Aspose becomes the world’s largest file format community

Scotland, Glasgow – May 27, 2010 – With 100,000 registered users, Aspose is the world’s largest file format community.

On May 1st, 2010, Aspose announced that they were quickly approaching 100,000 registered users. They decided to award the 100,000th user Aspose software worth over $3,000. As the day passed, staff at Aspose monitored the sign-up rate with great interest and on May 27th, they had a winner.

The prize, a Developer Enterprise Subscription license to Aspose’s flagship product, Aspose.Total, went to Randy Bahrke, of Multiview Systems, Germany. A surprised Randy Bahrke responded with delight to the news that he was Asposes 100,000th user: “It’s incredible! Never had I thought that I could be the winner. Really, really amazing!

Multiview build software systems for large medical clinics across Germany. When asked what he has planned for the Aspose product range, Randy Bahrke responded: “I was looking for professional components in order to develop software faster, easier and more efficiently. I plan to use the Aspose products at first for a statistical application that shows charts and collected data from patients. The patients are diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The statistical application helps to visualize the acceleration and the progress of ALS in order to initialize a new or different therapy.” He added that he can now do that more easily: “Aspose has a huge collection of many, many useful controls in order to realize this intention exactly. I am sure I will love all the different possibilities that I now have available to build new complex applications.

Aspose are file format experts and work hard to support its community of users. Their user forums are lively and see activity from users, support engineers and developers. Aspose cares about its users and see the large number of users on the forums as a clear endorsement of their friendly and helpful approach.

About Aspose

Aspose offers a powerful set of file management components with which developers can create applications which can open, edit, create and save some of the most popular business file formats. Supported formats include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Flash presentations and Project files. Aspose produce components for .NET, Java and SharePoint as well as rendering extensions for SQL Server Reporting  Services and JasperReports exporters.

Aspose was founded in 2002, in Sydney, Australia.

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