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Enigma Solutions provides custom, scalable applications to clients all over the country. We focus particularly on workflow, integration, and performance monitoring for retail and healthcare, providing easy-to-use and reliable software.


A healthcare client who delivers hundreds of critical documents a week to scores of recipients was spending too much time and money managing paper, printer and fax machines, phone lines, email addresses, and fax numbers. To reduce the labor and expense, they needed a simple, but secure way to modify and print documents for delivery to their physicians. They had spent time and money trying to implement a solution from another vendor but got frustrated and got behind the schedule.

Enigma’s goals were to provide this solution, on time, and within budget with the highest quality product possible.


Enigma proposal was simple: Create an RTF template document, and we will take care of the rest. Two of the critical pieces of the project were

We looked for solutions that could satisfy both needs and found many, but none as elegant or simple as the Aspose.Words for .NET. A simple service that shall execute on schedule creates and submits batches of documents. It eliminated manual labor and the quality is much higher than before. Their client physicians started to receive high-quality documents, minutes after creation.


Finding a solution

We evaluated 5 open source and commercial products; Aspose.Words for .NET was just one of those but immediately stood out because of its long history in providing high-quality components and it’s easy to use. We took advantage of its infinite free trial to implement the solution and used customer support to solve one pressing issue, even before we became customers.


Enigma integrated Aspose.Words for .NET into .Net service in a matter of hours. It was simple as it was one .dll, well-documented and very stable. We had one issue with linked images in an RTF and support responded quickly.


The client is extremely happy with their new, simple document delivery and the high quality of the results that their customers get. With Aspose’s help, we were able to deliver a product on-time and in-budget.

The Aspose.Words for .NET saved us 20-40 hours of work and enabled our team to focus on the custom workflow, routing, and user interface.

Next Steps

We will keep Aspose in mind for several of the upcoming projects that we are planning. They have a great suite and Java libraries as well. Aspose is definitely one of our secret weapons for future work!


With a tough deadline to make and many technical issues, Aspose.Words for .NET allowed us to focus on the client and not worry about document compatibility and rendering. Aspose.Words for .NET offered a lot and we anticipate using more of the functionality as we continue to evolve this product for our client. Knowing we have Aspose components, they enable us to do more business, faster. Anyone needing document conversion, spreadsheet calculation, and more should check out Aspose. They have component in every programing language.