Aspose is proud to announce the Q3 releases of its Aspose.Total family of products. The Q3 2010 releases of Aspose.Total include several new features and updates for all product lines to help developers in building more reliable and robust solutions with less effort.

**What’s New in Aspose.Total for .NET Q3 2010: **

Aspose.Words for .NET

New Features

  1. Support Structured Document Tags (SDT) (Content Controls)
  2. Support OOXML Diagrams and Charts
  3. Images are missed from document after open/save DOCX document.
  4. SmartArt (DrawingML) objects are missed from document after open/save.
  5. Support OpenType PostScript fonts in rendering
  6. Text in text frames loose positioning when exported to PDF.
  7. Add an option to embed full font into PDF and XPS instead of embedding subset.
  8. Implement embedding of OpenType PostScript fonts as Type 1 fonts into PDF
  9. Allow specifying Color Depth during converting document to Image.
  10. Join spans with same formatting in HTML export
  11. Document Outline should include automatic numbers
  12. Hyperlink inside a TOC field (table of contents) should ignore the Hyperlink character style
  13. Breaks in DOC and DOCX should be processed in different ways.
  14. “Arial Bold” font is specified in the document, but rendered as Times New Roman
  15. Support “split apart page break and paragraph mark” compatibility option.
  16. Render endnotes
  17. Add support of MERGEFIELD formatting switches.
  18. Allow public access to list numbers
  19. Allow format strings in any culture
  20. Support nested XE fields
  21. After open/save CommandButton lose its functionality.
  22. Top spacing on the second page appears bigger then on the first page during rendering.
  23. Provide a method to verify that a digital signature is present on a DOC file
  24. Split Aspose.Words documentation into two sets one for Java and one for .NET
  25. Provide a method to verify that a digital signature is present on a DOCX file.
  26. Page number in the header disappears during rendering. - pgNum not supported
  27. Verify if digital signature on a document is present
  28. Implement dependency of border width on border style in HTML export
  29. Improve export of legacy lists to HTML
  30. Render footnotes
  31. Condensed font is not condensed in layout.
  32. The Document.BackgroundColor property.
  33. Support IncludeText field.
  34. Allow detecting whether the loaded document is a template.
  35. Follow the Unified pattern for Document loading and save
  36. Change all events into interfaces
  37. Provide a method to verify that a digital signature is present on a ODT file.
  38. Saving to TIFF CCITT compression makes documents hard to read
  39. “Black and White” image option is ignored upon rendering and converting to PDF.

Bug Fixes

  1. Update all code examples and documentation so it is up to date with the new public API.
  2. Write a documentation topic that lists all the breaking changes in the new API and simple instructions for customers to fix their code.
  3. Reflect that legacy PDF conversion facility has been removed from AW.
  4. Implement new shortcut icons for the installer.
  5. Investigate if XPS supports full embedded OpenType PostScript fonts.
  6. Investigate how difficult it is to subset an OpenType PostScript font for XPS.
  7. Images are lost after the document is opened/saved.
  8. Saving the document to a client browser causes error on Win2003 64-bit.
  9. System.FormatException: Adler chksum doesn’t match - when opening the file.
  10. Images are not read from DOC file.
  11. Font is changed after open/save DOT file.
  12. StackOverflowException occurs during loading document.
  13. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  14. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  15. InvalidCastException occurs during loading document.
  16. FileCorruptedException exception occurs upon opening document.
  17. EndOfStreamException occurs upon loading document.
  18. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  19. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  20. Add “how to use Aspose.Words in ColdFusion” article.
  21. Shape is lost when loading a DOCX.
  22. Bookmak which is a direct child of Body is missed upon loading.
  23. Some data that should be inside a table is displayed outside the table in ADE.
  24. IF fields conditions in Header/Footer do not work as expected upon rendering.
  25. Part of footer disappears during rendering.
  26. IF fields conditions do not work as expected.
  27. Incorrect formatting for TOC entry marked by style
  28. Number formatting is incorrect.
  29. Make font reading (of unused fonts) process silent.
  30. Some fonts are improperly rendered with the latest version of AW.
  31. Formatting set in DocumentBuilder is lost when processing fragment with InsertHtml.
  32. Html import takes long time if document consist of only one paragraph and lots of BR.
  33. List label appears at the previous page if it follows a PageBreak.
  34. Alignment of footnote is incorrect during rendering.
  35. Text is missed upon renderign if character scaling is zero.
  36. Number of pages is invisible after convertign to PDF.
  37. NullReferenceException occurs during rendering.
  38. Position of list item text is incorrect after rendering.
  39. Position of right aligned tab is incorrect upon rendering.
  40. Rendering document to pdf, fails during layout.
  41. InvalidCastException exception occurs upon executing mail merge.
  42. Number formating is incorect in German culture.
  43. “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs upon opening EML(MHTML) file.
  44. Multilevel list generated by Aspose.Words is displayed not properly in Word 2007.
  45. Formatting of border between tables cells is unexpected.
  46. CCITT3 compression for images is not working.
  47. Futura fonts are not embedded into PDF.
  48. The size of TextInputs is incorrect during rendering.
  49. DINOT fonts are not embedded into PDF.
  50. Horizontal lines made from text become larger when rendered.
  51. NullReferenceException occurs after UpdatePageLayout/UpdateFields.
  52. “Brush Script Std” font is changed to “MS Sans Serif” upon rendering.
  53. Grey text disappears during converting to image with TiffCompression.Ccitt3, Ccitt4.
  54. Trade Gothic font is changed to other font upon converting to PDF/XPS.
  55. Barcode font is changed during rendering.
  56. Consider supporting macintosh fonts durign rendering.
  57. List item text is moved right upon rendering.
  58. “neutradisp” font is changed upon rendering.
  59. UnsupportedFontFormatException occurs during converting to PDF/XPS.
  60. Extra gap appears between runs during rendering to image.
  61. Table layout is incorrect during rendering.
  62. Page Color is changed during rendering.
  63. UnsupportedFontFormatException occurs during converting to PDF/XPS.
  64. Table width is incorrect during rendering.
  65. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  66. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  67. Document.HasRevisions returns true, but document doesn’t contain revisions.
  68. UpdateFields method does not update some CustomDocumentProperties and DocVariebles.
  69. Shapes disappears after open/save document.
  70. InvalidCastException occurs during loading.
  71. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs during saving to DOC.
  72. Chinese font defined in Theme is changed after open/save.
  73. AutoShape lines look incorrect after open/save.
  74. themeFontLang (Theme Font Languages) is not supported in DOCX.
  75. STYLEREF field shows error “Error! No text of specified style in document.” in the output PDF document.
  76. Nested IF field is not evaluated.
  77. SUM(ABOVE) is calculated improperly if there is merged cells.
  78. IF filed condition is not updated during MailMerge.
  79. Additional item are displayed in the TOC after updatgin using AW.
  80. Cross-refferences in TOC are broken after updating.
  81. Numbering of TOC is incorrect after updating.
  82. Text in an ellipse is placed incorrectly
  83. Invisible borders are shown as gray borders. Rendering/PDF.
  84. Character spacing is ignored during rendering converting to PDF.
  85. Paragraph marks and line height became different.
  86. PageBreak and SectionBreakOddPage at the end of the same page produces two empty pages in PDF.
  87. A small difference in pagination location causes big difference on a large file.
  88. Child region is untouched if it is inside IF field.
  89. IndexOutOfRange exception occurs during MailMerge.
  90. Mergefields TableStart/TableEnd should be ignored during MailMerge.Execute.
  91. Font of mergefield is changed even if MERGEFORMAT switch is used.
  92. In WordML rectangle shapes can also have images.
  93. Format of date is not correct after updating fields.
  94. DetectFileFormat method returns “Doc” during checking XLS file.
  95. Font is changed from Times New Roman to Calibri after appending one document to another with KeepSourceFormatting option.
  96. Paragraph SpacingAfter is changed after appending document.
  97. Font is changing after appending to a document.
  98. Wrong font selected for rendering because themeFontLang (Theme Font Languages) is not supported.
  99. Image is placed incorrectly when converting DOC to ODT.
  100. Table fill color is lost when viewed in OpenOffice.
  101. Table row height is lost when converting DOC to ODT.
  102. Paragraph shading is lost when converting DOC to ODT.
  103. meta:value-type of user-defined properties is not preserved after open/save document using Aspose.Words.
  104. Font is changed upon converting document to PDF.
  105. Font “Humnst777 Blk BT” is rendered as normal “Humnst777 BT” during converting to PDF.
  106. Japanese text does not break to the next line in table cells during rendering/ converting to PDF.
  107. “Helvetica” fonts are changed to “Times New Roman” during rendering/converting to PDF.
  108. Output the original font name to PDF.
  109. Watermark image transparency is changed during rendering.
  110. Font is changed during converting to PDF.
  111. PDF produced by AW is corrupted if “Barcode 39HRtall” font is used.
  112. Text is clipped to almost invisible in small shapes.
  113. Table borders are lost at page break location.
  114. Width of Textboxes is less than needed.
  115. Page number style is changed from Roman to Arabic during Rendering / Converting to PDF.
  116. Font is changed from Calibri to Times New Roman after appending one document to another.
  117. Meta files are rendered incorrectly in PDF and XPS.
  118. Font is changed during rendering.
  119. Asian fonts are rendered in the wierd way.
  120. List item text is moved right upon rendering.
  121. “System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.” occurs during rendering.
  122. Position of CheckBox is incorrect after rendering.
  123. TestDefect18322 fails.
  124. Support nested TC and XE fields in RTF.
  125. Font is changed from Arial to Times New Romam during processing WML document using Aspose.Words.
  126. “Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException: The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded.” occurs during loading document.
  127. Shapes disapears upon importing WML document.
  128. Metafile is rendered incorrectly into XPS.
  129. Create UserDocsApiLinker utility.
  130. DEBT: Left and Right Indents for LTR vs RTL Paragraphs.
  131. Rework visiting of NodeRange.
  132. Delete old PDF conversion code.
  133. Use new templates for Demos.
  134. Make order of font declarations in OPF stable.
  135. Test ODT Export and Import.
  136. REF and PAGEREF fields are broken after open/save the document using Aspose.Words.
  137. Image is compressed horizontally upon rendering.
  138. “Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException: The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded.” occurs during opening.
  139. REF field loses its functionality after open/save document.
  140. FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.
  141. REF field values is not updated.
  142. Two items of TOC are lost after updating fields.
  143. UpdateFields with a TOC in a large document is slow.
  144. Souvienne font is rendered incorrectly.
  145. TestGoldHtmlFontResources.TestFontResourcesStreams Failed.
  146. InvalidOperationException occur upon opening large HTML document.
  147. No horizontal spacing in table cells before text.
  148. Using [div] in InsertHtml sets SpaceAfterAuto to true.
  149. Unnecessary gray area is shown at the top-left corner. Rendeing/Convertign to PDF.
  150. Text is displayed improperly in PDF and XPS.
  151. Inline shape in the document header pushes content of the document down upon rendering.
  152. Japanese characters look improperly after rendering to PDF and XPS.
  153. Part of content was cropped during rendering.
  154. Background turns to lilac while rendering.
  155. Header appears on the first page during rendering.
  156. Footnote layout code time grows exponentially.
  157. Document is truncated during layout.
  158. Document is rendered incorrectly into image\PDF\XPS.
  159. SmartTags are not removed when accept all revisions.
  160. REF to bookmark is not updated.
  161. “System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” occurs during rendering.
  162. Support Legacy List Formatting - Spaces after numbers in numbering list are incorrect.
  163. Bullet appears underlined during rendering.
  164. Unexpected behavior upon updating TOC if heading paragraphs contains pagebreaks.
  165. Textboxes are misplaced after open/save ODT document.
  166. One of the output ODT files in Excel2Word sample can’t be opened.
  167. Table disappears after open/save ODT document.
  168. ODF Plugfest 20100415. Text color is changed during ODT to ODT conversion.
  169. ODF Plugfest 20100415. Tab positions get changed during ODT to ODT conversion.
  170. Graphics is displased when converting ODT to DOCX.
  171. Text background changes when converting ODT to DOCX.
  172. Document looks ugly when converted ODT to DOC.
  173. Document looks really ugly when converted ODT to DOC.
  174. ODF Plugfest 20090615. Numbering incorrect for 2nd numbered list in ODT 2 ODT.
  175. ODF Plugfest 20090615. Page margins are incorrect in ODT 2 ODT import.
  176. Paragraphs becomes with gray background after rendering/converting to PDF.
  177. “System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘” occurs during rendering to PDF and XPS.
  178. Shading should have no gaps between conforming paragraphs.
  179. Rendering of a barcode font does not work - renders normal text instead.
  180. Background color has been changed during converting to PDF and XPS.
  181. Paragraph borders are rendered improperly.
  182. Content of page and NUMPAGES field disappear upon rendering document.
  183. Lines are missed from Meta file during rendering.
  184. Meta file is cropped during rendering to PDF and XPS.
  185. Table cell border becomes double line upon rendering.
  186. “ArgumentOutOfRangeException: ‘capacity’ must be non-negative.” Exception occurs upon saving to XPS.
  187. Extra line has been added into the output document during rendering.
  188. “System.InvalidOperationException: Requested a name string that is not present in the font.” occurs during rendering.
  189. The header form the first page appears on the 3rd page.
  190. Position of footer is incorrect during rendering.
  191. GDI+ exception occurs during rendering.
  192. Table row is overlapped by paragraph with multiple 0.2 line spacing.
  193. Part of content is moved to the previous page during rendering in Windows 2003.
  194. Extra white spaces were added between words during rendering..
  195. Top margin is incorrect during rendering.
  196. Black rectangle appears in the left top corner of page during rendering.
  197. NullReferenceException occurs during rendering.
  198. Undefined characters are shown upon converting to PDF and XPS.
  199. Aspose.Words hangs during rendering.
  200. Part of table border disappears during rendering.
  201. Part of table content is truncated during rendering.
  202. Table is clipped upon rendering.
  203. TC fields are lost upon RTF import.
  204. BuiltInDocumentProperties.Version returns value of RevisionNumber when work with RTF document.
  205. XE fields are missed during loading RTF document.
  206. System.NullReferenceException occurs during rendering.
  207. “Not enough storage space is available to complete this operation” exception occurs during printing document using XpsPrintHelper.
  208. Transparent background is not rendered to XPS.
  209. Check XPS test on different display resolutions.

Aspose.Cells for .NET

New Features

  1.  Includes Smart Tags support for XLSX files.
  2.  Converts Sparklines to images.
  3.  Provides support for image Smart Markers.
  4.  Supports Cell’s gradient fills and theme of XLS file.
  5.  Renders Cell’s pattern fills in the generated PDF file.
  6.  Adds support for Pdf/A-1b compliance.
  7.  Improves performance and quality of the generated PDF files.
  8.  Converts hierarchical custom collections to Dataset which contain relations.
  9.  Includes Scroll event.
  10. Provides an overloaded version for the SumSelectedRanges method to exclude hidden cells.

  11. Supports setting visibilities of context menu items.

  12. Provides support for text rotation (90 and -90 degrees).

  13. Supports firing CellDataChanged event when a formula is evaluated.

  14. Enhances the performance of saving PDF files.

  15. Supports clicking column header to select entire column, clicking top-left corner to select entire sheet’s cells similar to MS Excel’s behavior.

  16. Provides support for iterative calculations.

  17. Supports named ranges.

  18. Allows obtaining data field name at client side.

  19. Includes printing feature at client side.


  21. Allows undoing changes by code.

  22. Supports undoing changes of comments.

  23. Provides support to set visibilities of comments.

  24. Supports to set indent (style) while formatting cells.

  25. Imports or exports pictures of Excel files.


Bug Fixes

  1.        Borders are not rendered for the merged cells
  2.        Changes the duplicate worksheet’s name in ImportExcelFile method
  3.        Converts chart to image
  4.        Data tables, Values and Category are lost for XY Scatter graphs
  5.        Excel Chart to image problem
  6.        Bubble charts
  7.        Aspose.Cells throwing out of memory exceptions in Azure
  8.        Export different to Excel's
  9.        Find error saving PDF File
  10.    One font in XLSX results in two fonts in PDF
  11.    Currency formatted blank cells
  12.    Issue of converting Excel to PDF
  13.    Decimal values are not displayed if only zeroes are there
  14.    Built In Properties
  15.    Excel to PDF Conversion Issue
  16.    Saving to PDF - Troubles with font
  17.    PDF document appears to be corrupted
  18.    Issue of saving PDF
  19.    Calculated formulas not updating on conversion from Cells to PDF
  20.    Conversion Issue with Data showing up as Number signs
  21.    Calculated formulas not updating on conversion from Cells to PDF
  22.    Conversion Issue with Data showing up as Number signs
  23.    Invalid end column index exception
  24.    Not Properly Format Numeric data
  25.    Line in graphics not converted
  26.    The performance of worksheet2image
  27.    No response from SheetRender
  28.    How to find grouped rows and columns
  29.    Calculate external formulas
  30.    Conditional formatting formula
  31.    Moving range behaves incorrect
  32.    This file was created using a later version
  33.    Sorting within groups does not work
  34.    Shape.AlternativeText
  35.    Supports adding Tif Image with Pictures.Add() method
  36.    Worsheet.Copy is pegging CPU at 100%
  37.    Supports PageLayoutView
  38.    Compatibility Problem with MS Excel
  39.    Incorrect Formula(Cell.formula and ExternalLink)
  40.    Supports copying hyperlink in copying range.
  41.    Lost macros when saving in XLSM-format
  42.    How to set transparent color to a picture
  43.    How to move the Command Button
  44.    Existing Conditional Formatting Changes
  45.    Value was either too large or too small for an Int16
  46.    Pivot Table Page Fields not working in Excel 2007
  47.    Subtotals Issue
  48.    The issue of opening XLSM file.
  49.    Invalid end column index exception with XLSX file
  50.    Chart title with formula issue
  51.    Chart tick label format issue when converting to PDF
  52.    Chart\_Overlapping issue
  53.    Truncated data label issue
  54.    Invalid Cell Name while saving in PDF format
  55.    Layout and design of first sheet is lost and text overlaps
  56.    ToImage throws Exception
  57.    Office 2010 has detected a problem with the XLS file
  58.    Problem with saving as XLS
  59.    Offset Combinations issue
  60.    CalculateFormula on my file gives error
  61.    Combine with charts causing plot area mismatch
  62.    Issues with a simple chart
  63.    Textbox Format is lost for Excel 2007 workbook
  64.    Hyperlinks for Embedded Objects are lost
  65.    Remove ConditonalFormatting of the range
  66.    Conditional Formatting issue
  67.    Print Area/ Chart
  68.    Conversion to PDF through Aspose.Cells Shrinks text
  69.    Look and feel of generated PDF is not same as Excel
  70.    SaveAs PDF Issue - Corrupted PDF
  71.    Error converting Excel2003XML to XLSX
  72.    Combine with charts causing plot area mismatch
  73.    Conditional Formatting issue as of version 4.8.1
  74.    Copy Excel having Command button event handler
  75.    Document becomes unreadable
  76.    Error Opening Large Files Aspose.Cells v4.7.1.0
  77.    Office 2010 has detected a problem with this XLS file
  78.    PivotTables unable to view
  79.    Problem on attribute IsStrikeout
  80.    Undesired behavior of Worksheet.Move method
  81.    Bar chart format lost when saved
  82.    Line chart format lost when saved
  83.    Picture reference deleted with Version
  84.    Pivot tables corrupted on passing through Aspose.Cells
  85.    Workbook.CalculateFormula() doesn't calculate the values
  86.    Bug of formula calculation engine
  87.    Entered percent values are treated as string value.
  88.    WebWorksheets.AddCopy() misses copying formulas.
  89.    Enable to copy a WebWorksheet object from specified GridWeb control.
  90.    GridWeb control is rendered very tall in Visual Studio 2010.
  91.    A StackOverflowException will be raised
  92.    Serialization issue.
  93.    Cells data format issue - Dates turn into numbers
  94.    An exception is raised when merging 0 rows or 0 columns range.
  95.    VLOOKUP function does not support using double or int value
  96.    Saving Excel document as HTML takes very long
  97.    Missing Logo and Fuzzy / Light Text
  98.    PDF Conversion problem
  99.    Difference in printing from Excel and Outputting to PDF
  100. Image width shrunk in conversion to PDF

  101. PDF look and feel differs from XLSX

  102. Date format

  103. Filesize = 0 when converted to PDF

  104. Convert this file to PDF

  105. Excel File cannot be converted to PDF due to Invalid pdf format error

  106. Text comes out of table and fails to print completely

  107. 2003 XLS with PivotTables corrupted

  108. DataBordyRange is not returning correct area

  109. Pivot table causes errors in XLSX files but works fine in XLS

  110. SpreadsheetML document opening issue with namespace attributes

  111. Copy Excel having Command button event handler

  112. getPrecedents returns a column 164

  113. Error on Named Range Array Formula

  114. Problems of save table as Excel97to2003

  115. Excel document with grouped images issue

  116. LoadOptions. ConvertNumericData

  117. Issue with Passwords and Excel 2003

  118. INDEX AND LOOKUP FORMULAS issue in GridWeb.

  119. Losing individual data point label formats

  120. Problem in adding Hyperlink to Cell

  121. ImportTwoDimensionArray seems to invalidate some cells

  122. Excel Found unreadable content error dialog

  123. Cannot open Excel workbook containing chart

  124. Problems with worksheets with comma character

  125. Exact format of excel cell data not captured

  126. Lock cells not working

  127. Scroll bar issue

  128. Excel found unreadable content in ‘file.xlsx’

  129. Error opening workbook

  130. Sparklines issue – Office 2010

  131. Extracting values as a result of formula, the values come out wrong

  132. It gives error (Object reference not set to an instance) when I’m loading this simple Excel 2007 file

  133. Unable to change cell borders

Aspose.Pdf for .NET

New Features

  1.  Add start/end indent properties rendering.
  2.  Add Page sequence master testing class method
  3.  Add margin bottom, left, right, top rendering function
  4.  Create number-columns-repeated function
  5.  Implement, word-spacing property, unit test
  6.  Add padding before/bottom/end/left/right/start property rendering
  7.  Added the support for HTML controls while transforming HTML contents into PDF file.

Bug Fixes

  1.  Images in HTML Text are not displayed             
  2.  Embedding two Postscript fonts, generates an error     
  3.  Replaceable Symbols support
  4.  Paragraphs.Add does not add new pages          
  5.  Object reference not set to an instance of an object        
  6.  Index was outside the bounds of the array.                     
  7.  Producer field must be "\[Product Name\] \[Product Version\]"         
  8.  Add start/end indent properties rendering.                                
  9.  Add Page sequence master testing class method           
  10. Add margin bottom, left, right, top rendering function

  11. Create number-columns-repeated function

  12. Implement, word-spacing property, unit test

  13. Add padding before/bottom/end/left/right/start property rendering

  14. Add ‘fit-to-page’ property/method

  15. will the GetMaxColumnWidth become obsolete ?

  16. Issue with PositioningType.PageRelative

  17. Bottom border of table row is not displaying on subsequent pages

  18. XML Template stopped working after upgrade

  19. Throw exception if embedded font is not found

  20. Dollar signs causing previous text on line to be removed

  21. Background coloring eats cell border lines.

  22. MyriadProBold font cannot be used in 4.1.2

  23. System Defined Bullets are not working for heading object

  24. return value of GetStringWidth has changed from v4.1.2 to v4.4

  25. Inconsistency in the text placement using different sizes of font.

  26. All the text is bold when using HTML text to generate PDF

  27. Improve products performance

  28. StackOverflow Exception is occurring when using HTML text inside table

  29. IsBroken Nested table Issue

  30. Nested Tables, textual area cell IsBroken-Issue

  31. IsBroken not working correctly when using inside a Nested Tables

  32. ImageInfo.DefaultFile is not working

  33. Problem converting multipage tiff to PDF using MemoryStream

  34. Create line-height function support

Aspose.Slides for .NET

New Features

  1.  Video frame read as picture frame

Bug Fixes

  1.  Title text gets inverted during PDF conversion
  2.  "Parameter is not valid" exception when converting PPT to PDF
  3.  Fonts and Background theme changed when exporting to PDF
  4.  Text missing in title slide, Text formatting losing & white color
  5.  All slides get blank in the exported PDF
  6.  Slide text missing in generated PDF
  7.  “Unsupported Format” exception on opening PowerPoint 2010 PPTX
  8.  “IndexOutOfBound” exception on exporting to PDF
  9.  Convert PPT to PDF causing “UnsupportedFontHeadVersion” exception
  10. “UnsupportedFormat” exception when opening PowerPoint 2003 PPTX file

  11. Problem removing Master Slides in PPTX

  12. Not a Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation

  13. Add and Remove methods for Slide.SlideComments

  14. Tabs not handled properly as text got shifted

  15. Improper Image rendering in generated PDF

  16. Automatic video playback setting lost for PPTX

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET

New Features

  1.  Changing image color depth
  2.  Ignore blank pages while converting PDF to TIFF
  3.  Allow to set orientation - landscape or portrait - while converting to TIFF
  4.  Allow setting margins while converting to TIFF
  5.  Provide support to check whether file is a 'PDF Portfolio'
  6.  PdfConverter throws exception while converting to EMF
  7.  Allow to specify new font size while replacing text
  8.  Provide support to specify Font Family while replacing text
  9.  Provide support to specify Font Color while replacing text
  10. Provide support to specify Font Style while replacing text

  11. Force to produce monochrome images while using CCITT4 compression

  12. Provide support to check whether file is a ‘PDF Portfolio’

  13. Remove OpenAction command with GoTo Page action from the files

  14. XMP manipulation

Bug Fixes

  1.  Pdf to Image Conversion spikes memory
  2.  Memory spikes during DoConvert and never returns back
  3.  Text goes out of borders when printed with PdfViewer
  4.  SaveAsTIFF produces output image 4X larger in memory size
  5.  Some text which is invisible in view mode while shown when converted to image
  6.  Partial PDF to image conversion
  7.  Text color and line art is changed on the output images
  8.  Text color and line art is changed on the output images 2
  9.  Unable to delete the output file after concatenation
  10. Aspose does not support Field Flattening in append mode

  11. The output file produced by Concatenate method is unreadable

  12. Unable to find option list for specified field

  13. Problem concatenating PDF files

  14. Append method produces 0 byte output file

  15. Concatenate: Error processing the page - Problem reading document

  16. Multiple issues with a set of PDF files while concatenating

  17. Aspose.Pdf.Kit.PdfFileEditor Concatenate incorrect order and some garbage PDFs

  18. Improve ExtractText performance

  19. GetNextImage takes 20 second for a single page

  20. PDF to Image conversion takes a lot of time

  21. Gradient fill quality improvements

  22. API Enhancement - Form.FieldsNames should be Form.FieldNames

  23. Reduce TIFF file size in converting to TIFF

  24. ExtractText is too slow

  25. Font Arial Bold is not being applied in FormattedText

  26. PDF to TIFF Conversion Issue

  27. Exception pages are corrupt or too many pages on HasNextImage

  28. PDF to Image Adding Extra Text in Images

  29. A special symbol is placed when text is replaced with small letters

  30. Problem getting field caption

  31. Incorrect text is produced on converting PDF to image

  32. Null pointer exception at file parsing

  33. Font changed when field is filled and flattened

  34. Unable to flatten all the fields

  35. Setting AllowFillIn to false is not working properly

  36. Wrong text extracting, please check your PDF.: v4.3.0.2

  37. PdfConverter throws exception during convert to *.emf

  38. Background colors are lost on image conversion

  39. PdfConverter produces empty table without any text data

  40. Pages Corrupt Error

  41. A generic error occurred in GDI+ while using ColorDepth.Format1bpp

  42. PageModeUseOC not working

  43. Unable to fill fields using ImportXml

  44. Checkbox is not filled using ImportXml 1

  45. Checkbox is not filled using ImportXml 2

  46. Checkbox is not filled using ImportXml 3

  47. Checkbox is not filled using ImportXml 4

  48. Checkboxes are not filled ImportXml

  49. Problem while concatenating files containing barcode field

  50. Aspose PDF Kit not working for some of the PDF Files

  51. Signature is not visible in Signature Panel when visibility set to false

  52. Using Form object twice throws exception: Stream does not support writing.

  53. PdfConverter output image quality concern

  54. Text is cut off when field is filled using Form class

  55. Annotations are duplicated after modifying author

  56. DeleteAnnotations problem in

  57. NullPointerException: Object reference not set to an instance of object

  58. SetSubmitButtonUrl not working in 4.6.0

  59. Problem processing encrypted file

  60. Problem adding Japanese text stamp

  61. Extracted images are not correct

  62. Unable to flatten bar code field

  63. Text is repeated on the converted images

  64. Concatenate loses Javascript in the output file

  65. Flattening fields filled with Arabic and Chinese characters

  66. Attachment is lost when file is encrypted

  67. Unable to fill the fields from the XML

  68. Using MemoryStreams with Certificate or PdfFileSignature throws exception

  69. Adobe Illustrator files to JPEG

Aspose.BarCode for .NET

New Features

  1.  Introduced new RecognitionHints called ThresholdHints, allowing users to choose the algorithm of threshold calculating

Bug Fixes

  1.  Barcode is not found from tif image when area is specified
  2.  System.IndexOutOfRangeException on BarCodeReader.Read() method
  3.  Barcode license does not work on 64 bit OS
  4.  AZTEC barcode recognition problem
  5.  Aztec recognition test for area detect fix
  6.  PDF417 Columns not working
  7.  Barcode recognition dll crashes with VS 2010 and .NET 4.0
  8.  EAN128 : ERROR on FNC1 Encoding

Aspose.Task for .NET

New Features

  1.  Read ACWP data from MPP 2003/2007/2010 files
  2.  Read TotalSlack data from MPP 2003/2007/2010 files
  3.  Read project settings for earned values calculation
  4.  Calculate BCWS, BCWP, ACWP, CV values
  5.  Implement ProjectReader and ProjectWriter events for XML data processing customization
  6.  Add Calendar's support methods for next working day start and previous working day finish calculation 
  7.  Read StartVariance and FinishVariance for tasks and resource assignments from MPP files
  8.  Read Outline codes definition from MPP files when look-up table contains wrong rows
  9.  Write updated MPP file common project properties back to MPP file
  10. Provide support for ManualStart, ManualFinish and ManualDuration for MS Project 2010 MPP and XML formats

  11. Provide read support for MS Project 2010 XML format

  12. MS Project 2010 Data Interchange XML write support

Bug Fixes

  1.  Improve project common properties reading
  2.  Invalid empty tasks importing from XML project files
  3.  Reading project Outline Codes from MPP 2007 files
  4.  Incorrect WorkContour data reading from MPP files
  5.  Incorrect MPP TimePhased data reading
  6.  Task's WBS codes missed when read project data from MPP file
  7.  Exception on Project's outline codes definitions reading  from MPP file
  8.  Incorrect Baseline duration data reading from MPP files

Aspose.Network for .NET

New Features

  1.  Add support for Outlook PST file format 97 - 2002
  2.  Access outlook contacts from PST file
  3.  Added EntryID property in Aspose.Network.Outlook.Pst.MessageInfo and FolderInfo
  4.  Added PreserveOriginalDates in MailMessage class, if set to true, created and modified dates of original message is preserved in EML to MSG conversion

Bug Fixes

  1.  ImapClient.ChangeMessageFlags does not work with recent and flagged
  2.  Embedded images are not loaded properly from an MHT file
  3.  Message with embedded image is not saved properly using MailMessageSaveType.OutlookMessageFormatUnicode option
  4.  When comma character is used in meeting requests an extra backslash character is added
  5.  Folder information is not received correctly after sending the status command
  6.  SmtpClient throws exception if PickupDirectory method is used to send email
  7.  ImapClient - Cannot add message to a folder with space in its name
  8.  PersonalStorage.FromFile() method throws exception
  9.  message flags are not correctly set after listing messages from Imap server
  10. using Imap on Gmail, only Inbox folder is selectable

  11. cannot move a message to trash folder in Gmail using Imap

  12. Special characters are not handled properly by MapiMessage.BodyRtf

  13. Custom headers are not fetched correctly by ExchangeClient

  14. Meeting organizer options are not available in Outlook after sending the appointment

  15. When EML files with TNEF attachments are saved again in EML format, attachments are not saved in TNEF format

  16. PST FolderInfo.GetContents() throws exception while reading a folder from PST

  17. Exception thrown while extracting message from various large and complex PST files

  18. Swedish characters are not saved properly when converting message from MSG to MHT or EML format

  19. ImapClient.NewMessageCount property returns incorrect values

  20. ImapMessageInfo.Subject, From and To contain null or blank for un-read messages

  21. Outlook calendar attachment contains missing information, when saved from an MSG file

Aspose.Form for .NET

New Features

  1.  Support for InfoPath to PDF/A conversion.
  2.  Converting InfoPath forms to PDF/A through API only.

Aspose.Flash for .NET

New Features

  1.  Allow to exclude sound while converting FLV to SWF

Bug Fixes

  1.  Merging XML and SWF    
  2.  Unsupported audio format' exception while unpacking FLV
  3.  Unexpected font parsing issue
  4.  The sound is not good in SWF created from FLV
  5.  FromSVG causes 'Index was outside the bounds of the array' error
  6.  Extract Chinese characters from the SWF file

Aspose.Report for .NET

New Features

  1.  Extended query parsing (Ability to parse queries which are not saved using AdHoc.Web component)
  2.  Ability to control the transparency of data points through XML
  3.  API to control the width of a legend marker (Line and Curve chart types)
  4.  API to control the dash style of a legend marker (Line and Curve chart types)
  5.  API to suppress the validation messages

Bug Fixes

  1.  Incorrect SQL parsing using AdHoc.ParseSQLStatement.        
  2.  Parsing error: First group breaks into rules on page 2.     
  3.  Incorrect parsing of WHERE statement when first group exists.
  4.  Incorrect parsing of WHERE statement when first group exists.                
  5.  All items should be visible in the drop down on page 2 of the AdHoc component.

Aspose.Slides for SharePoint

New Features

  1.  PPT, PPS, POT, PPTX, PPSX, POTX to PDF, TIFF, XPS conversion

Download Aspose.Total for .NET

What’s New in Aspose.Total for Java Q3 2010:

Aspose.Cells for Java

New Features

  1.  Provides support for AES encryption type for Excel 2007 files.
  2.  Supports reading/writing PivotTables for Excel 2007 files.
  3.  Adds svg/svgz image format support for Chart to Image feature.
  4.  Supports multiple print areas for PageSetup options.
  5.  Sets custom number formats for PivotField.
  6.  Includes new Built-in document properties for Excel 2007 file.
  7.  Combines multiple Workbooks.
  8.  Supports to save PDF to Stream for the direct Excel to PDF feature.
  9.  An enhancement is made for reading/writing Excel 2007 files.
  10. An enhancement is made for reading/writing Excel 2003 files.

  11. An enhancement is made for reading XLS template files.

  12. Includes Sheet to Image, Sheet to Print and Workbook to Print features

  13. Supports Conditional formatting for Excel to Pdf feature

  14. Provides support for grouping pivot table fields in Excel2007 files

  15. Keeps macros when converting Excel97-2003 files to Excel2007 files

  16. Renders Shapes when converting to Pdf files, e.g. TextBox, Rectangle, Oval, Arc

  17. Supports to get/set full name of the source file for the Ole Object

  18. Enhancement is made for reading/saving Conditional formatting

  19. Enhancement is made for Chart to Image feature

  20. Enhancement is made for direct Excel to Pdf feature

  21. Enhancement is made for formatting of cell values

  22. Enhancement is made for removing header/footer of PageSetup

  23. Enhancement is made for copying cells

  24. Supports more flexible model for calculating custom functions.

  25. Includes error checking options for cells.

  26. Mathematical calculation of Range parameters in formulas is added.

  27. Provides support to set linked cells for chart frames such as Title, Data Labels.

  28. Supports to manipulate window position and size properties for Workbook.

  29. Reading/Saving Excel 2007 files operation is enhanced.

  30. Chart to Image feature is enhanced.

  31. Direct Excel to PDF feature is enhanced.

  32. Formatting Cell values is enhanced.

  33. Reading Excel 97-2003 files operation is enhanced.

  34. Saving charts module is enhanced.

  35. Formula Calculation Engine is enhanced.

Bug Fixes

  1.  AES encryption type for Excel 2007 files
  2.  Combine workbooks
  3.  Direct xls2pdf: save to OutputStream
  4.  Reading the template file
  5.  Line coloring, RichText format
  6.  Column width issue
  7.  Generated PDF remains empty
  8.  getStringValue()
  9.  Chart2Image
  10. Dynamic formulas

  11. Copy worksheet, copy formula

  12. Setting standard column width for sheet

  13. Saving Pdf

  14. Saving Pivot Table for Excel 2007 file

  15. Setting font name for Excel 2007 file

  16. Cell.getDependents() throws exception

  17. Print areas in exported PDF

  18. Removing worksheet with pictures

  19. Improving performance of saving Pdf

  20. Excel 2007 Document Properties

  21. Setting custom format to pivotField dataField

  22. Saving Chart for Excel 2007 files

  23. Saving document property for Excel 2007 file

  24. Getting DataLabels properties

  25. PivotTable

  26. Use direct xls2pdf instead of xsl2pdf with Aspose.Pdf

  27. Copy cells

  28. Number format

  29. Source file name of OleObject

  30. Read excel2007 file

  31. Conditional formattings

  32. Formula

  33. Sheet2Print, Sheet2Image

  34. Save shapes for excel2007

  35. Draw textbox to pdf

  36. Remove header/footer

  37. Group pivottable

  38. Keep macros when saving excel2007

  39. Multiple Datasets with long names

  40. toImage() Method

  41. Sheet’s VeryHidden property

  42. Protect type MODIFY_FILE

  43. Save shapes for excel2007

  44. Shape.getLinkedCell

  45. Number format

  46. Encryption for excel2007

  47. Conditional formattings for pdf

  48. Legend order

  49. Formula calculation

  50. Save Excel2007 file

  51. Read Excel2007 file

  52. Cells.getMaxDataColumn()

  53. Error check options

  54. Save Chart for excel2003 file

  55. Linked cells for ChartFrames such as Title/DataLabels

  56. Cell borders

  57. WaterFall Chart using StackedBar chart

  58. Get shape’s size, Read style

  59. Cell.getStringValue()/getValueType

  60. Calculate array formula with empty cells in range

  61. 3-Condition limit for conditional formattings

  62. Calculate custom functions

  63. Calculate formula with ICustomFunctionEx

  64. Calculate custom functions

  65. IF function calculation for empty cells

  66. Get window position and size properties

  67. VALUE function for empty cells

  68. Support Name for INDIRECT function

Aspose.Pdf for Java

New Features

  1.  In order to improve Java interface, new overloaded methods (bindXML(InputStream) and save(OutputStream stream)) are added to Pdf class.

Bug Fixes

  1.  Pdf file opening issue
  2.  Issue while adding image to PDF from remote URL
  3.  load XML contents from memory
  4.  Multiple call of setLicence method cause runtime exception
  5.  Can't set BMP image from memory
  6.  Printing a paragraph from a new PDF page
  7.  It is impossible to print whitespaces sequence with an underline to PDF document
  8.  Issue with PositioningType.PageRelative
  9.  setLicense fails  

Aspose.Slides for Java

Bug Fixes

  1.  NullPointerException while opening PPT file
  2.  Tables sometimes not rendered and not exported to PDF
  3.  Improper slide thumbnail generated
  4.  SlideEx.GetThumnail raises NullPointerException
  5.  NullPointer Exception while cloning PPTX
  6.  Problem Reading PPTX slides having tables
  7.  Problem Reading PPTX if contains hyperlinks
  8.  Headless exception problem with 2.2.0 for Java
  9.  Pink background in slide thumbnail
  10. Error reading Fonts, if Fonts inherit styles from Master Slide (PPTX)

  11. Headless exception when generating slide thumbnail in Oracle Application Server Environement

  12. NullPointerException thrown on pdf save in Unix/Linux

  13. NullPointerException on thumbnail generation

  14. Slide index needed in Unsupported Image type

  15. setDateTimeFormat() in HeaderFooter class unavailable

  16. Add/Remove Slide.SlideComments()

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

New Features

  1.  Allow to wordwrap the string while replacing text
  2.  Specify output image quality level
  3.  Provide support to specify Font Color while replacing text
  4.  Provide support to specify Font Style while replacing text
  5.  Provide support to specify Font Family while replacing text
  6.  Allow to find the font size of an existing text

Bug Fixes

  1.  All text is not extracted from the specified rectangle
  2.  Extracted text using rectangle method is weird
  3.  Unable to extract text properly
  4.  A special symbol is placed when text is replaced with small letters
  5.  Problem extracting text from rectangle
  6.  Unable to cast object: Error encounted while saving a PDF form
  7.  Replace text is not working properly
  8.  Annotations end up in the lower-left corner on flattening
  9.  Unable to replace Swedish characters
  10. Unable to replace Norwegian characters

  11. Throw proper exception when page is out of range

  12. Word space and new lines are missing while extracting text

  13. Unable to replace Norwegian characters

  14. Exception “invalid value Off is specified for the element”

  15. Unable to flatten all the fields

  16. Throws NullPointerException on flattenAllFields

  17. Re-package the JAR file with classes in unique package name

  18. Minimize temporary files usage to ensure multithread-safety

  19. PdfExtractor, PdfConverter and PDfViewer don’t work in Linux

  20. throws ‘Unknown Source’ exception on Weblogic

  21. Russian text replaced with Russian text does not work

  22. Exception on PdfConverter in Servlet/Weblogic environment

  23. Swedish characters are lost when form is filled

  24. Stamped file is rotated with duplicate contents 2

  25. Stamped file is rotated with duplicate contents

  26. English text replaced with Russian text shows incorrect letters

  27. Class cast exception

Aspose.BarCode for Java

New Features

  1.  Italian Post 25 barcode generation
  2.  Italian Post 25 barcode recognition
  3.  IATA 2 of 5 barcode generation
  4.  IATA 2 of 5 barcode recognition
  5.  "Royal Mail 4-state Customer Code" barcode generation
  6.  Aztec 2D barcode recognition


  1.  MacroPDF binary encoding issue
  2.  FNC1 encode error in EAN128 generation
  3.  "CloneNotSupportedException" is thrown while recognizing some datamatrix barcodes
  4.  PDF417 Columns not working correctly

Aspose.Report for Java

New Features

  1.  Support for XML serialization of all 2D charts
  2.  Support for XML deserialization of all 2D charts
  3.  Support for customization of spaces between the markers
  4.  Support for additional customization of grid lines
  5.  Improved plotting of Curve charts
  6.  Ability to customize the labels’ area of a Radar Chart
  7.  Separate build for Java 1.4 environment
  8.  Separate build for Java 1.5 environment
  9.  Structure of the packages after obfuscation.

Bug Fixes

  1.  Some surface chart areas is painted incorrectly.
  2.  Custom markers' lines for secondary axis.
  3.  The area of surface chart is shifted.
  4.  Gaps in Surface chart.
  5.  Axis step is not defined.
  6.  The exception occurs while Pie chart is being built.

Aspose.Network for Java

New Features

  1.  Read Outlook MSG files and its properties like subject, recipients, sender, body etc
  2.  Create new or update existing MSG file and update its properties
  3.  Read and extract attachments from MSG file
  4.  Read Outlook MAPI properties

Download Aspose.Total for Java

What’s New in Aspose.Total for Reporting Services Q3 2010:

Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services

New Features

  1.  Support for SQL Server 2008 SP2 CU8

Bug Fixes

  1.  Cells padding and border rendering issue in exported presentation
  2.  Missing Slide and data in exported PPT

Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services

New Features

  1.  Supports ODS export format.
  2.  Supports XLSB export format.

Bug Fixes

  1.  Aspose Cells suppressing headers on export.
  2.  Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
  3.  How to install a new version.
  4.  How to install a new version.
  5.  Can't install on SQL 2008 64-bit. 
  6.  Page breaks not happening. 
  7.  Unreadable content found in Excel after downloading from report using Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.
  8.  Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services OpenDocument format support.
  9.  Not able to export SSRS report header into Excel.
  10. Incorrect Row Height.

  11. RunningValue function.

Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services

  1. _Font size rendering issue
  2. Integrating Aspose.Pdf.ReportingServices with Microsoft Report Viewer in Local
  3. _Mode does not work
  4. _Component throwing exception after solution conversion
  5. _Problem while generating Table of Contents in PDF
  6. _ReportViewer extension bookmarks handling exception on MS sample
  7. _Unknown attribute in Heading element. The attribute name is Width.
  8. _Large images are generated in TOC demo in Aspose.Pdf SSRS 1.7.0
  9. _ReportViewer 2008 extension throws exception on demo conversion
  10. _Un-installation doesn’t remove all information
  11. _Exception while report conversion from web-interface
  12. _Invalid parameter value exception

Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services

New Features

  1. RM4SCC (Royal Mail 4-state Customer Code) barcode type generation
  2. Improved the IDE designer

Bug Fixes

  1. PDF417 Columns not working

Download Aspose.Total for Reporting Services

What’s New in Aspose.Total for JasperReports Q3 2010:

Aspose.Slides for JasperReports

Bug Fixes

  1. Blurred Charts in PPT with Aspose.Slides for JasperReports

Aspose.BarCode for JasperReports

New Features

  1. Italian Post 25 barcode generation with checksum support and automatic grouping of codetext
  2. Support RM4SCC (Royal Mail Four States Customer) barcode generation with checksum support and automatic calculation of height of four state bars
  3. IATA 2 of 5 (International Air Transport Assosiation 2 of 5) barcode generation with checksum support

Download Aspose.Total for JasperReports