Manage slides and presentations within the browser using APIs

We provide tools around MS Office products. Our main focus is PowerPoint Add-ons.


The presentation and Slide Manager for PowerPoint Our software Tool, Tjool is available in 3 editions: Single User installation, Network-User license and a web based ASP system. The web based Tjool edition is a presentation manager that requires no software to install or maintain and is used through a standard Internet Browser. Our customers, and especially enterprise customers, have a lot of presentations and they need to provide their employees and external partners with a way to access these presentations and slides and download them from anywhere. They need to be updated and then uploaded into the ASP system.


Accessing presentations and slides in an effective way by viewing the single slides with zooming function and to download them in the desired format, PPT or PPTX.

The system specification from our customers was to organize a huge amount of PowerPoint-presentations on a web based application. Several of the PowerPoint presentations have to be uploaded into the system and screenshots out of each slide will be generated as jpg/png, with a download facility in ppt/pptx-format. Indexing each slide with keywords for further search was also a must.


After evaluating various options, Tools4Office decided to use the Aspose component Aspose.Slides for its application. We used Aspose.Slides in the uploading process in the system to generate screenshots with, and found that it is exactly what we need and that it fits our requirement of allowing the users to download the uploaded PowerPoint format in PPTX or PPT.

Effective ways to administer and organize slides and presentations using
standard Internet Browser.

Download PPT or PPTX directly.


Aspose.Slides helps Tools4Office to utilise better and easier ways to administer PowerPoint slides and presentations on the web.

Other benefits of Aspose.Slides are:

  • Easy embedding.
  • Updates, Support and especially Hot Fixes are included in the first year.

Next Steps

We implemented Aspose.Slides in Tjool – the presentations and slides manager. After listening to our client’s feedback, we may extend the use of Aspose for generating PDF files.

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