About ProHire

ProHire is the workforce solutions leader in the United States and specializes in the recruitment of Sales and Sale Management professionals. We were founded with the goal of becoming the premier provider of executive search and placement services to the Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 Companies. Whether serving the professional, technical, or commercial market, our business hinges on delivering the best talent and skills in that space.

We offer candidates and client companies personalized service, confidentiality, and the highest ethical standards in the industry. If your company places the recruitment, development, and retention of Human Capital as a high priority, you can not overlook the opportunity to meet with the candidates represented by ProHire.


ProHire uses Bullhorn ATS as its Application Tracking System to track the electronic handling of its recruitment needs. We wanted to integrate our website with the Bullhorn API with our new website. (Figure 1). When applicants have registered and have applied for jobs, then it was required to convert their word resumes to HTML. So their resumes were viewable within the Bullhorn ATS which is a browser-based application. So our goal was to convert MS Word Documents resumes into a clean and concise HTML format into our existing .Net Stack.

The converted HTML resume version needed to look close to the original (thus, giving our recruiters an accurate representation of the resume). The Aspose.Words for .NET product solved this problem by easily integrating into our existing .Net Stack, plus cleanly parsing Word Documents to HTML (solving our problem). This product affects our internal Recruitment Professional’s perception of candidate Resumes thought our enterprise systems.

Bullhorn API preview

Figure 1: ProHire Web Site Where Candidates Register and Submit Their Resume


We chose Aspose.Words for .NET product because it easily integrated into our existing .Net stack, and provided a quality MS Word to HTML conversion. The product was easy to download, and with a few lines of code, we were up and running. We found the primary difference between the Aspose.Words for .NET and other products was the obvious conversion quality from MS Word to HTML. (Figure 2).

DOC to HTML conversion preview

Figure 2: An HTML Converted Resume in Bullhorn Using Aspose.Words for .NET


Finding a solution

We had tested other products that converted Word to HTML. Everyone we tested had some problems with the conversion. Some of them lost elements of the resume during the conversion. Most of them changed the formatting of the resume or changed the color of the text unexpectedly. This was unacceptable because you need to send a resume to a hiring manager. After our experience with these other products, we installed the trial version and tested the conversion of more complex documents. We were very satisfied with the results. We did not need any technical support because documentation was sufficient for us.


Once we had the Aspose.Words for .NET API, our developer was able to implement the conversion procedure in a few hours. Some of the other competitors though were more difficult to implement. In one case, a competitive product we could not get it to work. The transitions with Aspose.Words for .NET was very painless to do


Using Aspose.Words for .NET, we were able to have word resumes convert properly to HTML which displayed correctly in the Bullhorn ATS a browser-based application. This is important because we have a lot of candidates apply through our web site for jobs.


We are very pleased with the success of our Aspose.Words for .NET implementation. Aspose.Words for .NET is a very powerful development tool that is well documented and easy to install. The documentation is easy to understand and use. If you want a product to convert Word Docs to HTML, look no further. ProHire is happy to recommend Aspose.

**John Livacich
**Managing Director ProHire