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Image Extraction, Image Conversion, PDF Searcher and Form Features are Improved in Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java.

The new version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java has been released. In Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java 2.8.0, we have improved image extraction, PDF to image conversion, text searching and form filling features. JBIG2 decoder is also supported in this latest version; PDF files containing JBIG2 encoded images can be converted to required image formats using the latest version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java.

You can see the complete list of changes and download the latest version from the Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java download sectionContinue Reading
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Aspose takes 5 awards this year in the 2009-2010 ComponentSource Awards

This year, Aspose is happy to announce that we have received 5 awards from ComponentSource. You can view them on our Industry Awards page:

In the ComponentSource Publisher Awards for 2009-2010, Aspose has received a Top Ten Bestselling Publisher Award.

In the ComponentSource Product Awards for 2009-2010, Aspose.Total took 15th place in the Top 25 Product Awards. Aspose.Words took 34th place in the Top 50 Product Awards while Aspose.Cells took 46th place in the Top 50 Product Awards. … Continue Reading

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PDF to Image Conversion, Image and Text Extraction, Form, Concatenate, Append and Insert Features have been Improved in Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET 4.3.0 has been published. In this new version, PDF to PNG conversion, text rendering on the converted images, image and text extraction, filling text and image fields have been improved. We have also enhanced adding images and PDF file security related features.

Memory utilization and performance have been improved for the Concatenate, Append and Insert methods. However, if you want to perform these operations on a large number of files, we would recommend you to use files… Continue Reading
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Aspose wins five awards in ComponentSource’s Top Ten 2009-2010

USA, Texas – March 30, 2010 – ComponentsSource is a leading online software vendor who offers products from over 230 vendors to over 115,000 customers. Every year, they put together a list of the best selling companies and products that they work with. There are two categories: Bestselling Publisher Awards, and Bestselling Product Awards. Aspose placed in both categories and collected a total of five awards.

We are particularly proud to find ourselves in the top ten of the Best … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Total Product Family Q1 2010 Releases

Aspose is proud to announce the Q1 releases of its Aspose.Total family of products. The Q1 2010 releases of Aspose.Total include several new features and updates for all product lines to help developers in building more reliable and robust solutions with less effort.

What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q1 2010:                             

Aspose.Words for .NET

New Features

  1. Update the new converters spreadsheet with the HTML export features.
  • Default installation with Just Me option registers COM so that ASP applications do not
Continue Reading
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BindFO, Stable InLineHTML and a better memory management

There have been many customers waiting for the availability of BindFO feature and while keeping this demand in mind, we’ve made some progress and we’re pleased to introduce another version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET which includes BindFO feature. But, currently this feature is in Beta phase and only supports, Block Area, Inline Container, Font-Size, Page-Height, Page-Width, Text-Align, Text-Transform elements.


Along with this, we also have made some improvements regarding InLineHTML feature and now a more stable feature is available Continue Reading

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Set two labels for each DataPoint of a Pie chart and set Chart’s attributes through XML

Aspose.Report for .NET 2.5.0 has been released. This release supports setting many attributes of different chart elements through XML. Previously, users were able to create charts through XML but some attributes were not supported in the XML which are supported now.

This release also supports setting two labels for each data point of a Pie chart. Previously, only one label for each data point was supported.

Behavior of series.DefaultDataPoint.Color has also been changed in this release. Before this release, DefaultDataPoint.Color property was Continue Reading

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Aspose.Tasks for .NET 2.7.0 with more features regarding MS Project 2010 MPP read capability and bug fixes

Aspose.Tasks for .NET 2.7.0 has been released with the read support for subprojects, outline codes, external attributes and baselines information from MS Project 2010 MPP files in addition to the features introduced in the previous releases. Some bugs related to other MPP formats like reading duration outline codes, incorrect resource assignments data reading etc have also been fixed in this release.

For a complete list of these new features, bug fixes and downloads, please visit:

 … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Network Release 5.1 fixes pop3, imap and msg file loading issues

New version of Aspose.Network v5.1 was released recently which fixed some issues related to downloading complex messages (with attachments and Html formatting) from Pop3 and Imap mail servers. Besides these there were also some issues in loading eml/msg files due to very large file size, MIME compatibility etc which are solved in this release.

For release notes and download, please visit
Continue Reading
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How to Represent OOXML Versions in the Aspose.Words API?

As of today we have three OOXML versions/flavours:

  • OOXML ECMA-376 1st Edition, 2006 (this is Word 2007) – as of today, Aspose.Words supports only this.
  • ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Transitional (Word 2010) – we have code ready for the upcoming release that will support this.
  • ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Strict – Aspose.Words will support this some time in the future.

The question I have to all of the customers of Aspose.Words is:

What is the best way to represent the different OOXML versions in the Aspose.Words Continue Reading

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