Using Aspose.Total for .NET with SharePoint for File Creation and Manipulation

Aspose.Total iconWe provide Aspose.Total for SharePoint to convert various types of documents into other file formats in SharePoint. However, if you want to add the functionality to create new documents from scratch or edit and manipulate existing documents programmatically in your SharePoint Sites, you can use Aspose.Total for .NET.

Aspose.Total for .NET product suite provides different components to work with a large number of document formats. By adding these components to your SharePoint deployments, you can take your SharePoint Sites to the next level.

We have prepared an end-to-end video tutorial on how you can use Aspose.Total for .NET in SharePoint for manipulating various file types. This tutorial is a four part video series elaborating all the steps required to integrate our file creation and manipulation components with SharePoint. If you have basic understanding of the SharePoint and you can work with .NET, you can very easily use these components in SharePoint.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the following things:

  • Overview of the demo Site in SharePoint
  • Creating user controls for handling Aspose code
  • Adding Aspose license to your project
  • Adding references to Aspose components
  • Integrating Aspose.Total for .NET with SharePoint
  • Contacting your Site and Libraries using SharePoint services
  • Creating Web Parts to load user controls
  • Configuring Web Parts with SharePoint
  • Loading Web Parts in SharePoint
  • Adding Web Parts in the demo Site
  • Creating new documents, in SharePoint, using Aspose components for .NET
  • Getting existing documents from the Document Library
  • Updating existing documents, in SharePoint, using Aspose components

Part 1: Overview of Demo Site and User Controls

Part 2: Create Web Parts and Load User Controls

Part 3: Configuration Settings and Web Parts

Part 4: Add Aspose Code and Load Final Version

I hope you enjoyed these videos and you’ll be able to add file creation and manipulation features in your SharePoint deployments using our Aspose.Total for .NET components. If you find any questions related to Aspose products please do let us know.