Due to popular customer demand, we are continuing our first class Java product support by accelerating our autoporting roadmap plans to include our popular Aspose.Slides product.

Uses for presentation file formats are becoming increasingly more common in todays line of business applications. Over the past year we’ve seen a large increase in the number of Java customers wanting to include presentation file output within their applications - and of course when they have a file format requirement the first place they come is Aspose.

Our Java customers are asking for the full feature set (WordArt functionality, better text effect support, complex thumbnail production etc) of our Aspose.Slides for .NET product to be available in Java version of the product. While this is not an overnight process, we always listen and are happy to help our customers.

Autoporting work for Aspose.Slides will start during February 2012 and we will be providing regular updates on the autoporting progress here on our blog similar to how we did with the Aspose.Words autoporting project, our aim is to keep you fully informed so you can make your own plans around the project. To speed up the process, we’re using CodePorting, a powerful porting engine that integrates with our code repositories.

To ensure the best progress is made in the most reasonable timescale we will only be offering access to our free support service while we are working on this project, Enhanced Support will not be available on the Aspose.Slides Product Family products during this time.

If you have any questions in the meantime please contact us for more information.