In the previous post we celebrated all unit tests passed for a completely autoportable Aspose.Foundation (or internal library).

Now we are back to making the remainder of Aspose.Words C# source autoportable.

I used to treat the actual number of classes in Aspose.Words as confidential and disclosed the progress as percentage only e.g. 73% done. But I just remembered that anyone can easily count the number of classes in any .NET assembly in ildasm or Reflector so I don’t think it makes sense to keep it confidential anymore. Using actual numbers will make the stats more lively too.

So some interesting facts about Aspose.Words.

  • Total types (classes, enums, interfaces) 2522, out of that:
  • Public types approx 180.
  • Test classes 540
  • 2388 are marked for automatic porting
  • 21 for manual porting (platform independence layer)
  • 113 not to be ported to Java (mostly excluded features)

For autoporting I count 2388 for automatic porting + 21 for manual porting = 2409 total. From these:

  • 1837 compiles on Java okay = 76.2%.
  • 572 still has autoporting problems to resolve = 23.7%.

I have also uploaded one more video about autoporting. This one is about how we are fixing the files that do not compile on Java.