Generating Excel Files within Right90 Sales Forecasting using APIs

Right90 Sales Forecasting helps manufacturing companies see and manage changes to their sales forecasts. Right90 is intuitive enough for anyone to use, and provides actionable insight to help managers stay alert to changes, be confident of their number and reduce potential risks. Right90 delivers rapid results through a flexible,on-demand platform that accelerates sales adoption and business value, while minimizing risk and IT infrastructure.

Requirements Scenario

Many sales teams in manufacturing companies are very comfortable using Excel to capture forecasts, and have defined processes using Excel as their forecast data collection tool. While Right90 provides a simple yet powerful web interface for updating, rolling up and managing changes to forecasts, we also wanted to provide a way for our manufacturing customers to easily extract their forecast information into Excel. In addition, we also needed to be able to track their changes in that workbook and allow them to easily submit those changes back into our system for aggregated processing, rollup and analysis. As an on-demand enterprise forecasting solution,
Right90’s top priorities for Excel integration were performance and reliability.

Solution Implementation

We compared several Excel file generation products and chose to implement our solution using Aspose.Cells. The decision to use Aspose.Cells was made easy by their concise collection of code examples, documentation and their responsive customer support. We run Aspose.Cells behind a set of web services in a high availability high transaction web application.


We use the following Aspose.Cells features to create rich UI Excel worksheets:

  • Cell Formatting
  • Auto Filters
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Cell Comments
  • Inserting Objects (images)
  • Hyperlinks


The Aspose.Cells component allowed us to quickly build and read Excel workbooks, giving our manufacturing customers another easy and intuitive way to capture, update and rollup their sales forecasts with Right90.

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