Erecruit enhanced MS Office files merge and conversion to PDF format without installing MS Office on the webserver

About Erecruit

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Erecruit is a highly scalable, web-based, complete Recruiting Firm Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. It is workflow-based, handles both contract/temp and direct placement business, and includes the tracking of client companies, hiring managers, job orders, candidates and matches.

Erecruit was developed, tested, and perfected over the past 10 years as a proprietary software product for Hoffman Recruiters. Erecruit’s development was spearheaded by Danko Fatovic. Prior to joining Hoffman Recruiters as a Partner in 1999, Danko graduated from MIT (Electrical Engineering and Economics) and then worked at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT and as a Systems Integration Manager for Myers-Holum International. At MHI he sold and managed multi-million dollar financial systems implementation and business process improvement projects.

Erecruit integrates with our customers’ exchange server, phone system, and accounting software. The phone system integration allows erecruit to generate performance reports and real-time calling statistics for each recruiter. Via a TAPI interface, dialing can be done by simply clicking on any of the phone numbers anywhere in erecruit or Microsoft Outlook, allowing recruiters to be more productive and make more calls.

The MS Exchange integration allows users to track their email communications with clients and candidates automatically no matter the source of those emails (e.g. erecruit, Outlook, iPhone, or any other MS Exchange client). Erecruit reminders automatically appear in Outlook with active links back to the appropriate erecruit record. Notification emails are also automatically generated.

The accounting software integration makes erecruit capable of computing both recruiter payroll and contractor payroll. Recruiter payroll functionality accommodates any commission and bonus formula, individual or team-based, allowing for recruiters to see their payroll information online in real-time, automatically generated payroll feeds from online timesheets and computed commission numbers, unparalleled real-time reporting/budgeting capability including P&L by recruiter/ group/ office, workers’ comp, profitability and margin analysis for contract placements, activity analysis report of all direct hire and contract activity and many more. This results in optimized processes generating measurable savings, confident business decisions based on accurate, real-time information available to both managers and recruiters.

Our application supports resume parsing, letter creation (using mail merge), and invoice creation in .pdf and Word formats. Aspose.Total for .NET allowed us to perform every document processing function we needed. It supports our tool of choice (.net) as well as eliminates the dependency on Microsoft Office programs at the server level.

Requirements Scenario

  • One tool to handle all of the document processing functionality.
  • .NET support
  • No server install for MS Office or PDF writer.

Solution Implementation

Throughout our web application, we have created menus to create letters/documents. Those vary; examples include:

  • Letters to clients and candidates,
  • Merging of custom header files with parsed resumes (using XSLT files), and
  • PDF invoice creation.


Aspose.Total for .NET has done everything we have been looking for. It’s a powerful and speedy tool that makes our web application richer and satisfies all of our requirements defined above. It’s very programmer-friendly and easy to use.

Future Implementations

We are going to be using Aspose to extract images from faxed timecards. Those will be attached to the appropriate database records through a separate process.


We have been very impressed with the ease of use on all of the Aspose.Total for .NET products. Document handling is very simple and efficient. We are able to merge documents without having to install MS Office on our web server. Great product!

Erecruit solution preview
Image 1:- Screenshot of erecruit’s dashboard with arrows pointing to functionality made possible thanks to Aspose: