New Release – Aspose.Slides for SharePoint

Converting PowerPoint files to other file formats from within a SharePoint application can be a difficult and time consuming task. The newest addition to our Aspose.Slides family of products, Aspose.Slides for SharePoint, makes it possible easily and quickly.

Aspose.Slides for SharePoint allows you to read and convert PowerPoint files in a SharePoint application without using Microsoft PowerPoint. It is aimed at SharePoint developers that need to convert various PowerPoint file formats to PDF, TIFF or XPS formats without losing fidelity. Aspose.Slides for SharePoint is written in C#, easy to install and fast to run.

Download the first release today and see how Aspose.Slides for SharePoint can work for you.

Product Spotlight – Aspose.Flash for Reporting Services

Aspose.Flash for Reporting Services is a robust .NET solution which allows you to produce SWF and FLV reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Reporting Services. It can also be integrated with the Microsoft Report Viewer control. Aspose.Flash for Reporting Services is the ideal product for anyone looking to generate SWF and FLV reports in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Download the free Aspose.Flash for Reporting Services trial and learn how it can make your reporting tasks a piece of cake.

Technical Article – Insight into the PdfContentEditor class

In this month’s featured article, we give you detailed insight into the PdfContentEditor class of Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java API. The PdfContentEditor class allows you to manipulate a variety of content in a PDF document. It helps you create different annotations, change and get viewer preferences, set the document level JavaScript, replace text and images, delete images and much more.

Read the article to find out how.

Tutorial Video – Add different types of controls to a worksheet

In this video tutorial we show you just how easy it is to add different type of controls to a worksheet using Aspose.Cells for Java. We will create a simple Java application and add textbox, checkbox and combo box controls using Aspose.Cells for Java API. Watch the tutorial.

Migration from InfoPath Forms Services to Aspose with Aspose.Form for .NET

You can pass data between a webpage and InfoPath form using both InfoPath Forms Services and Aspose.Form for .NET. Examples of both of these approaches are presented in our migration article. Using Aspose.Form for .NET for this same task is simple and easy to implement.

Find out how to migrate to Aspose.Form for .NET.

New Releases and Updates

  1. Aspose.BarCode for Java v2.2.0 - Italian Post 25 and IATA 2 of 5 barcode symbologies supported
  2. Aspose.Report for .NET v2.9.0 - Control the transparency of data points through XML
  3. Aspose.Pdf for Java v2.7.0 - Support for loading images and XML contents from memory
  4. Aspose.Report for Java v2.0.0 - Customize the labels’ area of a Radar chart
  5. Aspose.Tasks for .NET v3.1.0 - Support for reading ACWP, TotalSlack data from MPP 2003, 2007 and 2010 files
  6. Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java v3.2.0 - Support for setting font color, font style and font family while replacing text
  7. Aspose.BarCode for .NET v3.6.1 - Aztec barcode recognition support
  8. Aspose.Network for .NET v5.5.0 - Accessing Outlook Contacts Information from PST file
  9. Aspose.Words for .NET v9.3.0 - Delivers a bunch of long awaited fixes and improvements
  10. Aspose.Flash for .NET v3.1.0 - Improvements in FLV to SWF conversion
  11. Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET v4.7.0 - Improvements for fill field, flatten field, PDF to TIFF and image conversion, replace text and import XML features
  12. Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services v3.5.0 - Support for SQL Server 2008 SP2
  13. Aspose.Slides for JasperReports v1.4.0 - Fix for the blurred charts rendering in exported presentation issue
  14. Aspose.Slides for .NET v4.3.0 - Improved PDF export and support for PPTX master slide and slide comments removal
  15. Aspose.Cells for .NET v5.1.2 - Supports setting visibilities of context menu items and text rotation
  16. Aspose.Pdf for .NET v4.6.0 - Support for Select, Option, TextArea, CheckBox and Text HTML controls