Introducing Aspose.Cells for Android

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Aspose.Cells for Android logoAspose.Cells for Android is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet component that allows you to develop android applications for reading, writing and manipulate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, SpreadsheetML, CSV, tab delimited) and HTML file formats without needing to rely on Microsoft Excel.

Aspose.Cells for Android is a scalable and feature rich component that offers many functions that are way beyond the simple data exporting capabilities of other vendors. With Aspose.Cells for Android, developers can export data, format spreadsheets to the most granular level, import images, import charts, create charts, apply and calculate complex formulas, stream Excel data, save in various formats and much more – all this without the need of Microsoft Excel.

Supported Features

Aspose.Cells for Android not only supports spreadsheet generation and other basic file formatting features, it also supports a number of advanced features. These advanced features make it much easier for developers to manipulate spreadsheet contents, cell formatting and file protection. Aspose.Cells for Android includes the following features:

  • Save and open Excel files to and from streams.
  • Send output to a client browser.
  • Import and export data from an Array, ArrayList and Recordset.
  • Import images and charts.
  • Create images and charts through the API.
  • Import formulae from a designer spreadsheet.
  • Configure page setup through the API.

Aspose.Cells for Android also supports Addins, VBA and macros. As well as this, there are also a number of unique features that developers will only find in Aspose.Cells for Android:

  • Support of the CSV format.
  • Add a copy of an existing worksheet (with full contents, images and charts etc.) to a new file.
  • Create comments.
  • Auto-filters and page breaks through the product API.
  • Set complex formulae.
  • Support conditional formatting.
  • Support protection options introduced in Microsoft Excel XP.
  • Manipulate named ranges.
  • Create PivotTables through the product API.
  • Save as HTML files or streams.
  • Support custom charts through the product API.
  • Formula calculation engine.
  • Many many more!

Support For Many Different File Formats

Using Aspose.Cells for Android, developers can easily open, save and convert a multitude of file formats:

  • Excel 97 / 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 (XLS/XLSX/XLSM)
  • SpreadSheetML
  • Tab Delimited
  • CSV
  • Tab Delimited
  • HTML

How to Use Aspose.Cells for Android

The Aspose.Cells for Android library comes as a JAR file ready to be included in any Android application. All dependences are included so there is no need to go hunting for other libraries or files.

Simply add Aspose.Cells for Android to your application’s build path, import the com.aspose.cells package and start coding. With the vast range of articles and code examples at your fingertips it’s easy to get started and you will find that the detailed API empowers you to quickly enrich your applications with high performance spreadsheet processing.

Your First App with Aspose.Cells for Android

To get started, follow our helpful tutorial in the documentation. It provides a step-by-step walk through of how to setup a new Android application using Eclipse with the Android Developer Tools bundle and incorporate Aspose.Cells for Android in a simple application.

With just a few lines of code you can create a new document and save it to any of the numerous supported formats.

The code above for a simple Android application produces the following Excel document (as viewed using Microsoft Excel on a desktop machine).

Further Information

Refer to the following pages for further information on Aspose.Cells for Android.