We did not plan to release another Aspose.Words version so soon just under 4 weeks from the previous release, but the speed at which we are resolving issues seems to be good. 75 issues means a lot of customers will be happier, hence a new release.

Important Issues/Features Resolved

  • Some documents that contained DrawingML Charts and saved to DOCX by Aspose.Words failed to open in Microsoft Word.
  • Layout of adjacent tables in a document added extra space between tables when converting to PDF.
  • Output list labels to TXT format.
  • Supported creation of PDF documents with access permissions (no copy, no printing etc), use PdfSaveOptions.EncryptionDetails.
  • Supported creation of encrypted PDF documents, use PdfSaveOptions.EncryptionDetails.

Full text http://www.aspose.com/community/files/51/.net-components/aspose.words-for-.net/entry283192.aspx