Manipulate the worksheets uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage using Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API

Workbooks are extensively used by a number of people from different walks of life for data analysis and information sharing. The worksheets contain the information such as charts, images, numerical data, hyperlinks, comments, formulas. Aspose.Cells for Cloud is a REST based API that supports manipulation of workbooks in the cloud. There are a number of operations that can be performed on the data to achieve multiple tasks involved in document manipulation e.g. You may want to get a specific chart or shape from the worksheet. Aspose for Cloud storage is the default storage for uploading the files and processing them with Aspose.Cells for Cloud.

Aspose for Cloud offers you to manipulate the worksheets uploaded at Amazon S3 storage using Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API. You can refer to our blog post in which we have mentioned the integration of Amazon S3 storage with Aspose for Cloud File Format APIsAspose.Cells for Cloud allows you to manipulate the worksheets uploaded at storage through easy solutions that eliminate the need of manual calculations, analysis and data management. You can extract a cell from a worksheet uploaded at Amazon S3 storage. You can also get a list of cells in a worksheet uploaded at Amazon S3 storage. Aspose.Cells for Cloud allows lets you get cell formatting in a worksheet uploaded at Amazon S3 storage by using this API in your applications. Similarly, you can calculate formula in a worksheet uploaded at Amazon S3 storage by using Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API.

You can get a specific shape from a specific spreadsheet uploaded at Amazon S3 storage through this feature rich API. You can also get a list of auto shapes defined in a worksheet uploaded at the storage. You can enjoy the new experience of worksheets manipulation with a variety of features on external storage provider. Integration of Amazon S3 storage has added the flexibility to upload your files on Amazon S3 storage and use Aspose.Cells for Cloud REST API URIs to perform multiple operations on the worksheets.

You can utilize our SDK and REST examples to work with presentations across any platform. All you need to do is download the required SDK and get started with Aspose.Cells for Cloud API. For more information, please refer to Aspose.Cells for Cloud documentation. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and announcements. You can also get free Aspose for Cloud account for evaluation purposes, sign up today and start using Aspose for Cloud APIs to process your files uploaded at Amazon S3 storage.


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