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Comgem is a web development company and application service provider that delivers a range of application services including Email Marketing, eCommerce and a Customer Relationship Management system.


As part of our CRM, we integrated a mail merge facility that allowed users to merge custom datasets with Microsoft Word documents. With our previous supplier, we were encountering strange behavior when trying to create different text on each label rather than batch labels.

Furthermore, when running large mail merges (i.e. a few thousand records), We were also encountering server errors. Since our customer databases were expanding, this obviously presented an issue and we were required to identify an alternative solution.


After performing a search for mail merge functionality, we identified Aspose.Words for .NET was a real contender. After downloading and using the trial version, we were surprised not only by the quick support (provided freely) but also by the capabilities of the product. It was quick and extremely easy to integrate into our codebase and most importantly, it delivered the results that we expected. Therefore we got 100% confidence in rolling out this functionality to our customers and knew that we have an extremely scalable and stable mail merge functionality.

Uploading a mail merge preview

Image 1:- Uploading a mail merge

Mail merge preview

Image 2:- Mail merge preview


Finding a Solution

We did evaluate other products, but the features offered by Aspose.Words for .NET attracted us along with the fantastic support.


The implementation was effortless and only took four hours, in comparison to days trying to identify issues with the previous supplier. When buying in components, you always assume that the components are working and this naturally makes you believe the issue is with your code. With Aspose.Words for .NET, it worked the first time and has worked every time.


We now have a working mail merge facility, that has exceeded our requirements and provides enhanced performance as well as feature-rich out of the box capabilities.

Next Steps

We definitely recommend switching to Aspose.Words for .NET. Albeit, we were extremely apprehensive in using this component, but with their support behind, you need to be sure the transition will be a smooth and painless process.


We have always heard good things about Aspose and these recommendations have been met. Even though they are slightly more expensive than other companies, this additional cost is saved when comparing it with the time to implement and their proactive support mechanisms.

**Danielle Attard
**Head of Marketing, Comgem