We have recently updated Aspose.Flash for .NET documentation. We have not only improved existing documentation, but also added a complete new Programmer’s Guide section containing a variety of topics on most of the features of Aspose.Flash for .NET. These topics cover Text, Shapes, Buttons, SWF, FLV, Images, Sound, ActionScript, Transformations and some miscellaneous features.

Topics covered under text section show you how to add static and scrollable text in a Flash movie. It also shows you how to add HTML in an SWF file. Applying font style and color on some text is also covered in this section. Similarly, shapes section explains the process of creating straight edges and curved edges. It also shows you how to add different shapes in a Flash movie. It explains the methods of applying bitmap fill and solid fill styles as well.

You can also learn to add, remove and extract images from a Flash movie, by reading the topics covered under images section. Buttons section shows you how to add a button in an SWF file and then adding some action on button click. The sound section shows you how to play a sound file in a Flash movie.

We have also covered the topics on manipulating existing SWF files, and converting SWF to FLV or embedding FLV file in an SWF file. Similarly, in the transformations section we have explored the ways to apply color and shape transformations.

Aspose.Flash for .NET supports ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3. That’s why a complete topic on ActionScript has been added in the new documentation. This section shows you how to compile an ActionScript2 file. It also explains the process of loading ABC file and converting it into SWF file. One topic under ActionScript section also covers the process of manipulating existing ABC data in an SWF file.

Some additional but useful topics have been covered under miscellaneous section. All of the topics in Programmer’s Guide include not only the steps to perform some action along with the explanation, but also complete code snippets, both in C# and VB.NET. In addition to that, we have added code snippets in the Aspose.Flash for .NET API Reference to show you how to use a particular method or class. We’re very much confident that this new documentation will give you a jump start to learn and use Aspose.Flash for .NET