Using barcode library in a digital filing system

In this project, Aspose .Net Barcode library was used to assist with automating the filing process of scanned digital files. The files were scanned using a network scanner as into .tif files and saved on a shared network drive. The Barcode .Net library and ASP.Net technology are then used to search for barcodes within the pages of these files, read it, and find its appropriate match to encrypt and move the file to its destination.


Requirements for my project made it so I needed the option of using the DataMatrix barcode symbology to allow my product the ability to expand its functionality by storing a large amount of data in a very small area.


The Aspose Barcode component allowed me to scan a specified section of a document for a barcode and then, depending on the existence and/or output of the barcode, move the document or rename it where necessary. This control was also involved in creating printable labels for sticking the barcodes onto documents before being scanned.


Before using this product the system could only move files manually as the user selected them and decided their destination through a series of date pickers and drop down lists. The barcode control allowed me to shorten the time between scanning a file, and making it searchable within the system by allowing me to manipulate files as soon as they were scanned.

Next Steps

I plan to expand the usage of the barcode library and possibly implement the Pdf.Kit to allow me to scan documents to PDF instead of a TIF file.


Aspose’s product was extremely helpful and quite possibly the best choice for my system with its great features, results, and licensing scheme. I have spent many years developing and enhancing my product and Aspose has allowed me to make my product much more friendly and useful, and therefore more marketable. Thank you, Aspose!

Kiel Diller
KD Solutions

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