Aspose.Words logo Version 2.8.0 of Aspose.Words for SharePoint is released. This release includes the latest improvements made in Aspose.Words.

To download the release, please visit the download area.

As usual, we are glad to answer any questions you might have in our support forums.

The most notable improvements are below:

  • DrawingML SmartArt (Diagrams) are now rendered.
  • Different text directions are supported in DrawingML textboxes rendering.
  • Layout performance improved by at least 10%.
  • Improvements to layout of nested objects and tables.
  • Improvements to rendering of special RTL characters and content of SDT tags.
  • Added support for binary OLE objects in OpenDocument (ODT) documents.
  • LISTNUM, AUTONUM and similar numbering fields are supported when rendering.
  • Import of SVG images in HTML is supported.
  • DrawingML line caps are rendered.
  • DrawingML Chart custom axis title rotation and other features are rendered.
  • 3D effects are rendered for VML shapes.
  • Shadows are rendered for VML shapes.
  • PDF rendering performance is improved for documents with large JPEG images.
  • New drawingML Charts rendering features added.
  • DIV elements in HTML are supported.
  • Non-binary OLE objects are supported in ODT.
  • Floating table breaking and positioning improved.
  • Layout of RTL tables and paragraphs improved.

There are hundreds of other fixes and enhancements.