table imported from HTML incorrectly.

69.        CCS parser reads font-family improperly, if font name contains white spaces.

70.        List in footnote or endnote handled incorrectly, not closed.

71.        List bullets are imported incorrectly.

72.        Output is incorrect when a section break occurs in a field.

73.        Cell paddings specified at row level are exported improperly.

74.        Exception during loading of an HTML file.

75.        Improve importing of line breaks and implicit paragraph breaks.

76.        Avoid hyperlinks overlapping with other tags.

77.        Rendering a document takes forever.

78.        Table width is less that needed when render or convert HTML to PDF.

79.        Table cell becomes too narrow and wraps text.

80.        Line of text is moved to the previous page. Rendering/Converting to PDF.

81.        Some lines are moved to the next pages.

82.        Table is laid out too wide in PDF.

83.        Table layout is not correct during Rendering/Converting to PDF.

84.        Problem with table layout after upgrade 6.4.0->6.5.0.

85.        “ArgumentException” exception occurs in Table.UpdateLayout.

86.        “Specified Content-Type is not supported” exception occurs upon opening MHTML document produced by IE8.

87.        Exception occurs during opening MHTML document.

88.        Setting rotation angle for a shape greater than 45 deg does not work.

89.        UpdateTableLayout works incorrectly if the table contains fields.

90.        UpdateTableLayout method works not properly with horizontally merged cells.

91.        Font is changed after open/save, when font is defined in Table Style.

92.        Table styles are lost after ImportNode.

93.        NullReferenceException exception occurs when call JoinRunsWithSameFormatting after Save.

94.        Savinf as XPS to the browser HttpResponse threw an exception.

95.        Shape Width and Height are swapped depending on the rotation angle.

96.        NullReferenceException occurs upon converting the document to ODT.

97.        Table and cell widths are imported incorrectly by ODT reader.

98.        “style:paragraph-properties” -> “fo:line-height” is imported incorrectly when units is not set.

99.        “text:list-item” -> “text:start-value” is exported incorrectly.

100.    Pictures of zero length are exported.

101.    Incorrect value of “meta:user-defined” element after export – System.Byte[].

102.    Background color of paragraph is exported incorrectly when Shading.Texture == TextureIndex.TextureSolid.

103.    Page margins are exported incorrectly when they are not set.

104.    Cells, rows and tables are lost after export.

105.    List item numbering is incorrect.

106.    Run properties are exported/imported incorrectly.

107.    “text:notes-configuration”-> “style:num-format” attribute  is imported incorrectly when it is not set.

108.    “text:bookmark-end” element is exported without “text:bookmark-start” element

109.    “text:s” -> “text:c” attribute is exported incorrectly.

110.    Empty spans when fields export/import.

111.    “text:variable-set” -> “text:name” attribute and “text:variable-set” element value are exported/imported incorrectly.

112.    Header and footer styles are exported though there are no headings corresponding to them.

113.    Paragraph tab stops are exported/imported incorrectly when its parent style contains tab stops.

114.    First line indent and left margin behave wrong if a table cell starts with tab.

115.    Incorrect width of table after converting DOC to PDF.

116.    “Uknown texture” exception occurs upon saving to PDF or Rendering.

117.    Image appears smaller than in Word document.

118.    Width of table is incorrect, when columns widths are defined in percents.

119.    Monotype Corsiva font is changed to Times New Roman during rendering/Converting to PDF.

120.    “DirectoryNotFoundException” exception occurs during Rendering / Converting to PDF, when document contains linked image.

121.    “IndexOutOfRangeException” exception occurs during rendering / converting to PDF.

122.    “InvalidOperationException: Uknown texture.” Exception occurs during rendering the document.

123.    Right borders are lost during rendering/converting to PDF.

124.    Font is changed to Calibri during rendering/converting to PDF/XPS.

125.    Four extra pages are added during rendering/converting to PDF/XPS.

126.    RenderToSize in a row of small images seems to add progressive offset.

127.    “ArgumentNullException” exception occurs during Rendering/Converting to PDF.

128.    “IndexOutOfRangeException” exception occurs upon convertiong document with PAGEREF to PDF.

129.    PDF export hangs up on this document.

130.    Support shape rotation upon rendering and saving to PDF.

131.    Images outside of the margins are cropped upon rendering and converting to PDF.

132.    Table width is incorrect when convert document to PDF/Tiff.

133.    “Document graphics description contains line segment of zero length” exception occurs upon saving to PDF.

134.    Table width is incorrect. Rendering/converting to PDF.

135.    “EndOfStreamException” exception occurs during converting document to PDF.

136.    “NullReferenceException” exception occurs during Rendering/Convertig to PDF.

137.    “ArgumentException” exception occurs when call SaveToPdf twice.

138.    “NullReferenceException” exception occurs during rendering / converting to PDF.

139.    “EndOfStreamException” exception occurs during converting document to PDF.

140.    “ArgumentNullException” occurs upon Rendering/Converting to PDF.

141.    “NullReferenceException” exception occurs during rendering/converting to PDF.

142.    “IndexOutOfRangeException” exception occurs during converting document to PDF.

143.    “EndOfStreamException” exception occurs during converting document to PDF.

144.    IndexOutOfRangeException when saving to PDF.

145.    XPS produced by Aspose.Words crashes XPS Viewer.

146.    “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening RTF documents.

147.    “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening RTF document.

148.    “Footnote separators are expected to be processed at the document level” exception occurs during opening the document.

Aspose.Cells for .NET

New Features

1.      Merge Aspose.Grid suite into Aspose.Cells.

2.      Optimize the performance of Formula recalculations.

3.      Improve the performance of inserting/deleting Rows/Columns.

4.      Enhance the performance of Auto-fit Rows/Columns feature.

5.      Add WordArt shapes to XLS file.

6.      Read Gradient Fill effects for the Chart.

7.      Create spreadsheets with First Page or Even/Odd Header/Footer attributes for Page Setup.

8.      Support multiple Print Areas in Worksheet-to-Image feature.

9.      Add Formula Calculation support for some new MS Excel built-in functions.

10.  Set background image for a Chart type Worksheet.

11.  Provide support for setting Image Options in Chart-to-Image and Worksheet-to-Image features.

Bug Fixes

1.            Chart2Image problems.

2.            Charts not displaying in Excel PDF.

3.            Supports grouped shape to image.

4.            Getting zero values.

5.            Loading a CSV file failed.

6.            Opening CSV file seems to write to the console.

7.            Slow performance when saving workbook as HTML.

8.            The issue of converting cells to PDF.

9.            Excel to PDF Conversion Issue

10.        Difference in output when generating Excel file to PDF file.

11.        Cells To PDF, footer image is blurred.

12.        Charts not displaying in Excel PDF.

13.        Converting from Excel to PDF.

14.        Saving workbook as PDF broken.

15.        XLS conversion problem (negative length?).

16.        Save to FileFormatType.Pdf  with multithread implementation.

17.        Excel2PDF with grouped shape issue.

18.        Error when save as Aspose.Pdf.xml.

19.        Layout and file size.

20.        Throws System.OutOfMemory Exception.

21.        Save FileFormatType.Pdf Very Bad Quality.

22.        Problem in Converting Sheet to Image.

23.        Merge Cell Printing Problem Error.

24.        Problems with printing Excel 2007 format.

25.        Splitting sheet to several images.

26.        Some Differences in the Printed/Saved Excel File.

27.        ImageOptions for Aspose.Cells.

28.        Sheet2image function.

29.        Spreadsheet XML encoding issue.

30.        Autofilter does not work when converting file to Excel2003.

31.        An error of opening and saving the file.

32.        Hide columns lose their width information.

33.        Update Freeze panes when inserting/deleting rows/columns.

34.        Problem with Calculating Array Formulas.

35.        Copying sheets.

36.        Problem with copying rows.

37.        Problem with smart markers group with merge.

38.        Bug with SUMIF and calculating formula.

39.        Pie chart’s datalabels.

40.        Links are removed from my formula.

41.        2 Bugs With Calculating Formula.

42.        Scatter chart: marker fill color.

43.        The bug of setting the add-in function.

44.        Chart Line Color turning into black.

45.        Copying shapes in copying rows.

46.        Back ground grid lines in Chart turns to black.

47.        Throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when opening a  file.

48.        Cells.ImportCustomObjects() throws NullReferenceException.

49.        Error in putting comments in a cell.

50.        Insert column problem.

51.        Cell.GetDisplayStyle() throws InvalidCastException.

52.        Ole Equation object causes the reading error.

53.        Shapes lose references.

54.        Extremely slow AutoFitColumns performance.

55.        Formula is not calculated.

56.        Conditional Validation DropDown List.

57.        CalculateFormula won’t calculate.

58.        The issue of opening xls file.

59.        DeleteRows does not delete images embedded.

60.        SetDataSource() throws error.

61.        Wrong color of numbers.

62.        Calculate Lookup function error.

63.        Question about repeating dynamic formulas in Smart Markers.

64.        Custom formatting doesn’t work.

65.        Problem reading cell format from a template file.

66.        CalcMode never returns AutomaticExceptTable.

67.        Accessing Check Boxes and Combo Boxes by Name.

68.        NamedRange in Sum Formula.

69.        Excel Index function not working.

70.        Remove named range.

71.        CalculateFormula after reset cell.formula.

72.        The issue when sorting the grouped data.

73.        Cells formatted as date sometimes come back empty.

74.        Adding multiple ranges for the same series on a Line Chart.

75.        Subtotal not below the field to group by.

76.        Smart Marker Subtotal Rows – Static Text  Dynamic Formula.

77.        AutoFitRows() when the column is hidden.

78.        Getting chart by name.

79.        Order Pictures / Shapes.

80.        ExportDataTable Overflow / Underflow Issues.

81.        Print area not updated when deleting columns/rows.

82.        SubTotal – SummaryBelowData.

83.        Find string case sensitive.

84.        Unable read xlsx file.

85.        IsProtected and Unprotect don’t work for xlsm files.

86.        Files saved as Excel 2007 format don’t work correctly.

87.        Rotation of the Text items in NSeries.CategoryData.

88.        Invalid formula exception.

89.        Center datalabels when the chart is bubble chart.

90.        Datalabels setting not works.

91.        Removing non utf-8 character.

92.        All text not visible when converting Excel to PDF.

93.        Chart major gridlines does not retain dash type.

94.        Charts renamed when workbook opened by Aspose.

95.        Excel found unreadable content.

96.        Hyperlink location must not be null.

97.        New report with existing template.

98.        Unreadable content error caused by pivot table.

99.        Formatting Pivot Table Data.

100.    Only load data from xlsx file.

101.    DisplayRightToLeft.

Aspose.Pdf for .NET

New Features

1.      Supports page gutter.

2.      Supports opacity for text. 

Bug Fixes

1.      Performance and memory efficiency are improved notably. In our test, the performance for normal XML2PDF is improved for 60% on average and the performance for Word2PDF is improved for 30% on average.

2.      Beside Text paragraph, Image and Table paragraphs are supported in FootNote and EndNote.

3.      The long-term unresolved issue that unwanted blanks around page number has been fixed.

4.      The logic is more reasonable when processing table and cell borders.

5.      Table and cell borders losing.

6.      Page numbers are automatically “padded” with spaces.

7.      Blank PDF is generating with Linearized Property.

8.      Importing a PDF in to Corel Draw.

9.      Hyperlink is not working.

10.  IsKeptWithNext doesn’t work properly

Aspose.Slides for .NET

New Features

1.      Correct copying of presentation’s default text styles on slide cloning.

2.      Correct reading presentations with slide notes.

3.      Automatic cloning of slide notes together with slide.

4.      Automatic cloning of master slides.

5.      Workaround for cloning slides with wrong VML which is created sometimes after converting old PPT presentation to PPTX in PowerPoint 2007.

6.      Added read/write access to 3D properties of a shape.

7.      Improved algorithm of embedding true type fonts to a PDF file. There was possible exception in case a font file is not found.

8.      New Shape.Protection property which allows to protect any shapes on a slide.

Bug Fixes

1.      Several problems in PDF rendering.

2.      Linked OLE objects, Wrong URI exception.

3.      Compdoc IndexOutOfRange exception.

4.      LineFormat.ShowLines can return wrong value.

5.      TextFrame of a TextHolder doesn’t inherit properties from master shape.

6.      Font cache problem PPT-> PDF: Key has already been added to dictionary.

7.      Convert ppt to pdf part of image is missing.

8.      Header text becomes Too Bold.

9.      Exception when export metafiles with size smaller than 1 pixel.

10.  Ink shapes (polylines) partially rendered.

11.  Image colors broken on export to PDF.

12.  Non-closed polylines are not filled when exported to SVG.

13.  Aspose.Slides.dll can’t be accessed through reflection.

14.  Borders of exported image overlapped by this image.

15.  Images reencoded to JPEG.

16.  Implement ability to edit linked image’s url.

17.  Transparent shapes are opaque in PDF.

18.  Add PresentationEx() constructor.

19.  Animation properties reading/writing.

20.  PPTX Slides rendering (Stage 1).

21.  XPS export implementation.

22.  Multi-page TIFF export implementation.

23.  Fixed creation/writing internal hyperlinks in PPTX presentations.

24.  Fixed creation of many OLE objects in a presentation.

25.  Fixed export of internal hyperlinks to a PDF file.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET

New Features

1.      Get currently selected value of radio group.

2.      Determine valid radio group values.

3.      All unmanaged code is removed and 64-bit OS is now fully supported.

4.      A method PdfExtractor.GetAttachmentInfo() is added which can be used to get detailed information about PDF attachments.

5.      A property PdfFileInfo.KitVersion is added which can be used to get the version information at run time.

6.      A method Form.GetFieldLimit() is added which can be used to get length limit of text field.

7.      A method Form.GetRichText() is added which can be used to support getting the format information of text in a field.

8.      A method FormEditor.SetFieldAlignmentV() is added which can be used to support vertical-aligned-text in xfaForm. 

Bug Fixes

1.      Filling the text field added using Aspose.Pdf.Kit

2.      Text extracting feature is improved to support various cultures.

3.      The feature of importing annotations from XFDF file is enhanced.

4.      Resultant PDF file size is reduced after inserting/stamping.

5.      Proper bookmarks can be reserved after pages splitting/inserting.

6.      Printing with PdfViewer cuts off page.

7.      HasNextImage throws exception with the attached file.

8.      PDF Form Fill for Decimals Not Using Correct Precision.

9.      PdfFileEditor.SplitToEnd problem in Aspose.Pdf.Kit 3.5.

10.  PDF.Kit Vertical Alignment Issue.

11.  PdfConverter – Input string was not in a correct format.

12.  Font Arial Bold is not being applied in FormattedText.

13.  Text field added can’t be filled properly.

14.  Determine valid radio group values.

15.  FillField reduces font size when fills the fields set to auto.

16.  Signature disappears when file is converted to images.

17.  DocumentPrivilege multi-threaded issue.

18.  EncryptFile fails.

19.  Empty Bookmarks panel is shown when output file is opened.

20.  PdfFileEditor.Concatenate doesn’t work for mutiple streams in this project.

21.  Avoid unnecessary internal exceptions.

22.  Aspose.pdf.kit and OutOfMemoryException when using PDFfileEditor.SplitToBulks().

23.  Get the pages trimbox or cropbox.

24.  Replace image functions.

25.  Optimize the concatenated file.

26.  Signature error when setting a signature appearance.

27.  Import Annotation changes annotation dates to indeterminate.

28.  PDF DocumentPrivilege.

29.  PDF Watermark and security.

30.  Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .Net – Compatibility Issue with ActiveReports (XL#26720).

31.  Remote Form Field Copying in AcroForm.

32.  PDF Merge multiple fields with same name.

33.  Problem with .FillField in PDF.KIT (.net).

34.  GetFieldFacade.

35.  Font size in text boxes on PDF form.

36. – PDF Growth.

37.  Can’t get ImportXml() to work (Platform: .NET).

Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Bug Fixes

1.      Implement ExternalTask, IsSubproject properties.

2.      “Object not set…” exception.

3.      Possible IndexOutOfRangeException on reading MPP project files.

4.      Possible NullReferenceException on reading MPP project files.

5.      Improved detection of empty resources stored in MPP project files.

Aspose.Network for .NET

New Features

1.      This release supports Exchange Web Services to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server and manage emails. This feature can be used with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2007 SP1, 2010.

2.      Send and Receive email messages using Exchange Web Services.

3.      List email messages from Inbox and other folders using Exchange Web Services.

4.      Delete email messages from Inbox and other folders using Exchange Web Services.

5.      Fetch email messages from Inbox and other folders using Exchange Web Services.

6.      Get Mailbox information using Exchange Web Services.

Bug Fixes

1.      Exception on loading EML file.

2.      Exception on loading EML file with Non-ASCII characters in subject and body.

3.      SmtpClient has some issue for multiple users log in. 

4.      Subject fields are missing in ListMessage.

5.      Some charset cannot be detected properly.

6.      Inline images convert errors.

7.      Unicode email displayname parsing issue.

8.      Sensitivity field is not parsed properly.

Aspose.Workflow for .NET

New Features

1.      Web-based XPDL designer.

2.      Support for MySQL.

3.      Support for PostgreSQL.

Bug Fixes

1.      Error on evaluating Deadline expression.

2.      Defined Types editor crushes.

3.      Participant – External Reference error.

4.      Namespaces problem (removed).

Aspose.Form for .NET

New Features

1.      Support for File Attachment control.

2.      Support for Rule Set Actions. Assignment Action, Dialog Box Message Action, Switch View Action and Query Action supported.

3.      Support for capturing the RuleSetPreExecute, RuleSetPostExecute and FileAttached events.

4.      Installer includes separate build for Mono framework.

5.      Management of resources.

6.      API to get a control by InfoPath ID.

7.      Separate build for .NET 3.5.

Bug Fixes

1.      Image display error.

2.      ActiveViewName property does not work properly.

3.      Unable to find the file sampledata.xml in archive.

4.      Unable to catch ActiveViewChanged event.

5.      Image display error.

6.      Check GetCtrlIdByClientID for multiple views and change installer.

7.      Check the ability to work with AJAX.

8.      All error messages include information about build version.

9.      Problem while displaying Inline images.

10.  Problem with Java Script in a repeating section.

11.  Problem with web services provider.

12.  DatePicker control’s width is not changeable.

13.  Checkbox control throws exception during a binding.

14.  Radio buttons not maintaining their state between postbacks in .NET 3.5 only.

15.  User Form controls change Image Resource ID for menu image resources.

Aspose.Flash for .NET

New Features

1.      Supports conversion from SWF to FLV.

2.      Supports FLV video encoding.

3.      Supports Flash v10.

4.      Separate build for .NET 3.5.

Bug Fixes

1.      Include separate build for .NET 3.5.

2.      Cannot write SWF.

3.      Maintain Version property.

4.      Input and output swf files are different.

5.      Aspose.Flash.Swf.FlashContainer.FromSVG method not working in 1.6.2 and 2.0.0.

6.      Name the frame.

Aspose.Report for .NET

New Features

1.      Display images in place of markers in the LegendBox.

2.      Insert a LegendItem without a series (Independent LegendItem).

3.      Ability to change custom axis label’s angle.

4.      Ability to change custom axis label’s offset from the axis.

5.      Ability to change custom axis label’s transparency.

6.      Ability to set the FirstSliceAngle in a Pie or Doughnut chart.

7.      Ability to change the transparence of a DataPoint in a Point chart.

8.      Support for left/right vertically centered legend box.

9.      Restrict the label within a specific height and width in Doughnut and Pie charts.

10.  Enter multiple Y values against single X value to build a complex Bar chart.

11.  Maintain version property.

Bug Fixes

1.      LegendPositionType handled incorrectly in Radar chart type.

2.      Support for left/right vertically centered legend.

3.      Incorrect handling of direct Data Point X and Y assign.

4.      Axis label format doesn’t apply.

5.      LabelPosition does not change in Radar chart.

6.      Different behavior on Data Point label positioning.

7.      Tick marks can’t be hidden on Radar chart.

8.      Radar chart type: Axis Y is not visible if DefaultLabel.IsVisible is false.

9.      Use standard shortcut names in installer.

10.  Include separate build for .NET 3.5.

11.  Label Position in Doughnut Chart.

12.  Automatic adjustment for left and right margins of chart area.

13.  Transparent Axis line displays as a white line.

14.  Exception is thrown when using Like operation.

15.  Value fields don’t hide on changing Entity in filter.

16.  Change Programmer Guide – Custom Resources Set.

17.  Update template for custom resources.

18.  ArgumentOutOfRange Exception on Page 3.

Download Aspose.Total for .NET: