We are planning a number of changes to our internal and external processes with the single aim - to improve the customer experience.

The first set of changes that you are going to notice starting from 1st June are:

  1. Fixed schedule of regular releases.
  2. Fixed time to make a decision on the issues you reported.

Fixed Release Schedule

We have always released Aspose.Words quite regularly (1-2 months), but we did not have fixed dates. We have now realized that our customers might need to give promises to their customers and to help our customers meet their obligations we are switching to a fixed date release schedule.

On the 30th day of every month we will make a new release of Aspose.Words. Both Aspose.Words for .NET and Java with the same set of fixes and improvements will be released. Every release is expected to include 50-80 fixes and improvements.

Fixed Triage Time

While our technical support has always been responsive, we noticed our customers can get frustrated by the long time it takes for them to hear a decision about what is going to happen with the issue they reported. This happened because our support is tasked with reproducing the issue and collecting enough details for the development team to analyze the issue. But the development team was always too busy with working on the tasks that have already been planned to the point that the newly reported issues were not analyzed for months.

This is going to change as we are introducing the triage process. This means that a panel of expert developers from the Aspose.Words team (high ranking officers) will look at all incoming issues within 3 days after an issue was created. Then they will make a decision whether:

  • The issue will be fixed in the current version.
  • Fixed in the next version.
  • Postponed.

This does not mean that we are magically going to start implementing more features, but it means that if you were given a promise, then we will do our best to keep that promise. So if you have your customers on your back, then you will be more comfortable with our answers. You will be either able to let your customers know how long to wait or do something else, for example start looking for an alternative solution.

There will be more improvements from us, stay tuned.