Aspose.Total Product Family Q4 2009 Releases

Aspose is proud to announce the Q4 releases of its Aspose.Total family of products. The Q4 2009 releases of Aspose.Total include several new features and updates for all product lines to help developers in building more reliable and robust solutions with less effort.


What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q4 2009:


Aspose.Words for .NET


New Features


1.      Nested mail merge regions are supported.

2.      Microsoft Word’s mail merge settings and data source are preserved.

3.      FlatOPC is supported.

4.      Watermarks, background and WordArt are rendered to PDF, XPS and printed.

5.      Print tickets are added to generated XPS with paper size, orientation and paper tray information.

6.      DOCX to DOC and other formats conversion is improved. Many formatting loss issues resolved.

7.      Many improvements in the OpenDocument Text (ODT) module.

8.      Preserve Mail Merge Data source during open/save in DOC.

9.      Preserve Mail Merge Data source during open/save in DOCX.

10. Support The Flat OPC Format (Word 2007 XML).

11. “NullReferenceException” exception occurs if remove merge field upon Mail Merge process.

12. Support nested regions in mail merge.

13. Make it possible to specify MailMergeDataSource for a document.

14. Make it possible to remove a connection from the mail merge data source settings in the document.

15. White spaces ata the beginning and at the end are missed from DocumentProperty value.

16. Add method that will remove SmartTags from the document, preserving content.

17. Show document title as “Document Name” when print the document.

18. Add import config:config-item name = “ShowRedlineChanges”.

19. Add import of attributes: “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:luminance”, “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:contrast”, “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:color-mode”.

20. Add import of attribute  “style:graphic-properties”->”fo:clip”.

21. Add “style:text-properties”->”style:text-rotation-angle” attribute import.

22. Add export and import of shape group.

23. Add “style:paragraph-properties”->”text:line-number” attribute import.

24. Watermark shape is lost upon rendering and saving to PDF.

25. Support Watermarks (basic WordArt) Rendeing/Converting to PDF.

26. Render page background color or shape.

27. Add verification if image format is supported by XPS.

28. Support paper tray when outputting to XPS.

29. Make a sample How to Print via XPS.


Bug Fixes


1.      “System.ArgumentException” occurs during rendering to PDF and image.

2.      Date format “hh:mm AM/PM” does not work correct during mail merge.

3.      Cell background color is lost after converting DOCX to DOC.

4.      Font is changed from Calibri to Times New Roman after converting DOCX to DOC.

5.      SpaceAfter is not imported from DOCX.

6.      Background of table cells is missed.

7.      Paragraph Spacing After is not correct after open/save DOCX.

8.      Default font is not considered for paragraphs having default paragraph style (PDF, HTML).

9.      Table formatting is lost upon DOCX import.

10. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon openning DOCX file.

11. Some table rows become taller in layout.

12. Format of numbers is improper upon mail merge.

13. Caps switch does not work with uppercase text.

14. Numbers becomes rounded after mail merge.

15. “InvalidOperationException” exception occurs during mail merge.

16. Multipart boundary is not recognized if contains spaces.

17. Conditional expressions without white space before comparison operator cannot be evaluated.

18. DOCPROPERTY field value is incorrect after updating fields.

19. DOCPROPERTY field in the footer is not updated.

20. Only part of field IF value is shown after updating fields.

21. Comma as decimal separator causes problems upon updating formula fields.

22. Unnecessary styles of paragraphs and spans for headers and footers.

23. Text style of a hyperlink are not imported.

24. The shape background color is imported as blue when it is not set.

25. Span parent style should not be exported if it is paragraph style.

26. Ellipse content is not imported:

27. “style:text-properties” element is exported empty when locale string is “none”.

28. “style:paragraph-properties” element is exported empty when paragraph.ParaPr.Shading.BackgroundPatternColor is empty.

29. Paragraph is exported inside paragraph when shape inside shapes group and paragraph inside shape.

30. Color of a background is imported incorrectly when colors “style:graphic-properties” -> “draw:fill-color” and “style:graphic-properties” -> “fo:background-color” are set.

31. Frame is exported empty when image has no data and is not link.

32. Run properties are not imported for line, rectangle and ellipse.

33. “style:text-properties” element of paragraph style is not imported when paragraph is list item in annotation.

34. “style:section-properties”->”style:columns”->”style:column”->”style:rel-width” do not coincide after export-import-export.

35. Unnecessary span style is exported when run contains ‘\r’.

36. Unnecessary list level style is exported when list style name contains “_20_”.

37. Attribute “draw:stroke-dash”->”draw:style” is not imported and styles names of “draw:stroke-dash” are not unique after export.

38. Empty spans are exported when field type is FieldType.FieldNone or FieldType.FieldCannotParse.

39. “style:paragraph-properties” element is exported empty.

40. “System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type ‘Aspose.Words.Style’ to type ‘Aspose.Words.TableStyle'” during import DOCX -> export ODT -> import ODT -> export DOCX.

41. Unnecessary “style:text-properties”->”style:font-size-asian” attribute after export ODT->import ODT.

42. Paragraph alignment is imported/exported incorrectly when writing mode is “rl-tb”.

43. List level parent style is not imported.

44. “style:graphic-properties”->”style:horizontal-rel=”page”” is exported incorrectly.

45. Attribute “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:color-mode=”mono”” is not imported.

46. Transparent color is not imported for “style:graphic-properties”->”fo:border-top=”transparent 0.088cm solid” attribute.

47. Error of rounding in “style:graphic-properties”->”svg:stroke-width” and “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:shadow-offset-x”  attributes export.

48. Unnecessary inverted commas in value of field “text:database-display”.

49. Font size is incorrect in ODT, when DefaultParagraphFont is defined.

50. Error of rounding in “style:header-footer-properties”->”fo:min-height” and “style:header-footer-properties”->”fo:margin-top” attributes.

51. Incorrect elements inside a “text:database-display” element after export (simple text only is supported inside a “text:database-display” element in ODT).

52. Span inside span after export (it is not supported in ODT).

53. “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:stroke” and “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:stroke-dash” elements are not imported.

54. “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:marker-start-width” and “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:marker-end-width” are exported and imported incorrectly.

55. Unnecessary “style:graphic-properties”->”draw:stroke=”solid”” attribute after import/export.

56. “style:font-face”->”svg:font-family” is exported incorrectly.

57. Ellipse size is incorrect after import/export when ellipse inside a shapes group.

58. Parent style of shape is not exported when shape inside a shapes group.

59. Size and style of border are exported and imported incorrectly.

60. “meta:user-defined” element value is not imported when it contains white spaces only.

61. “style:drop-cap”->”style:length” is exported incorrectly.

62. Parent style is absent after import for “NoList” and “TableNormal” styles.

63. User style becomes built-in style after import when its name coincides with  built-in style.

64. Style with style family is “paragraph”  is exported as parent style of span style.

65. Parent paragraph style is exported as “Standard” when its name is empty and StyleIdentifier.User.

66. Unnecessary list item is exported when list item run contains paragraph break.

67. Unnecessary style:paragraph-properties->fo:margin-bottom attribute is exported when Paragraph.SpaceBeforeAuto is true.

68. Element “text:h” instead of element “text:p” after export-import-export.

69. Table located in header or footer is exported in “office:body” content when it is nested into table.

70. Unnecessary empty paragraph after import when “style:drop-cap”-> “style:length” is equal to  paragraph text length.

71. “style:table-properties”->”fo:margin-left” is exported incorrectly when row alignment is RowAlignment.Right.

72. style:paragraph-properties-> fo:break-before = “column” is not imported when paragraph is empty.

73. Crash when converting HTML to ODT.

74. Winword does not open ODT document when ” manifest:media-type = “” ” is absent.

75. Winword does not open ODT document when “text:note” element does not contain “text:note-citation” element.

76. Winword does not open ODT document when “text:a”->”xlink:href” attribute contains file name without path.

77. Left margin of table is incorrect after import from ODT and export to ODT.

78. System.ArgumentNullException occurs during rendering to PDF and image.

79. System.NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF and image.

80. System.ArgumentNullException occurs during rendering to PDF and image.

81. System.InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering.

82. Paragraphs borders are misplaced a bit.

83. Line of test is missed upon rendering.

84. “IndexOutOfRangeException” exception occurs upon converting to PDF/XPS.

85. Use default font when the font does not exist.

86. Validate all XPS files using isXPS conformance tool.

87. Line break is missed during open/save.


Aspose.Cells for .NET


New Features


1.      External workbook references of Excel 2007 xlsx file are supported.

2.      Supports Summary Below Data for Subtotals.

3.      Allows more than 3 data sorter keys.

4.      Provides support for Excel 2007 Themes and Colors.

5.      The Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced.

6.      Includes Area3D chart in the supported chart list for Chart -to- Image feature.

7.      Named Range comments can be accessed.

8.      Sets picture as a background fill format of the chart.

9.      Provides support for importing or exporting xlsx files.

10. Adds some valuable overloaded methods named: AutoFitColumns, AutoFitColumn, AutoFitRows, AutoFitRow.

11. The Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced.

12. Supports MEDIAN, ISERR and ISNUMBER formulas/functions.

13. Memory usage for styles is optimized.

14. The calculation dependence tree for formulas in Ajax mode is supported.

15. Handles events at client side before submitting.

16. All the operators, behaviors and operations work with Ajax mode.

17. Supports setting style to a specified range of cells.

18. Implements match mode in custom row filter.

19. The Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced.

20. Supports MEDIAN, ISERR and ISNUMBER formulas/functions.

21. Allows maximum 1048576 rows and 1024 columns.

22. Provides support to sum up selected cells’ values.

23. Blanks, NonBlanks and AutoRowFilter options are included in auto-filters.

24. Memory usage is optimized.

25. Includes Find/Replace feature.

26. Enhances Undo/Redo feature for the change in the operations: apply styles, insertion/deletion and resizing rows/columns.

27. Provides support to customize behaviors when validation is failed.

28. Supports copying/pasting when hosted within IE.

29. Provides the product assembly compiled with .Net Framework 2.0 for the users.

30. Set IDataReader as a date source of Smart Markers.

31. R/W ListObject (Table) of MS Excel2007 Xlsx files.

32. Update data from external referenced links.

33. Copy Data Validation in copying rows operation.

34. The Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced.

35. Copy ListObject (Table) in copying worksheet or workbook.

36. Export richly formatted text to the html string value.


38. Include hyperlink click event of binding column at client side.

39. Support CustomCommandButton click event and double click row event at client side.


Bug Fixes


1.            Auto shapes are not rendered in PDF format.

2.            The legend isn’t showing all the items.

3.            The y-axis values are being prefixed by a minus sign instead of being in parentheses.

4.            Category labels from Hidden column are not visible.

5.            Current excel charts are note printed.

6.            Color Changes and some labels are lost.

7.            Saving as HTML does not perform Superscript operation for data.

8.            Hyperlinks don’t work properly.

9.            PDF Quality.

10.       Formatting is lost.

11.       One page is compressed super tiny to be unreadable.

12.       Output PDF is not formatted correctly.

13.       PDF Problems (file size issue, formatting issue, environmental issue etc.).

14.       Lines are getting cut off with excel 2007 files.

15.       XLS Conversion to BMP / TIFF is truncating text.

16.       Glitches with Sheet to Image feature (text alignment issue).

17.       Exception occurs in Sheet to Image by page.

18.       Strange results (regarding Cell borders).

19.       Print file name and comments in the output image.

20.       Some Differences in the Printed/Saved excel file.

21.       Quality is Poor.

22.       OFFSET function is not working correctly.

23.       Not retrieving correct evaluated values.

24.       Nested Subtotals don’t work.

25.       An Issue with Cells.DeleteColumn method.

26.       Worksheets.AddCopy method doesn’t copy complete formulas.

27.       Error in calculating cell(s) in the workbook.

28.       An issue of removing worksheet.

29.       An issue with Array.

30.       Cell.Formula throws IndexOutOfBoundsException.

31.       Format bars in stacked column charts.

32.       Cells.InsertRange method is not working correctly?

33.       How to add a named range using R1C1 formulas?

34.       Problem with INDIRECT formula.

35.       System.Exception: Invalid formula:””.

36.       Logging possibility.

37.       Unmerge doesn’t work.

38.       Using WorkbookDesigner SetDataSource with an int array.

39.       Custom format for European number formatting doesn’t work.

40.       Picture references changes when a name is removed.

41.       Chart property error and infinite loop issue.

42.       An Exception thrown by Workbook.Open() method.

43.       Copy formula doesn’t work as expected for non-adjacent cells.

44.       Lost Colors for Excel 2007.

45.       Insert a link to an image.

46.       Find Options doesn’t evaluate case sensitivity correctly.

47.       An issue with chart’s PlotVisibleCells flag.

48.       Control on dynamic columns in Excel templates.

49.       Deleting merged cells is not working correctly.

50.       Set Header picture’s size.

51.       Copying a Workbook does not preserve the state of Combo Boxes.

52.       Repeat the dynamic formulas horizontally.

53.       Copying Conditional Formatting in copied range.

54.       Support Worksheets.Insert method.

55.       To check whether a formula in a cell is an array formula.

56.       Duplicate Named Ranges.

57.       ComboBox.SelectedIndex has no effect.

58.       Having trouble creating data validation items.

59.       Problem while opening excel 2007 document.

60.       Returns error opening custom OpenXML excel file.

61.       Issues – Font size change, black boxes around fields and formulas missing.

62.       Issue with Aspose.Cells when printing graph tab.

63.       Issues regarding Font Size and color Change, Text alignment.

64.       Calculations on worksheet missing.

65.       Chart’s save problem.

66.       Zoom properties.

67.       Exporting problem with accentuated characters.

68.       Losing cells’ styles when SessionMode = ViewState or Custom.

69.       Provide a property named ShowLoadingPosition to customize the position of ShowLoading box.

70.       Provide an interface named ICustomFilter to customize filter.

71.       The background image is lost after editing the cell.

72.       Filtered rows’ indexes return by FilterRows method.

73.       Canceling the limitation of 9 decimal digits when converting from double.

74.       Formula calculating error with “Stack Empty”.

75.       Calculation error when referring to other worksheets.

76.       Storing Style object error.

77.       Selecting cells with frozen columns.

78.       Losing some cells’ data in Ajax mode.

79.       Providing an indicator when pasting plenty of cells.

80.       Number format is lost when updating cells in Ajax mode.

81.       The “fontWeight” attribute is null when updating cells in Ajax mode.

82.       Extending MaxRow, MaxColumn when referring to a location greater than MaxRow or MaxColumn.

83.       Showing drop down list at suitable position.

84.       Not accepting the typing first char on a formula cell.

85.       Providing “EnableCopyWithExtension” to indicate if pasting the extra rows or columns.

86.       CellKeyPressed event handler now working when editing.

87.       Determine whether accepting a new value in CellSelectedIndexChanged event handler.

88.       Paste a value on selected range of cells.

89.       Raising CellFormatChanged event when using “Format Cells” dialog to set styles.

90.       Hiding/deleting all rows or columns raises a crash.

91.       Opening Combobox Speed in .Net Framework 2.0.

92.       Calculation error regarding Scrollbars’ position when there are no rows or columns visible.

93.       Can’t copy/paste between two GridDesktops.

94.       Add SetProtected to CellRange class.

95.       Can open a locked or protected cell having combo box.

96.       Loading combo box Issue.

97.       Remove combo box from column control.

98.       Clearing rows or columns will cause a crash.

99.       Showing the hidden rows/columns via drag option.

100.   Issue with opening some xlsx files.

101.   Eliminating Datalabels with value 0.

102.   Leader lines in the chart.

103.   Legend Overlap on the chart.

104.   Missing image.

105.   Missing tick labels of category axis.

106.   Object Reference Exception in Chart.Calculate().

107.   Trouble with keeping Display Unit in OLE Chart.

108.   CSV not being read correctly.

109.   Specify culture info when opening a CSV file.

110.   Support loading string separated files.

111.   Aspose.Cells OutOfMemoryException.

112.   Converting WingDings Symbols to PDF.

113.   Empty space is left on the page.

114.   Fit to a page option in PDF converted.

115.   Incorrect borders in PDF Format.

116.   Converting long data tables to PDF.

117.   PDF Problems.

118.   Problem with Print Titles.

119.   Problems with converting cells to PDF.

120.   Troubles with font attributes.

121.   Wrong alignment.

122.   How to “intercept” missing smart markers.

123.   Loses cell by using group:merge.

124.   Supports RowFilter of DataView.

125.   Supports R/W DisplayZeros option of SpreadML files.

126.   Application hang in Worksheet.SheetToImageByPage.

127.   Cell data cut off with SheetToImageByPage.

128.   Missing border after hiding rows.

129.   SheetToImage renders problems.

130.   SheetToImageByPage Function.

131.   New shared formulas don’t evaluate when recalculating formulas.

132.   Aspose.Cells Unit Test Result.

133.   Auto-Fit merged cells.

134.   CalculateFormula() throws an error.

135.   Enhances copying validations in copying rows.

136.   Culture Currency Formatting Issue.

137.   Custom Chart for Radar Graphs.

138.   DatedIf function with errors.

139.   Errors to open an Excel file.

140.   Errors to open an Excel file.

141.   Find Underlying Value of Cell.

142.   Invalid MaxColumn in inserting columns.

143.   Load number formats in Workbook.LoadData method.

144.   Multiple Active Worksheets in Workbook.

145.   Multiple Character changes in Textboxes.

146.   Create a Chart with two Scatter types.

147.   Supports fraction number formats in getting cells’ string value.

148.   Pie chart is shrunk after save under certain scenario.

149.   Removes Split Window.

150.   Recalculating cells that contain the RATE formula.

151.   Saving XLS changes chart DataLabels font size.

152.   Strange Error with AutoFitColumns.

153.   Supports case-insensitive in Workbook.Replace.

154.   Throws Exception in deleting columns.

155.   Workbook.Copy() throws exception.

156.   Category axis min and max values.

157.   Cells Problem with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Excel 2007.

158.   CellsException when column length is set to 255.

159.   Hides an active worksheet.

160.   TextToDisplay of the Hyperlink does not work.

161.   Throws an error when opening a complex workbook.

162.   OleObjectFrame.ObjectIsIcon is not set.

163.   System.FormatException was unhandled.

164.   Throws ArgumentNullException in opening the file.

165.   Workbook.HasMacro property problem.

166.   When a formula refers to an empty cell and then inputs a value in it, the formula does not work.

167.   Calendar control is opened slowly at first time.

168.   Unable to export GridWeb to Excel when using AJAX.


Aspose.Pdf for .NET


New Features


1.      Support for writing table (row by row) directly to the file.


Bug Fixes


1.      PDF/A.

2.      Table Cell Border and Background Gap.

3.      Mirror Margin Issue.

4.      Stackoverflowexception in pdf.Save method.

5.      Margin.Top not applied to table.

6.      Converting Word Docs to PDF – System.StackOverflowException.

7.      <hr> tag is not supported.

8.      Automatic Sequence number can be added beside ListOfFigures elements.

9.      Control of Image Top Margin.

10. Image Title Alignment dose not work.

11. Extra Blank page is being added.

12. Query regarding Pdf Page Transition effect.

13. VerticalAlignmentType is not working for Table Cell.

14. Linefeed in a Text not working.

15. Text-wrapping in Pdf (Text Contents are repeating).

16. Aspose.Pdf Header and Footer Issues.

17. html rendering problem (td background color is not working).

18. Support more units for length in XML.

19. Using sub tag with IsHtmlTagSupported.

20. FootNote overlaps text in main body.


Aspose.Slides for .NET


Bug Fixes


1.      Exception on reading placeholders with non-unique (-1) index.

2.      Polyline has wrong vertices coordinates.

3.      Background of the POT changes when embedded as OLE.

4.      Green color turns blue on embedding excel in PPT.

5.      Shapes.Remove() should return whether the shape removing was successful.

6.      Icon not displayed for Excel, Word files when embedded as OLE.

7.      ShapeEx.AlternativeText.

8.      Reading/writing image pixel effects.

9.      “Charts” are not recognized as OLE object.

10. PPTX to PDF export.

11. Detecting PPT / PPTX format without loading document.

12. Add possibility to get all TextFrames on a slide.

13. Exception on rendering custom gradient.

14. Exception on rendering tables without predefined style.

15. PresentationEx.Slides.AddClone() throws NullPointerException.

16. Improved placeholders reading.

17. Rendering placeholders with correct styles inherited from master.

18. Picture not shown if picture inherited from master slide.

19. Rendering of subscript/superscript text.

20. Problem rendering slides with Gradient background.

21. Problem writing / cloning slide having certain shapes.

22. Problem reading ppt.

23. SlideShowTransitionEx.Hidden feature.

24. Automatic inheritance of text properties from master and nonRaw properties.


Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET


New Features


1.      Getting submit button names only.

2.      Extract all images from PDF.

3.      Processing password protected files.

4.      Support for different text position calculation strategies.

5.      Image processing does not calculate pixel position correctly.

6.      Extract text from a copy protected file.

7.      Allow setting CreationDate, ModDate using PdfFileInfo.

8.      Convert a PDF file to TIFF format with CCITT compression.

9.      Line spacing support in formatted text.


Bug Fixes


1.      MakeBooklet method creates appropriate booklets.

2.      OpenPdfFile takes more time than the actual DecodePage method.

3.      Converting PDF to Images results in a image without text.

4.      Can’t get ImportXml() to work.

5.      PdfViewer + OpenPdfFile problems.

6.      PdfConverter.HasNextImage never returns the control.

7.      PdfViewer failure on OpenPdfFile.

8.      GetNextImage produces a black and white output image.

9.      Bookmark panel is visible when concatenated using streams.

10. PdfConverter.HasNextImage Exception: Collection cannot be null.

11. FormEditor.SetFieldAttribute not working after

12. Support unicode in ExtractText.

13. Image extraction quality problems.

14. Improve quality of the glyphs.

15. Improved True Type font support.

16. PDF Kit, concatenate fails, trailer object is null.

17. ReplaceText is not working for some files.

18. Broken bookmarks after applying stamp.

19. PrintAllPages option of PrinterSetting doesn’t work.

20. NullReferenceException when SetPrivilege is used on concatenated PDF.

21. System.IO.IOException: Wrong image extracting.

22. Extracting Hebrew text from PDF.

23. PdfFileEditor.Concatenate throws exception: Bad password.

24. PdfFileEditor.Concatenate throws exception: Trailer object is null.

25. Line spacing in Multi line text fields.

26. Right-aligned text is cut off.

27. PdfFileInfo throws “Trailer object is null” exception.

28. Unable to cast object of type on concatenation.

29. Problem stamping landscape 10×7.5 PDF.

30. Wrong text extraction: check your PDF.

31. “Error code: 4” received when converting PDF to Image.

32. Image extraction produces blank output image.

33. PDF Converter skips pages during conversion.

34. PdfConverter produces blank images.

35. Multi-thread is not supported for PdfViewer.

36. PdfViewer not printing properly.

37. Printing PDF with Swedish characters.

38. Printing PDF files in a batch.

39. Invalid Signature.

40. DeleteBookmarks is not working properly.

41. Sign an encrypted PDF document.

42. FormSubmitButtonNames method not working for sample PDF file.

43. Text is not wrapped properly when added using AddText method.

44. AddNewLine method adds double spaced lines.

45. Extracting corrupt image in certain (scanned) PDF.

46. Can’t get ImportXml() to work (Platform: .NET).

47. Bolded text not printing bold.

48. Extract Text form PDF file.

49. Form.FillField inserts extra spaces.

50. ChildItem.Add throws exception “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

51. Replace text scrambled.

52. Unable to add image properly in a landscape PDF.

53. PdfExtractor does not work correctly.

54. PDF To Image conversion issue.

55. Doconvert: Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array’s lower bounds 2.

56. DoConvert: Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array’s lower bounds.

57. Error on DoConvert: Source array was not long enough.

58. DoConvert: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

59. DoConvert: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

60. Blank output images from encoded PDF documents.

61. DoConvert:Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array’s lower bounds 3.

62. Barcode is not appearing at converted image.

63. DoConvert: halts and control never returns.

64. Can’t convert a PDF to TIFF – “wrong conversion, please check your PDF.”

65. ExtractText fails: Wrong text extracting, please check your PDF.: v3.8.0.1

66. PdfExtrator not working with files created using Illustrator

67. Extraction Problem: Wrong text extracting, please check your PDF.: v3.8.0.1

68. Wrong image extracting exception.

69. Extract text forcibly converted to Unicode.

70. Wrong text extracting, please check your PDF: v3.8.0.1.

71. Wrong text extraction: check your PDF.

72. Incorrect work with Crypt Filters.

73. Fix API name.

74. Output images are rotated 90 degrees.

75. Form.FillField makes the PDF form static which can’t be edited.

76. SaveAsTiff creates an image with garbled text.

77. Missing fonts in the output text.

78. Improve drawing of composite glyphs.

79. GetNextImage produces blank images (text).

80. Incorrect chars in output image.

81. Invalid glypth drawing.

82. Output image is totally garbled.

83. GetNextImage produces image with no text output.

84. PdfFileMend: text is not placed on correct coordinates.

85. PDF to Tiff conversion produces an image on which text is not properly visible.

86. Output images decoded using PdfViewer are not in proper format.

87. The first page of the output tiff image is shown as thumbnail.

88. Form.FillField inserts extra spaces.

89. GetNextImage produces blank images.

90. Convert to TIFF: First page has wrond resolution.

91. PdfConvert problem (blank image).

92. Improper text on converting the PDF to images.

93. Problem while converting PDF to images.

94. Barcode flatten failed together with other field or allFlatten().

95. Issue while extracting the pages or extracting bookmarks.

96. Orange splash and the circle image on the top are lost when converted to image.

97. PdfFileSignature.

98. ExtractText method not working.

99. Help with Aspose.PDF.Kit (Text Extract).


Aspose.BarCode for .NET


New Features


1.      Supports generating Matrix2Of5 barcodes.

2.      Supports recognition of Matrix2Of5 symbology from barcode images.

3.      Supports generating Code128 barcodes with user-defined codeset pattern.

4.      Supports Median Smoothing image processing in Barcode Recognition.

5.      Supports HLS and Grayscale image processing in Barcode Recognition.


Bug Fixes


1.      Cannot recognize some datamatrix.

2.      Fail to read barcode more than one time.

3.      Cannot recognize datamatrix images.

4.      Failure of BarCodeReader to read barcode more than once.

5.      PDF417 barcode recognition from scanned documents.

6.      BarCodeReader class detects same codetext multiple times.

7.      License.SetLicense() method throws exception on 64-bit machines.

8.      Reading scanned pdf417 barcode returns invalid characters.

9.      Set orientation in BarCodeReader class.

10. Recognition of vertical code 128 barcode.

11. Extra characters in Pdf417 barcode recognition.


Aspose.Tasks for .NET


New Features


1.      Export WBS as an image.

2.      Outline codes support for MS Project 2003. – Outline codes reading support added from MSP 2003 mpp files.

3.      Task.Baseline always null – Tasks baseline reading from MSP 2003 mpp files added.

4.      Read all extended attributes from MS Project 2003 files.

5.      Adding COM interop support. – Utilizing Aspose.Tasks through COM interop now is available.

Bug Fixes


1.      ExtendedAttibutes (OutlineCode, Text#, Number#) reading implementation.

2.      First Resource in the Resources collection is ignored.

3.      IndexOutOfBounds exception on reading mpp files created with MS Project 2003.

4.      Project.SaveVersion always equal to 0.

5.      Adding of standart xml header and namespace info into xml while exporting.

6.      Support NextTaskUID, NextResourceUID and NextResourceAssignmentUID methods.

7.      Investigate MS Project Calendars Uids generation and update NextCalendarUid respectively.


Aspose.Network for .NET


Bugs Fixes


1.      Subject encoding issue.

2.      Body encoding issue on Exchange 2003.

3.      ImapClient.ListMessages hangs.


Aspose.Workflow for .NET


New Features


1.      XPDL 2.1 – Assignment (Assignments element for activity).

2.      Aspose.Workflow for Sharepoint.

3.      Support XPDL 2.1 Loop Activity.

4.      API to get “Limit”,”Cost”and “TimeEstimation” attributes of an Activity.

5.      API to get initial value of a DataField.


Bug Fixes


1.      Some extended attributes are missing from the Activity’s extended attributes.

2.      license.SetLicense(“Aspose.Workflow.lic”) throws exception.

3.      CompletTask method doesn’t work.

4.      XPDL packages created with 3d party tools issue.


Aspose.Form for .NET


New Features


1.      Support for web service to work with generic types.

2.      Ability to assign Query Fields for Web Service requests (RuleSet enhancement).

3.      Support for PDF rendering. Now you can export your InfoPath forms to PDF.

4.      Support for several fonts.

5.      Support for nested tables.

6.      Support for mixed (table and flow) layouts on one page.

7.      Automatic calculation of output PDF page size.

8.      Support for drawing a part of the border.

9.      Support for Repeating Table control.

10. Support for borders and background color.

11. Support for padding and margin in divs and tables.


Bug Fixes


1.      Web services cannot get argument type form imported XSD file.

2.      Web Service dynamic binding cannot get values if service name in the low case.

3.      Validation test box is not working with master page.

4.      FileAttachment is not working with master page.

5.      Switching between views produce error if property ‘Enable’ of control set to false value.

6.      DropDown select item error for MultiView templates with MasterPage.

7.      The Null reference error occured when RuleSet is used on a multiview form.

8.      Cannot disable repeating section and repeating table controls.

9.      Fixed layout of Bulleted List and Numbered List controls.

10. Fixed several problems with nested div elements.

11. Data in the RichTextBox is not visible in the generated PDF.

12. Generated PDF displays the first item of a DropDown and not the selected item.


Aspose.Flash for .NET


New Features


1.      Support for the AS3 bytecode manipulation.

2.      Improve the speed of getting Bitmap object from FlashBitmap.


Bug Fixes


1.      FlashContainer.Render crashes on some frames.

2.      Aspose.Flash.Swf.FlashContainer.Render Exception.

3.      Embed FLV with a background image – video not shown.

4.      SWF to FLV conversion problem: Output FLV file doesn’t play.

5.      Show FLV movie over image.

6.      Failed to load flash file.

7.      DefineText writes wrong data.

8.      User has encountered the problem with mp3 sound embedding.


Aspose.Recognition for .NET


New features


1.      List Formatting. Numbered and bulleted lists are recognized. Nested lists are supported.

2.      Table formatting. Tables with solid cell borders are recognized. Alignment, positioning, row height and cell width are supported.

3.      Color attributes. Color information is retained for all imported text.

4.      Better dealing with the unknown. If Aspose.Recognition can’t recognize a formatting structure, it tries to convert it into a block that resembles original.

5.      Smaller fixes and enhancements leading to more accurate recognition have been incorporated.

6.      Implement cross-reference streams and object streams support in PDF.

7.      Implement PDF forms.


Aspose.Report for .NET


New Features


1.      ReportConverter to render RDL and RDLC files as images.

2.      Ability to display gaps in a Line chart.

3.      Ability to set DataPoint label position in a Gantt chart.

4.      Support for Gloss effect in Pie charts.

5.      Ability to set LegendBox margin from Axis lines.

6.      Ability to plot negative data points on a stacked bar chart.

7.      Ability to set image as a PointMarker in a Point chart.

8.      Ability to set BackImage property for Gantt chart bars.

9.      Ability to set labels on the left side of Axis in a Radar chart.

10. Enable major and minor marks on axis.

11. Support visibility control for some filter buttons.

12. Improve expressions support.

13. Integrate expressions with Aspose.Report.

14. BorderType.Rectangle implementation.

15. Ability to AutoFit the text of a custom LegendItem.

16. Loading from resource support.

17. Add Horizontal and Vertical data point representation types.

18. Shape choice for custom Legend Box data points.


Bug Fixes


1.      Aspose.AdHoc memory read exception on x64 platform.

2.      Exception when ShowRuleOperatorsButton is false.

3.      Incorrect chart title layout on right side when alignment is Far.

4.      Make the title text wrap in case of long titles.

5.      Incorrect chart title layout on left side.

6.      Effect prevents chart elements from being drawn.

7.      Incorrect SQL while grouping rules.

8.      Label position fix on Pie chart affected all labels position.

9.      Pie Labels Misplaced.

10. Fix license file incompatibility.


Aspose.Words for SharePoint


New Features


1.      Aspose.Words for SharePoint makes it possible to convert documents within Microsoft SharePoint applications.


Download Aspose.Total for .NET



What’s New in Aspose.Total for Java Q4 2009:


Aspose.Words for Java


New Features


1.      Support mail merge settings in the API, DOC and DOCX.


Bug Fixes


1.      List labels are displayed improperly after inserting HTML.

2.      List labels regression issues.

3.      DOCX produced by Aspose.Words for Java is corrupted, if insert more than 995 images.


Aspose.Cells for Java


New Features


1.      Imports Excel spreadsheets that are in HTML format.

2.      Provides support for ResultSet with type TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY for Smart Markers.

3.      Supports to get the relative GroupBox that a RadioButton is in.

4.      Changes the controls’ status according to their Linked Cell value, or changes the Linked Cell value according to controls’ status.

5.      Shifts rows upward/downward for cells or range of cells.

6.      Supports to apply given style on a cell or a range of cells by specified StyleFlag.

7.      Provides support to import/export array formula for Excel 2007 file.

8.      Imports Document Properties when reading Excel 2007 file.

9.      Provides support to import/export controls, such as, CheckBox, ComboBox, ListBox etc. for Excel 2007 file.

10. Parses fill settings when reading Chart from xls file.

11. Supports formula for the text of ChartFrame related objects such as Title, DataLabels.

12. Improves the model for Line and Area (Fill) to support new properties that are imported by Excel 2007 file format.

13. Improves the model for Markers to support new properties that are imported by Excel 2007 file format.

14. method is enhanced for saving large Workbooks to remote file system on the network.

15. The performance of reading large XLSX files is enhanced.

16. The performance of autoFitRows/Columns is optimized.

17. Enhancements for saving file as HTML format: exports images to customized destination; handles images when saving HTML file; improves performance by cutting off string values that cross multiple cells.


Bug Fixes


1.      Fill area: Texture.

2.      Parse fill record for Area of ChartFrame.

3.      Document properties.

4.      RadioButton.

5.      Shift rows upward/downward.

6.      Calculate Array formula.

7.      Picture’s size.

8.      Read ods file.

9.      Save ChartPoint.

10. Document properties.

11. Hyperlink.

12. Column width.

13. Position of chartframe.

14. Save as html file.

15. CheckBox.

16. Copy Validation.

17. Shapes’ border and fill.

18. Position of chartframe.

19. Save xlsx file: special character.

20. Read CSV file.

21. PageSetup of Chart sheet.

22. Shape’s border and fill.

23. Shape’s text.

24. Read formula for ChartFrame.

25. Save Workbook.

26. Formula issue with IBM’s JDK.

27. Save Workbook.

28. New Workbook.

29. Comments with binary data.

30. Read trandline of chart, read formula.

31. Save chart.

32. Validation.

33. FORWARD_ONLY ResultSet for SmartMarker.

34. Column width.

35. Apply style.

36. Save cell value of Double.NaN.

37. FillFormat.

38. Read ods file.

39. Performance of autoFitRows/Columns.

40. Shape’s position.

41. Read and re-save Font and date format.

42. Check password when opening file.

43. Read border for merged cells.

44. New properties for Line and Area in excel 2007.

45. PivotTable.

46. Calculate IF formula for empty cell.

47. Calculate Array formula.

48. Save Checkboxes of PivotTable.

49. Read shape-related object.

50. Calculate Array formula.

51. Copy cells.

52. Keep aspect ratio when create Picture.

53. Read CSV file.

54. Check existence of macro.


Aspose.Pdf for Java


New Features


1.      HeaderFooter class has been rewritten to provide more flexibility.

2.      Various page, table, header, footer’s borders are supported.

3.      Getting Image’s width and height is supported.

4.      Most replaceable symbols are supported in Text.


Bug Fixes


1.      Image’s margin property has been enhanced.

2.      Support table in HeaderFooter.

3.      Add a bookmark with a heading object without showing the heading in the PDF content.

4.      Positioning an Image.

5.      Page orientation issue.

6.      HeaderFooter overwritten.

7.      Adding text objects – different results within different containers.

8.      BorderSide.None doesn’t have effect in Table and Cell.

9.      Setting page border issue.

10. Header & footer page number.

11. Getting image dimensions issue.

12. Autofit table to contents.

13. setDefaultCellTextInfo not working for Cell or Row.

14. Set line spacing issue when set within PDF object.

15. Set word spacing issue.

16. Setting table border versus cell border issue.


Aspose.Slides for Java


Bug Fixes


1.      ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception on slide cloning.

2.      java.lang.InternalError: Odd number of new curves.

3.      Problem with custom properties.

4.      Text properties (ParagraphEx,PortionEx) inheritance from master slide.

5.      Custom properties of PPT document.


Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java


New Features


1.      Getting submit button names only.

2.      Implement support for AES-128 in PdfEncryption.

3.      Multi-line text support for addText.

4.      Extract text from a copy protected file.

5.      GetPageXOffset and GetPageYOffset support for better stamping calculation.

6.      Line spacing support in formatted text.


Bug Fixes


1.      Meta info disappears after encrypting PDF.

2.      PdfContentEditor.replaceText (and PdfExtractor.extractText) issue.

3.      pdf format error:trailer is not found – on calling getFieldNames method.

4.      Barcode image is not being extracted.

5.      Produces black images when barcode images are extracted.

6.      Set barcode data not working.

7.      Undeleted temporary files remains after PdfExtractor() work.

8.      ReplaceText does not work correctly.

9.      Form.FlattenField – data lost.

10. PdfConverter.HasNextImage never returns the control.

11. PdfConverter – Input string was not in a correct format.

12. Throws NullPointerExceptions while converting PDF to tiff image.

13. Support for different text position calculation strategies.

14. Bold text shown as normal text.

15. Issue while extracting the pages or extracting bookmarks.

16. Extracting Hebrew text from PDF.

17. Support Unicode in ExtractText.

18. Can’t get ImportXml() to work.

19. While flatting annotations text annotation is lost.

20. “Error code: 4” received when converting PDF to Image.

21. PdfViewer + OpenPdfFile problems.


Aspose.BarCode for Java


New Features


1.      Supports generating Matrix2Of5 barcodes.

2.      Supports recognition of Matrix2Of5 symbology from barcode images.

3.      Supports Median Smoothing image processing in Barcode Recognition.


Bug Fixes


1.      Recognize the tiff images from images extracted by Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

2.      Code39 barcode from scanned tiff document is not recognized.

3.      Improve datamatrix recognition.


Aspose.Metafiles for Java


New Features


1.      Add ability to select default background color for Get*Rendering() functions.

2.      Implement SetROP2 GDI function.


Bug Fixes


1.      Implement better image rendering with respect to ternary raster operations.

2.      Disable antialiasing for specific raster operations.

3.      Implement cloneable interface.


Aspose.Report for Java


New Features


1.      Improve bar chart building. Support horizontal bars chart plotting. Support correct extreme bar’s building.

2.      Supports axes and zero lines auto positioning.

3.      Supports serialization and deserialization of chart.

4.      Supports legend box.

5.      Supports LegendBox tabular layout and font’s auto adjusting.

6.      Supports custom attributes.

7.      Supports the auto adjusting for table layout of Legend Box.

8.      Supports pie chart.

9.      Supports serialization and deserialization of pie chart.

10. Supports the customization of the pie chart.

11. Supports doughnut chart.

12. Supports serialization and deserialization of doughnut chart.

13. Supports the customization of the doughnut chart.

14. Supports Bubble chart.

15. Supports serialization and deserialization of bubble chart.

16. Supports the customizing of the bubble chart.

17. Supports labels drawing around chart.

18. Supports Pyramid chart.

19. Supports Radar chart.

20. Supports Point chart.

21. Supports Gantt chart.

22. Supports the enhanced user interface


Bug Fixes


1.      Improve axes maximum and minimum points’ auto-calculation.


Download Aspose.Total for Java



What’s New in Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q4 2009:


Aspose.Words for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Added the possibility to configure each particular report individually.

2.      Product Family license type supported.

3.      Multi-column reports support improved.


Bug Fixes


1.      Arabic Text Rendering.

2.      Report freezes (SSRS2008).

3.      Header and footer excluded from selected pages not working when exporting to word.

4.      Empty cells in SQL Reporting Services table are set to the font Times New Roman 1pt in MS Word.

5.      Rendering issues: Extra line breaks and overflow of text.

6.      Header is hidden on first page.


8.      Issue with Page Breaks.

9.      background image in SSRS exporting to word as page color – fill effect.

10. ReportItems and KeepTogether attributes not working.

11. Aspose.Words Reporting Services Version 3.3.0 Possible Bug.


Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices Client supports Reporting Services 2008 report format.

2.      Rendering Performance is improved.

3.      Includes report items style in report that is created by the report designer.

4.      Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices Client is enhanced regarding the Reporting Server’s connectivity.

5.      Render editable charts for SQL Server Reporting Services 2008.

6.      Support HTML export format.

7.      Modified installation interface.


Bug Fixes


1.      Features supported by Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.

2.      SSRS subscription saving to file system as XLS problem.

3.      Aspose.Cells 64Bit Problems.

4.      Programmatic Rows.

5.      Report export to .xls.

6.      Problems with Aspose.Cells for reporting services.

7.      Merge and Hidden Cells.

8.      Urgent–Background Color and Images.

9.      Urgent-Attributes.

10. Macros in excel file downloaded from RDL not working.

11. Unable to add more than one dataset.

12. Excel Export Speed.

13. Problems preparing Report.

14. Render XLSM Files.

15. Export from SSRS2008 via Aspose.Cells gets an empty file.


Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Supports dynamic display for matrix of SSRS2008.

2.      Supports the creation of Table of Contents, list of tables and list of figures for SSRS2008.

3.      Supports the capability of setting different levels for listed items in List Section, for textbox of SSRS2005 and SSRS2008.

4.      Supports bookmarks creation and setting different types of actions in SSRS2008. Also includes hyperlink creation through URL and jumping within document.


Bug Fixes


1.      The error about zero byte of returned memory stream when using local report.

2.      The incorrect linked number displayed in the list section, and different levels of listed items could not be set.

3.      Expressions in report header are not evaluated


Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Supports Identcode BarCode.


Bug Fixes


1.      Encode errors for matrix 2 of 5 barcode.

2.      Watermark was displayed by error in visual studio 2008.


Aspose.Flash for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Performance of the conversion of reporting services reports to SWF and FLV is improved.


Download Aspose.Total for Reporting Services



What’s New in Aspose.Total for JasperReports Q4 2009:


Aspose.Cells for JasperReports


New Features


1.      Font sizes are adjusted appropriately to paste characters in Microsoft Excel format similar to characters in PDF format.

2.      Axis labels (of Charts) in date format are rendered correctly and accordingly.

3.      Gradient Fill effects for the areas are supported including chart’s background (chart area, plot area etc.), legend’s background, bars and bubbles etc.


Bug Fixes


1.      Fixed some bugs of filling wall and floor of 3D charts.

2.      Fixed a bug of pie chart labels.

3.      Fixed a bug regarding support of JasperServer 3.1.0.


Download Aspose.Total for JasperReports