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SD Times 100 and Aspose Cloud APIs

John Owens

Aspose are delighted to find ourselves on the SD Times 100 list again this year. It’s an inspiring list and we’re pleased to be in the company of companies such as IBM and Microsoft (AML & Development Tools), Amazon and Google (The Cloud), and Android Open Source Project and Apply (Mobile). You’ll find us in the APIs, Libraries and Frameworks category. Considering that accolade, this seems the perfect time to tell you about our new platform: Aspose for Cloud.

Cloud Services

We’ve worked with all kinds of software developers over the years. Recently, an increasing number of our customers work in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment. To give them access to our services, we’ve made several of our APIs RESTful. Aspose for Cloud is the result: a new platform with a whole new set of user-friendly, efficient APIs. You’ll find out more about our Cloud products in the Product Spotlight below, or in the announcement blog post. If you want to get stuck in, have a look at these examples which shows three different ways to get usage statistics.

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Product Spotlight – Aspose for Cloud

Aspose for cloud iconAspose creates APIs and components that help developers and system admins work with files. The latest addition to our product stable is Aspose for Cloud, a collection of REST APIs that allow developers to work with documents in the cloud. If you already use Aspose APIs, you’ll recognize our new products: Aspose.Cells for Cloud, Aspose.Words for Cloud, Aspose.Pdf for Cloud, Aspose.Slides for Cloud, Aspose.BarCode for Cloud and Aspose.OCR for Cloud. Find out more about our cloud platform.

Technical Article – Rendering Gantt Charts with Aspose.Tasks for .NET

Technical article iconWith Aspose.Tasks for .NET, developers can program with Microsoft Project files. Saving out Gantt charts to an image format is one of the tasks our users often need to perform. Not everyone in the organization has access to Project, so images are a great way to share project plans. With Aspose.Tasks, you can set timelines and roll up bars at the point of rendering. Read the technical article.

Tutorial Video – Creating a Table with Aspose.Words for .NET

Tutorial video iconTables are great for displaying data in an easy to read way. With Aspose.Words for .NET, developers can create tables with external data, images, text and formatting. This video tutorial shows you how. First, it looks at a table created in Microsoft Word and then shows you how to duplicate it with Aspose.Words using the DocumentBuilder class. Watch the video.

Migration Tip – Protecting and Removing Protection from Workbooks with VSTO and Aspose.Cells for .NET

Migration tip iconSome worksheets have to be protected so that users can’t remove or add pages, or to make sure that it is displayed the same way every time it is opened. With Aspose.Cells for .NET, it is possible to build protection into a worksheet. This migration tip shows how to protect – and remove protection from – worksheets with VSTO and Aspose.Cells and how to apply password protection to a file. Read the migration tip.

New Products and Releases

Too busy to evaluate?

If you are too busy to evaluate our products, take the shortcut of a good conversation with our sales team. They are here to answer your questions, no matter how detailed.
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