About InnDocs Corporation

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InnDocs Corporation is an innovative document-centric application producer. InnDocs applications are used to capture documents from varied sources and then users can collaborate on the documents and deliver to different sources. InnDocs is totally a web-based document management system where documents are viewed and collaborated on the web clients.


Here are the main problem statements with InnDocs

  • We needed to provide zero web client where all the documents can be viewed without any installation of native software.
  • Documents should be reviewed, annotated using a web client
  • InnDocs should support all office, PDF, Image formats of files.
  • Need to generate and read Barcodes in the web client.


InnDocs R&D team tried third-party components like PDFSharp, iTextSharp to convert all office, Image documents to PDF so that we can use them online.

We had a challenge in office formats but Aspose.PDF for .NET, Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.Cells for .NET proved to be the choice that scored better than the rest. Hence we have chosen to go with Aspose.Total for .NET.

Creation of barcode for document separator

Fig1: The creation of barcode for document separator

Document search and display (PDF) on web client

Fig2: Document search and display (PDF) on a web client

View excel document online

Fig3: View excel document online


Finding a solution

InnDocs R&D team explored and experimented with most of the available open-source and licensed tools to check the technical suitability and licensing suitability. One of the findings as part of the web search was Aspose because our R&D team has voted it best among available tools. As of now, InnDocs is using Aspose.Total for .NET Trial version.


Aspose integration for the InnDocs has taken close to three months’ time. The biggest challenge we faced while integrating and testing was virtual memory issues. We have raised the issues to the Aspose Technical Support team and few of them have been already solved. Still, we have issues with memory when more users connect to the server and we use Aspose components. Aspose support team assured us that Full license will resolve those issues.


Our main problem of rendering office documents on the web client is solved.

Next Steps

The next big step is the collaboration of Office documents online. Aspose Editor could have been the right solution for us. But as of now, we are exploring Aspose and talking to the support team for implementation of Annotations on online documents.


Aspose is a very comprehensive stack to solve document-related problems on the web. It has met 70% of our document-centric problems. We strongly recommend Aspose.Total for .NET for Document centric solutions.

For further information, please reach me at sanjeevb@inndocs.com