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Read MPP files created by MS Project 2010 and saved as MS Project 2003/2007 MPP files

Aspose.Tasks for .NET 3.5.0 has been released. This release supports reading MPP files created by MS Project 2010 and saved as older MPP formats like 2003/2007. OnlyTableValuesAllowed flag is also supported in this release and you can modify this flag when customizing the outline code field.

This release supports more languages for resource phonetics field and also allows you to reorder resources and resource assignments’ arrays by IDs when reading data from MPP files.

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Read Messages and Contacts from Outlook PST using Java

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Network for Java v2.0, which now supports reading Outlook PST files. You can now read folders and messages information from the PST file as well as extract and export the messages from PST to disk in MSG format.

For download and release notes, please visit: Reading

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Autoporting Aspose.Words for Java Progress – 26th Nov 2010

We have 9100 unit tests in Aspose.Words for Java and 923 of them pass right now.

On the surface it might look ugly that 90% of the tests fail. But there seems to be a few simple problems (stubs instead of code in some of the most basic platform abstraction methods such as formatting a double into a string). I am sure fixing those will get hundreds and thousands of unit tests to pass.

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Read Excel 2007 Theme Colors and Charts/Shapes are rendered for HTML Conversion in Aspose.Cells for Java 2.4.3

We have published Aspose.Cells for Java v2.4.3 for the users.


In this version, we have supported reading Excel 2007 Theme colors. While saving files to HTML format, the charts/shapes are rendered now. We have also made enhancements for the following features:

  • Chart to Image
  • Direct Excel to PDF feature


There are some other fixes and enhancements too.


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Availability of enhanced support for SQL Server 2008 R2 and missing Image data and text rotation issues resolved

We feel happy on presenting the new release of Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services 3.7.0, which includes improved support for SQL Server 2008 R2. In this new release, some of the slides rendering issues related to rotated text and missing image data in the exported slides have been resolved. Issue related to reports crashing and null reference exceptions have also been catered in the mentioned product release.

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Recognition of "Royal Mail 4-state Customer Code" added in Aspose.BarCode for Java

We have recently released a new version of Aspose.BarCode for Java v2.4. “Royal Mail 4-state Customer Code” barcode recognition is added in this version, with some other bug fixes.

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Autoporting Aspose.Words for Java Progress – 24th Nov 2010

Today we have a completely autoported Aspose.Words for Java compile for the first time!

There are 2470 source files in the project. Only 28 of them constitute the platform abstraction layer and are manually coded in Java. The rest of the Java sources are generated from our C# sources.

Now the race is on to get all Aspose.Words for Java unit tests to pass. I will continue to provide regular updates about progress.

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R/W Pivot Tables and Sign/Validate Digital Signatures in Excel files using Aspose.Cells for .NET 5.2.0

We have published Aspose.Cells for .NET v5.2.0 for the users.


In this version, we have supported signing and validating Digital Signatures in XLSX files. We have also supported to read/write and manipulate Pivot Tables in both XLS and XLSX files. The GridWeb control now supports to import/export images in Excel spreadsheets. The GridDesktop control allows you to import/export named ranges.


There are some other enhancements and fixes too.


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BindFO, Watermark in PDF, IsHtmlTagSupported, PrintDocument to PDF

A long awaited stable version of BindFO feature has become available and its no more in Beta Phase. Along with this release, this feature works perfectly in 32 bit as well as 64Bit environments. It also supports the capability to convert Base64Bit images to PDF format. A few more HTML tags are also supported and a new feature of converting PrintDocument to PDF is also provided.

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How parent/child mail merge will look like in Aspose.Words for Java

Yes, parent/child (nested mail merge regions) is one of those highly demanded features that is available in Aspose.Words for .NET and not yet available in Aspose.Words for Java. And yes, this feature is going to be available for Java very soon, when our autoporting project is complete.

BTW, there are only 16 files remain to be made autoportable.

Today a small technical article that describes challenges and solutions we came across when making the Aspose.Words MailMerge autoportable to Java.


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