Aspose.Total Product Family Q2 2010 Releases

Aspose is proud to announce the Q2 releases of its Aspose.Total family of products. The Q2 2010 releases of Aspose.Total include several new features and updates for all product lines to help developers in building more reliable and robust solutions with less effort.


What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q2 2010:   


Aspose.Words for .NET


New Features


1.      Footnotes supported when rendering to PDF/XPS/printing.

2.      Generate/update TOC (Table of Contents) fields.

3.      Subset and export font resources with HTML, MHTML and EPUB when needed/requested.

4.      Load and save ISO 29500 Transitional / Word 2010 OOXML.

5.      Provide an ability to extract Embedded Packages from DOCX/FOPC documents.

6.      Expose original file name of embedded OLE object.

7.      Add the HyperlinkBase built-in document property.

8.      Support updating TOC (Table of Contents).

9.      Support the MERGEFORMAT switch when updating fields.

10. Support chroma key in PDF and XPS rendered.

11. Transparent background of shape becomes white after rendering/converting to PDF and hides some content.

12. Write an article about using nested mail merge from DataSet.

13. Support Custom XML Data Storage and Properties.

14. Preserve Custom Payload in OOXML.

15. Support mc:AlternateContent mc:Fallback Word 2010 Extension of ISO29500.

16. Consider adding version number to Add/Remove Programs to make it visible.

17. Allow Aspose.Words to be used with .NET 3.5 and 4.0 Client Profile.

18. Allow to get and set bookmark text when start and end have different grand parents.

19. ODF Plugfest 20100415. Picture bullet is lost during ODT to ODT conversion.

20. ODF Plugfest 20090615. Margins in bulleted and numbered lists are wrong after ODT to ODT conversion.


Bug Fixes


1.            DrawAspect is changed from Icon to Content After Open/Save DOCX document.

2.            Excel file, extracted from DOCX document using Aspose.Words, cannot be opened.

3.            “System.InvalidOperationException: Token StartElement in state Epilog would result in an invalid XML document.” occurs during saving to DOCX.

4.            Embedded objects are lost during DOCX to DOCX conversion.

5.            HyperlinkBase property is lost after open/save documents.

6.            Nested ordered lists are autoassigned with different number formats.

7.            Borders of merged cells are imported not properly.

8.            ‘type’ attribute is ignored upon HTML import.

9.            Non-breaking spaces are not underlined upon converting to HTML.

10.       ExportImport: Roundtrip border width.

11.       ExportImport: Hidden text appears visible on second export.

12.       ExportImport: Bottom border line is lost in second export.

13.       Incorrect image layout.

14.       Empty string is not enclosed in double quotes in nested IF field.

15.       TableStart and TableEnd mergefields disappears after executing simple mail merge.

16.       Use current culture settings during calculating formulas.

17.       “!Undefined Bookmark” text is shown after executing mail merge.

18.       Extracted OLE object is corrupted (Excel Workbook).

19.       Field codes are displayed instead TOC after updating fields.

20.       Extracted.xlsx file is not valid.

21.       “Undefined bookmark” error is shown in the document after updating fields.

22.       “System.InvalidOperationException : Unexpected node type.” occurs during UpdateFields.

23.       “System.IndexOutOfRangeException : Index was outside the bounds of the array.” occurs during UpdateFields.

24.       1InvalidCastException occurs upon updating fields.

25.       Hidden text becomes visible after open/save ODT document.

26.       FileCorruptedException occurs durign opening the document.

27.       Bookmarks are lost upon converting from ODT to ODT and DOCX.

28.       Text contained inside text:ruby disappears when converting from ODT to DOCX.

29.       Header disappears during converting to ODT.

30.       FileCorruptedException occurs during opening.

31.       HighlightColor is recognized as Background color upon importing ODT.

32.       Content of some textboxes is missed upon converting to PDF.

33.       Shape’s rounded corner becomes an arrow in PDF.

34.       The shape located inside transparent textbox disappears during rendering to PDF.

35.       VAGRounded LT font is changed upon converting to PDF/XPS.

36.       Metafile (embedded excel sheet) is rendering improperly in PDF/XPS.

37.       Text inside TextBox disappears during rendering.

38.       Images are missed from the document after open/save.

39.       System.IndexOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering.

40.       Image original size is changed after processing document using AW.

41.       “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening DOC document.

42.       Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs during opening.

43.       NotImplementedException exception occurs, when try to open document.

44.       FileCorruptedException exception occurs durign opening document.

45.       InvalidCastException occurs upon saving the document.

46.       FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.

47.       List numbering restarts from zero after open/save DOCX document.

48.       Headers/Footers disappear from DOCX document after open/save.

49.       Image disappears after converting DOCX to DOC.

50.       Text after line break disappears after open/save.

51.       FileCorruptedException occurs during opening.

52.       Textboxes in header/footer are lost upon importing a document.

53.       InvalidOperationException occurs upon saving document in DOCX format.

54.       FileCorruptedException occurs during loading document.

55.       Numbering of list is changed after open/save the document.

56.       FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.

57.       Range.UpdateFields ignores format switches for DOCPROPERTY fields.

58.       Fields are not properly updated.

59.       «!Undefined Bookmark» is shown after UpdateFields.

60.       “No table of contents entries found” text is shown insted of TOC after updating fields.

61.       Text highlighted with Color.Empty becomes with black background in HTML.

62.       List item containing only line break is ignored upon HTML import.

63.       BR between two tables should be considered as an empty paragraph (like MS Word does).

64.       FileCorruptedException occurs if try loading HTML with PageBreak inside a table.

65.       Table caption is lost upon importing HTML.

66.       Empty font-family causes Aspose.Words to crash upon importing HTML.

67.       Bullets look incorrect after importing HTML.

68.       Decimal tabs works improperly upon rendering.

69.       Text is cropped during rendering.

70.       Fields are shaded during rendering.

71.       Document is truncated during rendering.

72.       Text is cropped during rendering.

73.       NullReferenceException occurs during rendering.

74.       Execute will try to populate fields inside regions as well and I don’t think it should.

75.       Merge field setting “Title case” doesn’t behave like it does in Word.

76.       All content is removed from the document after performing mail merge with empty datasource.

77.       Consider ignoring merge fields with wrong switches during mail merge.

78.       Shape disappears during MailMerge.

79.       NullReferenceException occurs upon executing mail merge.

80.       Section breaks inside the field cause crash in some operations.

81.       MERGEFIELD inside INCLUDEPICTURE does not work.

82.       “InvalidCastException” occurs during Updating fields in the document.

83.       MoveToMergeFied does not work as expected, when run in Turkish culture.

84.       Aspose.Words hangs if insert TOC into heading paragraph.

85.       Provide an easier method of checking if text is highlighted.

86.       Some images are rendered upside down to PDF on Mono.

87.       Mono doesn’t write image resolution to PNG.

88.       ODF Plugfest 20100415. A fragment of text is lost during ODT to ODT conversion.

89.       ODF Plugfest 20100415 Bottom table border lost during ODT to ODT conversion

90.       ODF Plugfest 20100415. Text orientation lost during ODT to ODT conversion.

91.       ODF Plugfest 20100415. FileCorruptedException when opening an ODT document.

92.       ODT Plugfest 20090615. Field information lost after ODT to ODT conversion.

93.       ODF Plugfest 20100415. Table row disappeared during ODT to ODT conversion.

94.       ODT Plugfest 20090615. Frame with text is lost during ODT to ODT conversion.

95.       ODF Plugfest 20100415. Table borders disappeared during ODT to ODT conversion.

96.       Mail merge fields are lost when converting from DOC to ODT.

97.       ODF Plugfest 20100415. Zoom is 123% on open but 100% after conversion.

98.       ODF Plugfest 20090615. ODT crashes upon opening.

99.       ODF Plugfest 20091101. Text font is changed during ODT to ODT conversion.

100.   ODF Plugfest. Aspose Words crashes when ODT document is opened.

101.   ODF Plugfest 20090615. Missing title of Table of contents after ODT 2 ODT.

102.   ODF Plugfest 20090623. Table index is missing after ODT 2 ODT conversion.

103.   ODF Plugfest 20090623.All content lost after ODT 2 ODT conversion.

104.   Table formatign is broken after converting RTF to ODT.

105.   Formfields are not rendered to PDF.

106.   Shape’s rounded corner becomes an arrow in PDF.

107.   Assertion fails while convert from doc to PDF a document that contains a textbox control.

108.   One word overlaps another word during converting to PDF.

109.   The shape located inside transparent textbox disappears during rendering to PDF.

110.   PDF/A-1b generated by Aspose.Words does not pass validation.

111.   The image disappears during rendering to PDF in Windows 7 (64) environment.

112.   Acrobar Reader reports error in generated PDF document.

113.   TestGradientOneColor incorrectly renders “fill darken” as red.

114.   Paragraph break is ignored upon rendering/converting to PDF.

115.   Shape\TestHyperlink hyperlinks on some shapes are lost.

116.   EMF image is not rendered properly upon converting to PDF/XPS.

117.   “ArgumentOutOfRangeException” exception during layout document, which contains field without field code and FieldSeparator.

118.   System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during rendering.

119.   Full stop character is positioned improperly.

120.   Single line is converted to double line upon rendering.

121.   EMF chart becomes black and white after converting document to PDF/XPS.

122.   “System.OverflowException: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow” occurs during rendering.

123.   Vertical text in table cell disappears during rendering.

124.   Overflow exception when rendering.

125.   Text is cropped on the right margin during rendering.

126.   Part of content disappears during rendering.

127.   Wmf image disappears during rendering to PDF and XPS.

128.   “FileCorruptedException: The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded.” occurs during opening.

129.   Position of arrows is different during rendering.

130.   NullReferenceException occurs during rendering.

131.   ArgumentException exception occurs upon renderign the document.

132.   List numbering is changed after open/save WML document.

133.   “ArgumentOutOfRangeException: ‘capacity’ must be non-negative.” occurs during rendering to XPS.


Aspose.Cells for .NET


New Features


1.      Calculates formulas that exceed Excel2003 row/column limitation.

2.      Supports MS Excel 2010 Sparklines.

3.      Implements 3D effects on charts.

4.      Removes Duplicate values.

5.      Supports Allow Users to Edit Ranges.

6.      The Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced.

7.      Detects and removes connections to external data.

8.      Sets linked picture in xlsx file.

9.      Includes ICustomTypeDesciptor as data source of smart markers.

10. External linked source data in Chart to Image feature is supported.

11. MS Excel 2007 external page setup options in xls file are supported.   

12. Specifies HTML content as the cell’s value or comment’s note.

13. Adds new date formats: “M/d/yy”, “MM/dd/yyyy” and “”.

14. Sets error message in the cell’s title when validation is failed at client side.

15. Gets column name for a cell at client side.

16. Saves Excel files to stream or loads Excel files from stream.

17. Supports new functions: INDEX, LOOKUP, MATCH.

18. Sets “MM/DD/YYYY” and “M/D/YYYY” date formats with Format Cells dialog box.

19. Imports CSV file format.

20. Supports formulas: LOOKUP, MATCH.

21. Includes Aspose.Cells for .NET Framework Client Profile assembly.

22. Improves the performance of Formula Calculation Engine.

23. Enhances the performance of opening xlsx files.

24. Supports to create Named Range based on address.

25. Supports setting the visibility of horizontal or vertical scroll bars.

26. Performs copying and pasting cells with ComboBox control.

27. Handles Popup event of ContextMenu.

28. Imports a worksheet from Excel file.

29. Retrieves all selected ranges in the worksheet.

30. Includes MS Excel 2007 XLSB file format support.

31. Provides Copy and Paste Special feature.

32. Supports Sorting Smart Markers.

33. Supports Hiding Context Menu.

34. Supports Copying ComboBox and provides an event handler to compare items and values of the two ComboBoxes.

35. Includes Text Rotation feature for the cells data.

36. Gets cell location by the client’s coordinates / points.


Bug Fixes


1.            Bubble chart image is not correct.

2.            Legend overlaps on the chart.

3.            Convert excel to PDF with charts issue.

4.            Word wrap issue for chart ticklabels.

5.            Textboxes / Lines and Charts issue.

6.            Issues with Chart to Image.

7.            The order of Legend Items is reversed on activation.

8.            3D bubble and line charts not working.

9.            Chart.ToImage() still shows zeros for data labels.

10.       Axis labels in image are different from the current chart.

11.       StockOpenHighLowClose Chart (PDF issue).

12.       Bubble chart to image failed.

13.       Reading CSV files with newline.

14.       Loading large (32MB) CSV file gets error.

15.       ODS PutValue and Decimal values.

16.       Open ODS FileStream issue.

17.       Open ODS Template Issues.

18.       Font distortion and missing watermark.

19.       Throws an exception when converting cells to PDF.

20.       Exception in Save() when converting spreadsheet to PDF.

21.       Input string was not in a correct format.

22.       Invalid row index.

23.       Gridlines not showing.

24.       Issue in AutoFit in PDF converted from XLS.

25.       ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.

26.       Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.

27.       Converting to PDF shrinks Excel page.

28.       An error thrown in saving PDF file.

29.       Wrong parameter type.

30.       Format of original document is not preserved when saved as a PDF.

31.       Exception of type ‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown.

32.       XLS to PDF conversion problem.

33.       Issue with chart axes being incorrect when converting to PDF.

34.       Issue with fractions and rounding.

35.       Value of Aspose.Cells.ComboBox control not in TIFF.

36.       Applied conditional formatting for Horizontal Smart Markers.

37.       Incorrect Spreadsheet ML when CurrentCulture is other than English.

38.       Leaves white space around image even when margins are set to zero.

39.       Does not copy images for repeating rows at top of each page.

40.       Some Differences in the Printed/Saved Excel File1.

41.       Output Image is shrunk.

42.       Missing conditional formatting.

43.       Throws an exception when converting cells to image.

44.       Some Differences in the Printed/Saved Excel File2.

45.       PrintTitleColumns/PrintTitleRows and isPaginated.

46.       Multi-pages Tiff issue.

47.       Worksheet.SheetToImage issue.

48.       Crash: Worksheet.SheetToImage().

49.       SheetToImageByPage() Bug.

50.       Delete rows messing the pagebreak.

51.       Subtraction of DateTime in a Cell formula.

52.       Conditional Formating, detect ‘Automatic’ font color.

53.       Worksheet.AutoFitRow() is not working.

54.       Row Autofit issue.

55.       An error is thrown in opening the template file.

56.       Cell.StringValue not working correctly.

57.       Several Bugs with AutoFit, Remove Auto Filter, and Change Style.

58.       Indirect calculations stop being performed.

59.       Add PageSetup.ClearHeaderFooter() method.

60.       Remove some filters when deleting columns.

61.       COMPlusException when opening XLS file.

62.       AutoFilter problem.

63.       Validations are not extended when inserting rows.

64.       AutoFitRows with CenterAcrossSelection.

65.       Hyperlink to external file, worksheet, cell.

66.       Dynamic chart titles.

67.       Lookup function not working.

68.       A NullReferenceException error.

69.       Used ImportDataTable and template with list object.

70.       Copied chart does not display data.

71.       Setting chart shape top/left changing chart area position.

72.       Hiding first worksheet issue.

73.       CopyRows corrupts XLS document.

74.       Adding additional text/formatting.

75.       Cell.StringValue gives wrong value for DateTime value.

76.       Embedded Objects Linked to File not recognized in XLS file.

77.       Supports Cells.CopyColumns.

78.       Partial hyperlink not working.

79.       Set axis value to “automatic”.

80.       Issue on print preview.

81.       Identify Worksheets with Visibly of xlSheetVeryHidden.

82.       Cut and Paste doesn’t work the same way as in MS Excel.

83.       The issue of Auto fitting row height.

84.       #N/A not handled correctly in charts.

85.       Problem with Cells.ExportDataTable – skipErrorValue.

86.       Borders not found.

87.       Date1904 issue.

88.       Excel 2010 security center pops up if an image is in the header.

89.       Getting the author of a comment.

90.       Detect an external linked referenced formula in the sheet.

91.       Index was out of range error on Workbook.Save to XLSX.

92.       Change Value Axis Title for the chart in Xlsx file.

93.       Chart title disappears after using Title.Characters method.

94.       Fails to open xlsx files.

95.       Re-saving Xlsx file Issue.

96.       Warning message opening.xlsx document converted from.xls.

97.       Save.xlsx with updated Comment.

98.       Workbook.Open exception when opening xlsm file.

99.       Copy button macro assignment issue.

100.   Losing Conditional Formatting when Saving to HTML.

101.   Conditional Formatting / Icon Sets not working.

102.   CrossAt doesn’t work.

103.   Unable to open an XLSX file.

104.   AutoFilter Sorting issue.

105.   Pivotchart loses connection to pivot.

106.   XmlException opening XLSX.

107.   Exception thrown when saving document.

108.   Detects Digitally signed spreadsheets.

109.   Supports transparency of Line and Area.

110.   Chart formatting ASeries.LeaderLines.

111.   Unlinking Hyperlinks from worksheets.

112.   Accessing 2007 Predefined custom Styles.

113.   Performance of Pivot Table.

114.   Every postback groups rows again.

115.   Unable to parse ‘MM/dd/yyyy’ date format string to datetime in databinding mode.

116.   Invoking AutoFitColumns raising an exception.

117.   Copying values with number formats.

118.   Unable to generate pivot table with just only rows or columns.

119.   When expanding/collapsing rows and existing frozen rows, the vertical scrollbar moves to the top of the grid.

120.   Unable to accept the text with leading zeros as string value when number format is text.

121.   Displaying text of hyperlink incorrectly.

122.   Issue with Chart ToImage method.

123.   PlotArea positioning problem with Chart.ToImage.

124.   Read CSV with newline.

125.   Header/Footer not aligning with page margins.

126.   Error when converting the excel file to PDF.

127.   Gridlines not showing.

128.   Missing link between bookmark and page.

129.   Error saving PDF File.

130.   Converting various file types to tiff.

131.   XLS to PDF conversion Problem.

132.   Some text in cells is disappearing.

133.   XLS to PDF conversion Problem.

134.   Formatting issues.

135.   PDF not embedding fonts.

136.   Some Differences in the Printed/Saved Excel File.

137.   The issue of sheet2imagebypage.

138.   Issue regarding formula calculation.

139.   Put Value into the Formula Field.

140.   Problem with remove validations.

141.   Error saving to FileFormatType.Excel2007Xlsx.

142.   Custom data labels text.

143.   Cells.InsertRow() within a ‘Named Range’.

144.   Nested subtotals not working properly.

145.   Custom format issue.

146.   Enhances rendering the selected item of Combobox.

147.   Enhances SetFocusedCell method to auto-scroll to the focused cell.

148.   Bubble chart image is not correct.

149.   Secondary x-axis is set to Custom.

150.   Chart Issues when converting to PDF.

151.   German region Date Format.

152.   Excel hyperlinks no longer linking in PDF file format.

153.   Specified Page breaks do not carry over to PDF.

154.   Formatting issues (xls to PDF).

155.   Height spacing and centering issue.

156.   Not preserve column formatting.

157.   Paragraph markers get added.

158.   Image hyperlinks are lost.

159.   Data/cells present in page 1 gets printed in page 2.

160.   Smart Markers and Subtotal row formatting.

161.   sheet2imagebypage.

162.   SheetToImageByPage() causing ArgumentException.

163.   SheetRender Creates Blank Pages.

164.   Excel-hyperlink with address and sub-address.

165.   Problem of comments copy during copy range.

166.   Document becomes unreadable.

167.   Merged cells are not persisted when removing columns.

168.   Missing sup-Tag in HTMLString.

169.   Setting multiple sheets range.

170.   System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

171.   Validations getting copied to cells with similar settings.

172.   Wrong RefersTo on name after renaming a sheet.

173.   ArgumentOutOfRangeException when opening workbook.

174.   Aspose.Cells’ worng behavior.

175.   Throw exception for overly-long sheet names.

176.   Combining workbooks creates unreadable content.

177.   Excel 97-2003 document with auto shapes error.

178.   Lost macros when saving in xlsm-format.

179.   Cells Incorrectly Calculates AVERAGE.

180.   ExternalLinks in XLSX.

181.   Comment.Autosize property does not seem to work.

182.   Issues with XLSX files.

183.   Saving a Workbook locks cells.

184.   Moving shape.

185.   Selecting item of filtered validation list with up/down key.

186.   Dropdown arrow is hidden when the cell’s right border reaches the GridWeb’s right border.

187.   Unable to skip the hidden cell when navigating cells with arrow keys.


Aspose.Pdf for .NET


New Features


1.      BindFO (Beta).

2.      Inline HTML.

3.      Memory usage.

4.      Method to return the current product version.

5.      Turn of text wrapping inside table cell.

6.      Assign value to Radio buttons while creating PDF form.

7.      Support for .NET Framework 4.0 / Visual Studio 2010.

8.      Support for MemoryStream object while creating PDF in Direct-to-File mode.

9.      Overloaded method  BindFO(XmlDocument xmldocument,XmlDocument xsldocument); which now also takes XSLT as an argument.


Bug Fixes


1.      Converting Hebrew Word document to PDF.

2.      Braces around Hebrew text are not in correct order.

3.      Conversion of Word document containing Image is causing OutOfMemory Exception.

4.      Bullets not working in html text.

5.      Index was outside the bounds of the array error when using HTML text in table.

6.      Out of Memory Exception converting large TIFFs to PDF.

7.      Text Segment color information is not being entertained.

8.      Issue when rendering html contents with many levels of bullets.

9.      Add a method to return the current version number.

10. Turn off word wrapping in a tablecell.

11. Cannot assign values for the radio button.

12. Image TopMargin is not working correctly during XML to PDF conversion.

13. Table rows are not repeating correctly.

14. PDF Table DefaultCellPadding Problem.

15. XML contents are not being displayed in respective order in PDF.

16. StackOverflowException during Word to PDF conversion.

17. Bullets are represented in same bullet style.

18. Textinfo style is lost when using BOLD or ITALIC tags in HTML content.

19. Text Colors are not properly being displayed during HTML to PDF conversion.

20. Unable to add Html Table where end tag is “/table”.

21. Barcode font doesn’t print anymore in PDF.

22. Add DefaultColumnWidth property in Table class.

23. Pdf.BindFO(System.Xml.XPath.IXPathNavigable XmlDoc, String XSLDoc); missing.

24. Issue while displaying German Dateformat.

25. Problem converting multipage / multidimension tiff to PDF.

26. Aspose.Pdf for .NET does not work with Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4.0.

27. Invalid scale for large image.

28. Table.IsVerticalBroken = true is not working correctly.

29. Direct to File Mode is causing issue with MemoryStream.


Aspose.Slides for .NET


New Features


1.       .NET 3.5 – 4 Client Profile Compatibility.

2.      Slide Comments Feature in PPTX.


Bug Fixes


1.      GetThumbnail() compatibility with Azure.

2.      PPT in Azure.

3.      Null Pointer Exception in Azure.

4.      PDF Support for Japanese Character.

5.      EMF file in PPTX is blurred on Printing.

6.      Exception on Cloning the PPTX Slide.

7.      Null Reference Exception on Opening PPTX.

8.      Error Opening PPT in Office 2008 on Mac.

9.      Argument Out Of Range Exception on Generating Slide Thumbnail.

10. PPT Fails to Open When Saved through Aspose.Slides.

11. Invalid Cast Exception When Saving a Presentation Template.

12. Index Out Of Bounds Exception in PPT to PDF Export.


Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET


New Features


1.      Glyph rendering quality issue.

2.      Append method consumes extensive memory.

3.      Implement Transparency Groups support.  

4.      Support for RTL text extracting.

5.      Implement PostScript function feature.

6.      Implement Unsupported File Format Exception.

7.      Allow to get the list of images along with related information.

8.      Stripping images from a PDF file and then add those images back.

9.      Allow to remove and update stamp.

10. Provide support for 256bit encryption.

11. Visual Studio 2010, and .NET 3.5 and 4.0 Client Profile compatibility.


Bug Fixes


1.      Transparent images are displayed as non-transparent with white background.

2.      Unable to edit the form after filling due to extended features.

3.      PrintDocumentWithSettings doesn’t print a fancy apostrophe.

4.      Converted image missing all the text while retaining icons.

5.      Form cannot be filled after it is encrypted.

6.      AddImage throws ‘parameter is not valid’ exception.

7.      Characters are missing in the output Image.

8.      ExtractText produces strange characters.

9.      Problem placing the signature properly.

10. Decrypting encrypted document results producing encrypted document.

11. PdfExtractor is not extracting the text properly.

12. Rectangle in the output image is not in proper shape.

13. Chinese text is not extracted properly.

14. PdfFileStamp throws ‘Index was outside the bounds of the array’ exception.

15. Problem concatenating PDF files.

16. PdfExtractor.HasNextImage() fails.

17. Text is cut off when the form is filled.

18. PDF file is incorrectly converted into PNG image.

19. Filling multiple image fields with same name.

20. Support Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extension.

21. Form no longer editable after filling due to extended features enabled.

22. OutOfMemory exception while using insert method.

23. NullReference exception while using Append method.

24. When the PDF file is converted to images, some images are not shown.

25. Margins are bigger than the original file. 

26. Color in the output PDF changes when stamp is applied with opacity.

27. Most of the text in the output image missing and title shrank.

28. Unable to fill XFA form fields.

29. PdfExtractor not working with Illustrator PDFs (New File).

30. FillField can’t save the value without flattening the field.

31. Unable to open the PDF file once saved using SupportUR3 option.

32. Rotated text shows up incorrectly in printed PDF.

33. Margin issue: right decimal digits are cut off.

34. Output images do not retain graphics and artwork.

35. First page color and graphics are not properly converted.

36. Background color is not properly converted to output image.

37. Problem converting PDF to images.

38. Ragged edges of the banner on second page.

39. Problem converting PDF to Image.

40. Most of the contents are missing from the converted image.

41. EncryptFile clears ViewerPreferences.

42. Low performance and high output file size while adding attachments

43. ExtractAttachment throws ‘object reference not set’ exception.

44. ExtractText skipping or adding extra spaces.

45. LiveCycle Forms Losing Information.

46. PDF not printing correctly.

47. Unknown watermark field is being added on using AutoFiller.

48. PageNumberRotation property is not working.

49. Transparent images lose transparency if added with PdfFileMend.AddImage.

50. PDF contents are not converted to the output image.

51. Output image produced is very different than the actual page.

52. Concatenate method takes too much time and maximum cpu.

53. Concatenated files saved to MemoryStream produce 0 byte output file.

54. Concatenate takes too much time and memory.

55. Unsupported/Unrecognized font ArialMT when filling form field.

56. Text is not replaced properly.

57. Duplicate XMP Meta Data is added in the PDF file.

58. PDF is not printed properly.

59. ExtractBookmarks throws ‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ exception.

60. Action is always null while using ExtractBookmarks.

61. Setting privileges loses JavaScript.

62. Accent characters are not displayed properly when converted to images.

63. Producer property is not allowed to set: need to be marked as read only.

64. Unable to edit the form after filling as extended features are enabled.

65. Unable to print text with barcode font.

66. Concatenate produces file with ‘There was an error processing the file’ error.

67. Unable to cast object: Error encounted while saving a PDF form.

68. DecodeAllPages method is too slow.

69. Converted images do not retain the images properly.


Aspose.BarCode for .NET


New Features


1.      Italian Post 25 barcode generation and recognition.

2.      Barcode Recognition supports Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 client profile.

3.      Detect barcodes in a specified area of image.

4.      IATA 2 of 5 barcode generation.

5.      IATA 2 of 5 barcode recognition.

6.      Image rendering improvements in WPF barcode control.


Bugs Fixes


1.      Code39 barcode (left to right or right to left orientation) cannot be recognized.

2.      Pdf417 barcode is not generated correctly for some values of AspectRatio setting.

3.      EAN8 barcode image cannot be recognized.

4.      Orientation filter does not work for left to right settings.


Aspose.Tasks for .NET


New Features


1.      Read ProjectSummary data from MPP files.

2.      Read MPP Document Summary Information data from MPP files.

3.      Reading project’s custom properties values from MPP 2003/2007 files.

4.      Write updated Project Summary data back to MPP file.

5.      Read project’s creation date from MPP files.

6.      Add support for MSP 2010 manual/auto task schedule field.

7.      Write updated Project Document Summary back to MPP files.

8.      Export project data to HTML.

9.      Add separate DLL for .NET 3.5 and 4 client profile.

10. Provide customers with some information about XML parsing exception source.

11. Read task’s EarnedValueMethod from MS Project 2003/2007/2010 MPP files.

12. Read IsCritical flag from MPP.

13. Read task’s GUID from MS Project MPP file.

14. Ignore XML elements with no values.

15. Parse plain text from Notes RTF data.

16. Gantt Chart Image rendering enhancement.

17. Add remarks to property’s summary if property is not supported by all MPP formats.

18. Read data from damaged MPP file.


Bug Fixes


1.      Not correct task tree when read MS Project 2003 MPP with empty task rows.

2.      Got an exception: ‘System.InvalidCastException : Specified cast is not valid.’ when read and export the attached xml file back into xml.

3.      Missing DaysOfWeek in CalendarException.

4.      302 Key issue.

5.      Missed resource’s Notes when read data from MS Project 2007 MPP.

6.      Incorrect LagFormat value in XML when reexport XML with missed LagFormat values.

7.      Incorrect ignoring of DateTime in Calendar Weekdays.

8.      Incorrect reading of Project Creation and Last Print DateTime from MPP files.


Aspose .Network for .NET


New Features


1.      Compatibility with .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile.

2.      Extract messages from PST file.


Bugs Fixes


1.      Eml to Msg conversion. Unicode characters are not displayed in body correctly.

2.      MailMessage.ReplyTo throws NullReferenceException, when assigned null.

3.      Nested attachments of type eml get corrupted if message file is saved and re-loaded.

4.      Name of attachments of message type get renamed, when saved as msg format.

5.      ExchangeClient.MoveItem() throws exception if non-English character found in subject.

6.      Attachments from file (saved by MacOSX) cannot be loaded.

7.      Invalid characters may cause exceptions when loading eml/msg files.

8.      Load mht document into MailMessage and send email, image come as attachments.

9.      file with japanese characters shows question marks.

10. Swedish characters are not displayed correctly while Msg to file conversion.

11. Russian text encoding problem in message body.

12. Eml to Msg conversion – TNEF attachments are not handled correctly.

13. Digitally signed certificate is not detected in email message.

14. Subject is blank when eml file is loaded in MailMessage class.

15. MailMessage.Load() method hangs if nested eml attachment contains a line with 1000 or more characters.

16. Pop3Client.Connect(true) does not throw exception when blank username and password are specified.

17. ImapClient throws exception on Connect() method in some cases.

18. MapiMessage.BodyRTF contains dummy text when loaded using MapiMessage.FromMailMessage().

19. Protected memory exception is thrown on Windows 2008 Server x64.

20. ImapClient.FetchMessage() hangs on downloading some messages.

21. MailMessage.Load() method throws NullReferenceException while loading an msg file.

22. Image attachment is not extracted correctly from msg file using MapiMessage class.

23. ImapClient.SelectFolder() gives error when a folder having space in its name is selected.

24. From and To addresses are null when ImapClient.ListMessages() method is called.

25. Outlook PST – FolderInfo.GetContents() throws exception.

26. Appointments with RecurrencePattern are not sent correctly by ExchangeWebServiceClient.


Aspose.Form for .NET


New Features


1.      Support for Data Validation.  

2.      Custom date picker date format.

3.      Date Formats Support.

4.      Ability to limit the text length in a TextBox control.

5.      API to set date format.

6.      Create property UnsupportedControlBehavior to manage exception appearance.

7.      Add “[Product Name] [Product Version]” in the “Producer” field of the generated PDF.

8.      Make the latest build work with .NET 1.1.


Bug Fixes


1.      License error.

2.      Error in PDF conversion.

3.      Textbox control is not working correctly with calculated fields.

4.      DatePicker Calendar displays behind the DropDown control in IE6.

5.      Behavior of RepeatingTable is different when placed inside OptionalSection.

6.      Error on removing the default value of DatePicker.

7.      InfoPath form not posting/restoring the values inside a master page.

8.      Layout issue in the output PDF.

9.      Incorrect background color of the tables on HTML page and PDF output.

10. Incorrect text alignment in the nested layout tables on HTML page.

11. Expression box rendering error.

12. RadioButton control throws exception if default value isn’t set.

13. Insert button doesn’t work for OptionSection with some controls on the page.

14. CheckBox doesn’t change value after post back.

15. Font size in tables is changed from relative size units to size style constant.

16. Some images are not visible on PDF page.

17. CheckBox control doesn’t change XmlDataString after uncheck.

18. Table cell with background color is filled incorrectly.

19. Controls do not save their values after post back in the templates with more than one view.

20. Can’t check Radio Button inside Repeating Table row.

21. Checkboxes still lose their state when user is switching between views.

22. OptionButton doesn’t store current state in the master page.

23. Incorrect cell size in the nested tables.

24. CheckBox control doesn’t change XmlDataString after uncheck.

25. XmlDataString returns incorrect values for checkbox controls in a form with 2 views.


Aspose.Flash for .NET


New Features


1.      Analyze and implement slideshow feature.

2.      Support BoxOut effect.

3.      Support BoxIn effect.

4.      Support BlindsVertical effect.

5.      Support blinds horizontal effect.

6.      Support CheckerboardAcross effect.

7.      Support CheckerboardDown effect.

8.      Add support for embedded audio when swf is saved into FLV.

9.      add support for exe files(projectors) generation from swfs.

10. Add support for exe files created form swfs.

11. Add support for Uncover effects.   

12. Support PushUp effect.

13. Support PushRight effect.

14. Support PushLeft effect.

15. Support PushDown effect.

16. Add support for Wheel8Spokes effect.

17. Add support for Wheel4Spokes effect.

18. Add support for Wheel3Spoke effect.

19. Add support for Wheel2Spokes effect.

20. Add support for Wheel1Spoke effect.

21. Add support for WipeRight effect.

22. Add support for WipeLeft effect.

23. Add support for WipeUp effect.

24. Add support for Wedge effect.

25. Add support for WipeDown effect.

26. Add support for PlusOut effect.

27. Add support for StripsRightDown effect.

28. Add support for StripsRightUp effect.

29. Add support for StripsLeftUp effect.

30. Add support for StripsLeftDown effect.

31. Add support for SplitVerticalOut effect.

32. Add support for SplitVerticalIn effect.

33. Add support for SplitHorizontalOut effect.

34. Add support for SplitHorizontalIn effect.

35. Add support for DiamondOut effect.

36. Support RandomBarsHorizontal effect.

37. Support RandomBarsVertical effect.

38. Support CircleOut effect.

39. Add support for NewsFlash transition effect.

40. Add support for Fade transition effect.

41. Add support for Dissolve transition effect.

42. Add support for CutThroughBlack transition effect.

43. Add support for Cut transition effect.

44. Support CombVertical effect.

45. Support CombHorizontal effect.

46.  .NET 3.5 and 4.0 Client Profile Support.

47. Supports Visual Studio 2010.


Bug Fixes


1.      TypeLoadException during the TTF 2 SWF font conversion.

2.      Use bitmap fill in SWF already containing ShapeID and PlaceObject2.

3.      Getting height and width of the button in an SWF file.

4.      Image added to SWF file degrades output quality.

5.      Unable to fit the image on the whole frame.

6.      Frame rendering failed: unable to convert to AVI.

7.      Frame rendering failed: unable to convert to FLV.

8.      Create FontManager usage sample.

9.      NullReferenceException on using FromSVG method.


Aspose.Report for .NET


New Features


1.      Incorrect Series.DefaultDataPoint.Color assignment behavior.

2.      Add xml support for RelativePosition property.

3.      Add xml support for Margin properties group.

4.      Add xml support for BorderWidth.

5.      Add ability to set Series.DefaultDataPoint.

6.      Add xml support for DataPoint.BackImage.

7.      Axis Minimum – Maximum support from XML.

8.      Two labels for single DataPoint.

9.      Add xml support for CustomAttributes.IsAreaXGridVisible.

10. Builds for .NET 4.0, .NET 3.5 Client Profile and .NET 4.0 Client Profile.


Bug Fixes


1.      AxisLabel.Url doesn’t work for CustomLabels.

2.      Constructor throws exception.

3.      CustomAttributes.IsAreaXGridVisible is not working.

4.      AdHoc.ParseSQLStatement throws exception.


Aspose.Words for SharePoint


New Features


1.      Workflow support.

2.      Remove Upgrade option.

3.      Support non-english SharePoint installations.

4.      Support SharePoint 2010.

5.      Get rid of session state usage in conversion pages and update the installer accordingly.

6.      Correct page layout issues under SharePoint 2010.

7.      Support ribbon button in SharePoint 2010.

8.      Update documentation to reflect SharePoint 2010 support.

9.      Update license installation sample.cmd files to support SP2010.


Bug Fixes


1.      Activating on a site collection through the UI causes security exception (access denied).

2.      Upgrade version makes workflows inoperative.

3.      API reference in the.chm format is not available for download.


Aspose.Cells for SharePoint


New Features


1.      Support for MS Excel input formats:  XLS, XLSX, XLST, XLSM, CSV, ODS, SpreadsheetML, TXT.

2.      Support for output formats:  XLS, XLSX, CSV, HTML, ODS, PDF, SpreadsheetML, TXT.


Download Aspose.Total for .NET


What’s New in Aspose.Total for Java Q2 2010:


Aspose.Cells for Java


New Features


1.      Sets formulas with row/column/parameters exceeding MS Excel 2003 limit.

2.      Supports to keep original data that is read from MS Excel 2010 template file.

3.      Manipulate MS Excel 2010 Sparklines.

4.      Provides extended Styles saved by MS Excel 2007 for XLS files.

5.      Supports to auto-detect file format type while opening template file without specifying format for Html and SpreadSheeML files.

6.      Removes a chart from Charts collection.

7.      Allows deleting blank rows/columns in the worksheet.

8.      Supports to save the color to the nearest matching color in the palette when the user specified color is not in the standard palette.

9.      Exports rotation attribute of text for Excel to PDF feature.

10. Exports charts as images for Excel to PDF feature.

11. Removes existing Print Area.

12. Includes enhancements for saving merged areas: check and remove or combine those duplicated/overlapped areas which might cause the generated file show warning message when it is opened in MS Excel.

13. Includes enhancements for adding page breaks: check and remove duplicated page breaks before saving.

14. Includes enhancement for Chart to Image feature.

15. Includes support for Advanced Conditional formatting provided by MS Excel 2007.

16. Supports Extended records of Conditional formatting saved by MS Excel 2007 for XLS file.

17. Keeps unsupported formulas in reading MS Excel 2007 files.

18. Reads pictures from Header/Footer in MS Excel 2007 template file.

19. Enhancements are made for reading template files.

20. Supports saving PDF files directly without using Aspose.Pdf for Java.

21. Includes EMF image format support for Chart-to-Image feature.

22. Imports CalculationMode attribute from MS Excel 2007 template files.

23. Worksheet’s Copy operation is enhanced.

24. Enhances Copying Formulas.

25. Improves reading ODS files with ODF 1.2.

26. Improves reading Charts with gradient fill effect.

27. Reading XLS template files is optimized.


Bug Fixes


1.            Export chart.

2.            Delete blank rows/columns.

3.            XLSX to XML transformation is missing text.

4.            Auto-detect file format.

5.            Hidden Series / Deleted Legend Entries Issue.

6.            Chart Title Gap Issue.

7.            Set formula with row/column exceeds limit of excel2003.

8.            Set formula with row/column exceeds limit of excel2003.

9.            Set formula with parameters exceeds limit of excel2003.

10.       Series Bar Issue.

11.       Axis Tick Labels.

12.       Bar Chart Issue Tick Labels.

13.       Title / Series Name. 

14.       Scatter Chart Image.

15.       Xls2pdf.

16.       Xls2pdf.

17.       Water Marker for Image. 

18.       Axis Labels are different. 

19.       Remove print area.

20.       Name.

21.       Read file.

22.       Gradient Fill Effect.

23.       Gridlines Dash Style.

24.       Save row height.

25.       Axis Tick Labels Rotation.

26.       Legend Formatting.

27.       Throws Exception. 

28.       Calculate column width.

29.       Title Issue. 

30.       Y, Y1 axis missing. 

31.       Horizontal Bar Chart.

32.       Extended styles.

33.       Throws Exception.

34.       Data Labels Orientation.

35.       Legend Box Accommodate Maximum Space.

36.       Extended styles.

37.       Export chart.

38.       Wrong Image Generated.

39.       Data Labels Issue.

40.       Small Chart Issue.

41.       Axis Titles Overlap.

42.       Create chart.

43.       Create chart.

44.       Vertical Gridlines Issue.

45.       Data Labels on Invisible Series.

46.       Read chart from excel2007 template file.

47.       Save styles.

48.       Calculate ISERROR formula.

49.       Pie Chart Issues.

50.       Pie Chart Data Labels Issue.

51.       Save/Read Excel2007 files.

52.       Save CSV file.

53.       Save legend entries.

54.       Save merged areas.

55.       Save Column properties.

56.       X Axis Tick Labels.

57.       Save datalabels.

58.       Scatter Chart’s Image.

59.       Save chart.

60.       Add pagebreaks.

61.       Set chart type for series.

62.       Wrong Image generated.

63.       Bubble Chart Image.

64.       Read Chart.

65.       Wrong Legend Entries are deleted.

66.       Save xls file.

67.       Save format conditions.

68.       Set color of Style.

69.       Copy formulas.

70.       Save formulas.

71.       Shift rows.

72.       Read template files with non-standard records.

73.       Create chart with NamedRange as data source.

74.       Legend Entry missing in the chart image.

75.       Problems with percent labels.

76.       Wrong color pattern in the image.

77.       Read formulas from template file.

78.       Read template files.

79.       Re-save template files.

80.       Delete worksheet.

81.       Extended conditional formattings of Excel2007.

82.       GradientFill color.

83.       Copying worksheet.

84.       Insert Column issue.

85.       Sort Names.

86.       Read conditional formatting.

87.       Getting Cells issue.

88.       R/W column width.

89.       Export pictures, read template file.

90.       Invalid Number format.

91.       Picture in page setup.

92.       Auto-fit column width.

93.       Number format issue.

94.       Shape position issue.

95.       Get formula string.

96.       Set formula.

97.       Remove shapes.

98.       Save Charts in ODS files.

99.       Copy cells, read template file.

100.   Read template file.

101.   Read CalculationMode property.

102.   Save xlsx file.

103.   Change file format.

104.   Save html – Performance issue.

105.   Read template file issue.

106.   Save extended style records.

107.   Print titles is not working.

108.   Illegal pattern character error.

109.   Long category labels issue.

110.   IllegalArgumentException issue.

111.   Line feed in Title.

112.   Axis Tick Labels issue.

113.   Legend Entries are wrong.

114.   Data Labels Alignment.


Aspose.Pdf for Java


New Features


1.      Some new methods in XMLDocument class are added.

2.      Image resources from URL can be added.

3.      Performance of this release is 4x-6x times better than previous version 2.5.0, while images are placed inside PDF sections or embedded as attachments.

4.      When using JDK 5 and JDK 6, the new version finds the system fonts folder automatically and there is no need to specify it manually as required with JDK 4.


Bug Fixes


1.      XLS to PDF conversion issue with Aspose.Pdf for Java.

2.      Bottom border to the table is not appearing in Excel to PDF conversion.

3.      Images with dimension equal or greater than 1024×768 are causing issue.

4.      Error adding 1024×768 images.

5.      Doesn’t work when desired resources placed on network path like a \\host\share\image.jpg.

6.      Don’t able to attach file to pdf document.

7.      Large text or binary attachments causes program halt.

8.      Can’t attach document as stream.

9.      Adding images and imageInfo throught XML API causes exceptions.

10. Doesn’t work with file resources.

11. Image resources can’t be added from URL.

12. Documents attached other XML API has incorrect size and content.

13. XmlDocument does not load or save documents.


Aspose.Slides for Java


New Feature


1.      Slide.get SchemeColor and Slide.set SchemeColor does not exist.

2.      SlideEx.getName() similar to Slide.getName().

3.      ShapEx.get/setName()similar to Shape.get/setName().

4.      shapeEx.getAlternativeText() not available.

5.      PPT to PDF Export.

6.      Accessing Group shape names.

7.      PPTX to PDF conversion.

8.      Problem Reading PPT.

9.      Slide cloning problems.

10. Null Pointer Exception on reading custom AutoShape without connection points.

11. getThumbanail() returns error.


Bug Fixes


1.      Setting font italic false does not work.

2.      Presentation.getPictures().getPictureById returns null for valid picture id.

3.      Wrong thumbnails – Background is gradient.

4.      Shapes in thumbnails are distorted.

5.      Setting slide size of presentation created by PowerPoint 2007 compatibility mode throws exception.

6.      Clone Slide Bug: Arrows have moved out of position.

7.      Slide Thumbnail image – distorted.

8.      Illegal Argument Exception “dash lengths all zero” in getThumbnail().

9.      Wrong slide rendering with Wmf metafiles (equation ole objects).

10. Background gradient “From Corner” inversed on thumbnail.

11. Aspose.Slides 1.9.0 returns wrong Background FillType of Slide.

12. Thumbnail Problems: PowerPoint conversion issues with Aspose library.

13. Thumbnail Problem: Charts malformed.

14. Cloning problem with a specific slide.

15. SlideEx.getShapes.addOleObjectFrame() throws exception.

16. Presentation.HasVBAMacros() is always false.

17. PPTX is destroyed when rewritten with Aspose.Slides.

18. Removing a slide from PPTX raises exception.

19. Error loading PPTX created through Aspose.Slides for Java.

20. Tags.Remove doesn’t work for PPTX.

21. Default constructor for PresentationEx.

22. Reading Custom Document Properties.

23. TextFrameEx neither adds text nor update text.

24. SlideShowTransitionTypeEx.ZOOM raises exception while trying to write through PresentationEx.write().

25. Can’t read PPTX having Master / Normal slide with some background.

26. Can’t read PPTX having table.

27. Picture in a shapeEx can’t be added through FillFormatEx.

28. ShapesEx.addAudioFrameEmbedded() not working.

29. ShapesEx.addAudioFrameLinked() not working.

30. ShapesEX.addVideoFrame() not working.

31. SlidesEx.addEmptySlide is not working.

32. Watermark is visible on a slide after setting license.


Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java


New Features


1.      Add support of page rotation.

2.      Image Extraction – JBIG2 Decoder support.

3.      Incorrect API Spelling: SavaAsTIFF should be SaveAsTIFF.

4.      Add version information support.

5.      Provide support for signature field.

6.      Add support of user rights signature check (UR3).

7.      Refactor Digital Signature code (Pkcs1Signature, Pkcs7Signature classes added).

8.      Fix API name – BookMark class is renamed to Bookmark, PdfBookMarkEditor is renamed to PdfBookmarkEditor.

9.      Allow to specify new font size while replacing text.


Bug Fixes


1.      PdfConverter produces blank images.

2.      Image extraction produces blank output image.

3.      Wrong image extracting exception (only one image extracted).

4.      PdfSearcher incorrectly searches text in rectangle.

5.      PdfSearcher returns wrong text coordinates.

6.      setField throws NullPointerException.

7.      Can not extract images from PDF documents correctly.

8.      Another type of converting problem.

9.      PdfConvertor produces blank images.

10. Unable to export PDF data to XML when filled with the Kit.

11. Problems converting PDF to Tiff.

12. ReplaceText changes the font of the replaced text.

13. Problem decoding pages using PdfViewer.

14. Text is not replaced properly.

15. Unable to extract images from the attached PDF file.

16. partialFlatten fails in XFA form.

17. Setting field value does not work for XFA form.

18. extractBookMarks doesn’t run with some PDF.


Aspose.BarCode for Java


New Features


1.      Add support for J2ME.


Aspose.Report for Java


New Features


1.      Support secondary axis.

2.      Support Pareto chart.

3.      Support Step chart.

4.      Support Scatter chart.

5.      Support for custom axis labels.

6.      Support for DataPoint labels.

7.      Support complex data point values.

8.      Support proper drawing of Doughnut chart’s inner circle.

9.      Support the adjustment of axes.

10. Zero line position’s calculation.

11. LegendBox position and border types.

12. Support zero lines and custom markers for secondary axes.

13. Support proper interaction between ChartArea, LegendBox, Chart, AxesArea and Border.

14. Support secondary axes grid.

15. Support Curve chart.

16. Support CurveArea chart.

17. Support additional customization of Radar chart.

18. Support different ways to enable license.

19. Support facilities to adjust point view for radar chart.

20. Support chart without borders.

21. Support additional customization for AxisCustomMarker.

22. Support Contour chart.

23. Support Surface chart.


Bug Fixes


1.      Axis labels are not visible for certain settings.

2.      The Bar chart label creation causes the exception.

3.      The AxisIntervalType.String cannot be assigned.

4.      Chart label is not aligned for different axes positions.

5.      The open-high-low-close chart is drawn incorrectly for specific axis settings.

6.      The open-high-low-close chart is not visible for specific data points’ set.

7.      Pareto chart plotted with oblique line.

8.      Chart label position for second Gantt chart series.

9.      Offset between LegendBox and AxesArea.

10. Position of legend items’ labels.

11. Shape of secondary axis.

12. LegendBox overlaps in case of Top or Bottom positions.

13. The AxisCustomMarker cannot be created when the axis labels are hidden.

14. The color for series and defaultDataPoint.

15. Position of Pyramid chart.

16. Color of LegendBox items for Candlestick chart.

17. Zero line and primary axes points are visible by default.

18. The AxisIntervalType.String is not handled for AxisCustomMarker.

19. Labels are shifted for secondary Y axis.

20. The axis label for secondary axis is parsed by primary axis format.

21. Support custom markers area restriction.


Download Aspose.Total for Java


What’s New in Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q2 2010:


Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services


Bug Fixes


1.      Misaligned shapes in the exported Tablix.

2.      Tablix with chart renders improperly.

3.      Cells padding and border rendering issue in exported presentation.


Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Optimizes rendering for large data report.

2.      Fixes an installation issue for Windows 7.

3.      Resolves paging for Tablix report item.

4.      Handles rendering more groups for Tablix.

5.      Reduces memory use rate.


Bug Fixes


1.      Problem in header row of matrix report after export in XLSX file.

2.      Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services – Various Issues.

3.      XLSX export not working properly.

4.      Renaming drop down options in Report Viewer.

5.      Not working correctly when exporting to excel 2007.

6.      Support for SSRS Rendering extensions in SharePoint Integrated Mode.

7.      Matrix table headers are not coming after export into XLSX file.


Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services


Bug Fixes


1.      Integrating Aspose.Pdf.ReportingServices with Microsoft Report Viewer in Local Mode does not work.

2.      Font size rendering issue.

3.      Unknown attribute in Heading element. The attribute name is Width.


Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services


New Features


1.      Italian Post 25 barcode.

2.      IATA (International Air Transport Association) 2 of 5 barcode.

3.      Improved the Symbologies Editor.


Download Aspose.Total for Reporting Services


What’s New in Aspose.Total for JasperReports Q2 2010:


Aspose.Cells for JasperReports


New Features


1.      Supports Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007 formats.

2.      Fixes several bugs of calculation in report element size.

3.      Supports JasperReports 3.7.x.


Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports


New Features


1.      Support user-defined codeset pattern for Code128 BarCode.

2.      Support PZN barcode (Pharma Zentral Nummer, Pharmazentralnummer barcode).


Download Aspose.Total for JasperReports