**[![ComponentSource 2012-2013 Top 5 Publisher Award][1], and [Bestselling Product Awards][2]. Aspose placed in both categories and collected several awards.

We are particularly proud to receive a Top 5 Best Selling Publisher Award. This award is based on our sales through ComponentSource, so it is unbiased proof of how popular our products are. There is no better endorsement than our customers voting with their pockets, and trusting their projects to our products. We want to thank all of our customers for their confidence in us and look forward to supporting them throughout 2013-2014.

Best Selling Publisher was not the only Top 5 award we got: [Aspose.Total for .NET][3] netted a Top 5 Bestselling Product Award. Aspose.Total brings together all our products for a platform and we’re delighted that so many customers decide to use not just one or two of our products, but several.

Our other products collected the following awards:

  • [Aspose.Words for .NET][4] and [Aspose.Total for Java][5] each received a Top 25 Product Award.
  • [Aspose.Cells for .NET][6] received a Top 50 Product Award.
  • [Aspose.Pdf for .NET][7], [Aspose.Words for Java][8] and [Aspose.Total for Reporting Services][9] each received a Top 100 Product Award.

[Read the full list of awards on ComponentSource’s website][10].


About Aspose

Aspose are file format experts. They offer a powerful set of file management components with which developers can create applications which can open, edit, create and save some of the most popular business file formats. The product range includes [Microsoft Excel spreadsheet components][11], [word processing components][12], [Microsoft PowerPoint presentation components][13], [PDF components][14] and many others. Supported formats include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Project and Visio files. Aspose produce components for .NET, Java and SharePoint as well as rendering extensions for SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports exporters. Aspose.Total compiles all products for a platform into a powerful toolbox for developers.

Aspose Pty Ltd has been operating since 2002. The headquarters are in Australia and the company has teams in USA, Scotland, Ukraine and Pakistan.

Press Contact

Web: www.aspose.com

Telephone (US): 888.277.6734
Telephone (Europe): +44 (0) 141 416 1112
Telephone (Australia): +61 2 8003 5926

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