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Read Barcode from Specified Area of Image using Java

We have recently released a new version of Aspose.BarCode for Java v2.5.1. With this version, you can now specify the area inside an image for reading barcodes. This feature is very useful for improving the performance in those cases where the image size is very large and the location of barcode is known in advance. The barcode reader will only scan the specified part instead of scanning the whole image.

Sample Java code:

// Get the image
Image img = 
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Autoporting Aspose.Words for Java Progress – 24th Feb 2011

There are only 93 unit tests (out of approx 9000) failing in the autoported version of Aspose.Words for Java! We are looking forward to releasing a useable version of Aspose.Words for Java in March. If it will be “10.0 beta”, then only for a short while.… Continue Reading

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Important Enhancements are Included in Aspose.Cells for .NET 5.3.0

We have released the Aspose.Cells for .NET v5.3.0 for the users. In this version, we have made several enhancements for the following features:
  • Chart-to-Image
  • Excel-to-PDF
  • R/W ODS files
  • Auto-fit rows
 The web control provided by Aspose.Cells for .NET now supports all the features on FireFox browser too. You can convert list collection to DataTable object. We have included SMALL formula to the supported formulas list. Moreover, the control now can load Excel files having auto-filters enabled.  There are some other… Continue Reading
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PCL to PDF, Stable HTML to PDF, Multiline Hyperlink, Transparent GIF

Start exploring the new version of Aspose.PDF for Java as it includes a new feature of PCL to PDF conversion. Specify Job control, Page control, Cursor positioning, Font selection, Raster graphics, Color, Print model, Rectangular area fill command in order to convert PCL5 files containing text, raster and vector graphics to PDF documents.

Be more confident and tranquil while converting HTML text into PDF with this version as it includes many fixes regarding this feature. It also provides superb support … Continue Reading

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OpenOffice presentation & improved chart creation support in Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.0.0

We feel proud to announce the release of Aspose.Slides for .NET 5.0.0. Now, we have made it possible to import OpenOffice presentations in ODP format and save them as PPTX. We have also improved the chart rendering support and isolated the dependency of Aspose.Slides for .NET on Aspose.Cells for .NET. However, if one needs to modify or add data in charts, he still needs to use Aspose.Cells for .NET. Many issues related to presentation access have also been resolved. The Continue Reading

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Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services 1.7.0 Designer Supports to Create Matrix Templates in Excel

We have released the Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services v1.7.0 for the users.


In this version, Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services designer supports to create matrix template in MS Excel. The Conditional Formatting for table and matrix report items is also supported. Moreover, we have enhanced the Encryption Configuration. There are some other enhancements and fixes too.


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Aspose.Cells for SharePoint 2.0.1 Enhances Formatting for PDF Conversion

We have released the Aspose.Cells for SharePoint v2.0.1 for the users.

Aspose.Cells for SharePoint has enhanced the formatting (font/text colors, borders etc.) in converting PDF files.


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Autoporting Aspose.Words for Java Progress – 11th Feb 2011

Previous Stats Aspose.Words consists of 2744 source files. Running 311 unit tests on Aspose.Foundation for Java pass all. Running 8813 unit tests on Aspose.Words – 437 fail.
Today Stats Aspose.Words consists of 2800 files. Aspose.Foundation 398 unit tests all pass. Aspose.Words 8868 unit tests – 376 fail.
Comments You can see some great signs: 1. Aspose.Words codebase grows as the number of files and the number of tests shows. 2. All newly added code is autoportable and it is easy … Continue Reading

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Parse PostScript and Convert PDF to Image using C#

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET 5.3.0 has been released with some improvements. During the development of this version, the major focus areas were PDF to image conversion with improved text rendering, better OpenType font support during image conversion and importing data from XML to PDF form.

In certain scenarios, while converting PDF to images, some of the characters were missing or most of the text was not rendered at all. However, with the improved OpenType font support and enhanced text rendering Aspose.Pdf.Kit … Continue Reading

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Aspose sponsors Desert Code Camp 2011

Aspose is proud to be a sponsor of the Desert Code Camp 2011.1. This code camp is a free, one-day event put on by the local Phoenix community. There are 28 approved sessions.

April 2, 2011

Chandler – Gilbert Community College Pecos Campus

2626 E Pecos Road
Chandler, AZ 85225

You can view the speakers on their website.

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