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Our work to autoport Aspose.Slides for .NET to Java continues. The last time I wrote about autoporting we had worked our way through 60% of our unit tests. We have over 1000 unit tests and need to make sure that they pass on both platforms. We run these tests after we’ve ported the code using CodePorting which ports the code automatically and much more quickly than we could do by hand. As part of the autoporting work, we’re restructuring some of the code to make it more efficient. We’ve now passed over 80% of the unit tests and are working hard to complete the remaining tests.

Why autoport?

The autoporting work helps us automatically port the Java product from the .NET product. It makes our work easier, of course, but it also gives our customers better products and that’s the main reason we do it. Instead of two codebases to maintain, we have only one. This means that both our Java and .NET customers get the same features and automatically benefit from any enhancements we make. Everyone will see an improvement.