Introducing our Community

Last month we reached 200,000 registered users, an important milestone to us. This month, we can introduce some of our new community members to you. Our users come from a wide variety of industries and from all over the globe. They have many different challenges and Aspose are pleased to help with some of those. Meet our community.

Aspose Launches Examples Application

We have created example applications for .NET and Java. The applications let you run Aspose code examples from your desktop. They are automatically updated so that you always have the latest products and examples. Try them out: download Aspose Examples for .NET or Aspose Examples for Java.

Aspose.Pdf for Java and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java Merges

Last year, we merged Aspose.Pdf for .NET and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET. We have now autoported this version to Java, effectively merging Aspose.Pdf for Java and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java. Our Java users can now create and manipulate existing PDF files with one convenient API. Find out more.

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Product Spotlight – Aspose.Tasks for .NET

If you need to process Microsoft Project files programmatically, you need Aspose.Tasks for .NET. The component frees you from dependency on Microsoft Office Automation so that you can create, open and manipulate project files quickly without having Microsoft Project installed. Aspose.Tasks help you share information across the organization by letting you save project plans and views to image or portable document formats. Find out more.

Technical Article – Converting a File to PDF in a Workflow with Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint

Technical article icon Workflows help automate document processing. With Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint, you can define a workflow that converts any documents put in one document library to PDF and saves it in another library. It speeds up conversion and is useful for automated document archiving and many other tasks. Read the article.

Tutorial Video – Changing OLE Frame Data with Aspose.Slides for Java

[![Tutorial video icon][5].

Migration Tip – Fitting HTML Tables to Page Width with Word Automation and Aspose.Words for .NET

Migration tip icon Aspose.Words for .NET lets you work with a number of popular business formats, including HTML. HTML doesn’t have a page concept so laying out tables in an HTML document can be tricky. This month’s migration tip shows you how to resize tables to the available page width using Microsoft Office Automation and Aspose.Words for .NET. Read the tip.

New Products and Releases

  • [Aspose.Total for .NET][6] – a compilation of our latest .NET products.
  • [Aspose.Words for .NET][7] 13.3.0 – implements DrawingML Charts 3D mode and adds over 90 other features and fixes.
  • [Aspose.Pdf for .NET][8] 7.9.0 – adds support for setting any folder as font storage, adds underline and a number of other enhancements and fixes.
  • [Aspose.Slides for .NET][9] 7.3.1 – adds support for adding ActiveX controls from scratch.
  • [Aspose.BarCode for .NET][10] 5.5.0 – adds encoding and a number of fixes.
  • [Aspose.Tasks for .NET][11] 5.3.0 – adds support for Microsoft Project 2013 and Microsoft Project 2013 XML.
  • [Aspose.Diagram for .NET][12] 3.1.0 – extended support for themes and a number of fixes and enhancements.
  • [Aspose.OCR for .NET][13] 1.5.0 – send notifications after a page has been recognized, improved recognition of garbage elements and other enhancements.
  • [Aspose.Email for .NET][14] 2.8.0 – a number of enhancements and fixes.
  • [Aspose.Total for Java][15] – a compilation of our latest Java products.
  • [Aspose.Words for Java][16] 13.3.0 – implements DrawingML Charts 3D mode and adds over 100 other enhancements and fixes.
  • [Aspose.Slides for Java][17] 7.2.0 – set default fonts when rendering, support for exporting ASP.NET tables and charts to PowerPoint and a number of enhancements and fixes.
  • [Aspose.BarCode for Java][18] 5.4.0 – support for MicroPdf417 and ECC for 2D barcodes.
  • [Aspose.Email for Java][19] 2.8.0 – a number of enhancements and fixes.
  • [Aspose.OCR for Java][20] 1.1.0 – support for BMP and other enhancements.
  • [Aspose.Total for SharePoint][21] – a compilation of our latest SharePoint products.
  • [Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint][22] 1.7.0 – introduces support for workflows.
  • [Aspose.Total for SSRS][23] – a compilation of our latest SQL Server Reporting Services products.
  • [Aspose.Words for SSRS][24] 3.9.0 – full support for SSRS 2012 and ReportViewer 2010 and 2012 and minor fixes and improvements.
  • [Aspose.BarCode for SSRS][25] 5.5.0 – adds support for encoding non-English characters in 2D barcodes.
  • [Aspose.Total for JasperReports][26] – a compilation of our latest JasperReports products.
  • [Aspose.Pdf for JasperReports][27] 1.2.0 – adds support for JasperReports libraries 4.5.0 and higher and fixes a couple of issues.

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If you are too busy to evaluate our products, take the shortcut of a good conversation with our sales team. They are here to answer your questions, no matter how detailed.
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[5]:]( for Java gives you control over Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from within Java applications. As well as creating and modifying presentations, Aspose.Slides lets you add charts and work with external data sources. Find out how to access OLE frame data and then modify it to update a chart in a document with new data. [Watch the video]( [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: