About CHS

CHS was founded in 2007 and focuses on helping healthcare institutions and insurance companies reach their efficiency, quality and change management goals delivering control information and practical ICT solutions. CHS specializes in censoring the declarations that are submitted by healthcare institutions to the insurance companies. Currently, a great part of all declarations submitted in the Netherlands is being processed by CHS for this.


Most of our customers already used a workflow centred on sharing and editing Excel files and they required our software to be able to support this and in doing so, generate and read excel files matching the ones that have already been in use for some time and in which many of Excel’s features are used.


We concluded that our product needed to be able to generate reports as Excel files based on a predefined Excel template in which many excel features are used, like conditional formatting, validation and password protection. Our customers send these reports to their customers who add information to them and then send them back. To do this we also needed to be able to read in these Excel files that are sent back and process them. We needed a Java software library that supported all of these features and supporting multiple versions of Excel.

Screenshot of one of our applications and excel report

Screenshot of one of our applications and excel report


Finding a solution: When looking around on the internet, Aspose.Cells for Java was the only product we found which was a 100% match for the functionality that we were looking for. We downloaded a trial and simply tried to implement a prototype. With the documentation and easy to understand API provided by Aspose, a full-featured prototype was ready within hours. It was clear Aspose.Cells was exactly what we needed.

Implementation: We were able to quickly implement an Excel ‘export and import’ feature in our product range that generated excel files for a given excel version and based on an Excel template made in Excel itself.

Outcome: The result is that within days we had added Excel export and import functionality and these features have worked for several years now without any problems. The single time we found that something was not working as we thought it should, the Aspose support team responded quickly and helped us to get it sorted.

Next Steps

Currently, we are happy with the solution we have but we will upgrade to a newer version of Aspose that supports the newer Office versions. Also, once we need to be able to import or export Word, PDF or even PowerPoint files, we’ll certainly use other Aspose products too.


In our experience, Aspose.Cells delivers an easy to use and feature-rich software library for the fast and hassle-free implementation of Excel features in software products. This made our software well able to satisfy the requirements set by our customers, who take the support of every Excel feature for granted. We would certainly recommend Aspose.

Bas Kaptijn
Architect CHS