Reconnecting with our customers

As part of our ongoing celebration of our 10th birthday, we’ve been talking to some of our very first customers about their experiences of the software industry (and our tools) over the last decade. The first of our customers that we reconnected with was Rob Wilson, Director at Edupoint Educational Systems. Edupoint develops enterprise-level software to support U.S. school districts. The software manages everything from back-office activities and state reporting, to front-end portals for parents and students. We’re delighted that they use our products in their business amd look forward to working with them over the next 10 years.

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John Owens, Aspose Scotland Team Leader

Product Spotlight – Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint

Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint is our most recent SharePoint products. It is an easily installed components that extends the native SharePoint export capabilities by adding PDF functionality. Find out more.

Technical Article – Convert MSGs to TIFFs with Aspose.Email

Aspose.Email for .NET lets developers work with emails. One of the many tasks it lets you convert between different formats, or save messages out to entirely other file formats. Even image formats. This article explains how to save an MSG to a TIFF. Read the article now.

Tutorial Video – Use Aspose.Cells for .NET to Convert Excel Files to PDF

PDF is a popular format for sharing information inside and outside a company. With Aspose.Cells for .NET you can save a spreadsheet directly to PDF. It’s easy: load the file and save it out. We’ll show you how in just over three minutes. Watch the tutorial.

Migration Tip – Creating a New Presentation with VSTO or Aspose.Slides for .NET

We’re auto-porting Aspose.Slides for .NET to Java. When we’re done, our Java users will get access to a host of new features and our .NET customers will have an improved product too. In the meanwhile, here’s an article that reminds us why Aspose.Slides is an improvement on working with VSTO. Read the migration tip.

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If you are too busy to evaluate our products, take the shortcut of a good conversation with our sales team. They are here to answer your questions, no matter how detailed. Contact sales today.

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