Use of .NET Word APIs for Web-based Recruitment Solution

Ascendum is a global IT Solutions and Services company that provides companies with product development services. Ascendum is based in India and leverages global delivery model to provide such services. Ascendum has also developed number of products in-house for various verticals such as eLearning, Supply-Chain, Enterprise Data Management and Business Process Management.

Requirements Scenario

Ascendum is developing a web-based solution for the recruitment industry. Ascendum needed .NET based controls to effectively convert word documents in HTML and Text documents. Ascendum looked at various different controls available in the market place. Based on the ease of use, proven track record and excellent support service Ascendum decided to use ASPOSE’s .NET control for Word to meet its business needs.

Solution Implementation

Ascendum incorporated ASPOSE’s control in its solution framework. Using the ASPOSE control, the framework converts word documents in HTML documents in a split second. This helps us make this document available over the web as well as reduce overall storage needs.


Ascendum achieved the following benefits

  • Ease of Use
  • Faster development
  • Proven technology

Future Implementations

We will leverage this control in the future to modify word documents based on information captured in the workflow. We plan to use ASPOSE’s PDF control as well.


Ascendum has been able to meet its business needs and technical needs very effectively using ASPOSE’s technology.

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